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The Foundation For Defense Of Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Children who are subjects of sexual grooming and sexual abuse have become, in the expert opinion of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, the most discriminated against, the least protected by criminal authorities and courts across the United States.

Medical providers, the legal profession and even law enforcement view any and all allegations with suspicion, however heinous or outrageous an incursion of abuse appears.

Children subject to early grooming behavior will almost always become victims of full-blown sexual abuse and as such will suffer a plethora of physical, emotional, and educational disruptions, developmental aberrations and delays, relationship dysfunction and risk for murder and suicide.

Not only is child sexual abuse a predatory moral and ethical scar etched into the family fabric for generations, but also the erosion of the most fundamental social contract gnaws at the structures of a democratic society as per the effluence permeating the atmosphere, demoralizing and destroying youth.

An escalation and disproportionate growth of the criminal population is also taking place, infesting fundamental institutions such as courts, government, law enforcement and political organizations.

The FCVFC has gathered experts in Forensic Psychiatry and the law for purposes of gathering and protecting evidence, evaluating and diagnosing allegations and symptoms of grooming / sexual abuse behaviors in children. Further, our interest is in examining the behaviors, functioning and diagnostic profiles of those accused as engaging in sexual abuse and those viewed as displaying a pattern of sexually predatory behavior.

The FCVFC will be executing diagnostic and treatment interventions for victims and family members subject to various forms of exploitation and coverup of crimes by those associated with the with those whose behavior clusters indicate sociopathic and psychopathic personality.

A goal of the FCVFC is to develop effective legal interventions for the prosecution of any and all professionals who seek to cover up crimes of sexual exploitation. The FCVFC will be on the watch for criminal circumvention of the law in order to have sexual abuse allegations dismissed or children transferred into the hands of an abuser, including but not limited to awards of marital assets/support or awards of sexual favors. When this criminal activity is proven, the FCVFC will not hesitate to prosecute.

By looking at causes of action to be used for the defense of child victims, as well as for the prosecution of any and all who engage in such exploitation, the FCVFC intends to seek damages for victims and to hold perpetrators of harm to victims and family members financially culpable for bad acts as proven.

The relevant civil rights actions will be charges as they relate to crimes of witness threats, intimidation and suppression of evidence required to protect reputations of victims from acts of fraud, deceit and defamation.






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