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Threats and Coercion to Extract “Cooperation” in Family Court


Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca

By Guest Co-Contributors (Expert Witnesses to the Courts)

New Jersey Family Court Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca, who dodged every expert assessment she did not like in order to create her own Third World, tin pot, rigged “evidence” one would only expect of Banana Republics or North Korea, is now employing threats and coercion to get her way.

Her latest threat comes through a “guardian ad litem” she chose to “[protect a litigant’s] interests and to provide to the Court an assessment as to [the litigant’s] capacity.”  This “guardian ad litem” has now written a lengthy letter to one of the experts, revealing copious details of court information that were supposedly under “seal,” which allows the writing of this article.

First, this Judge’s “seal” requires commenting, as it is a phenomenon in itself.  Being of Star Chamber-like severity, neither the litigant’s designated expert witnesses, nor her lawyers, nor a covering Family Court judge can access the Court’s records.

This has effectively prevented the protective parent from mounting any defense, let alone obtaining a few hours’ parenting time over all the critical holidays and birthdays, and now she has not seen or communicated with her young children for seven months without knowing why (the reasons are also sealed).

What the Judge will not explain is why she is acting more like a legal hitwoman for the abusive father than a neutral arbiter.  As a result, her favored litigant has now been able to commit well-documented spousal abuse, child abuse, kidnapping, larceny, harassment, malicious prosecution, and at least one count of attempted murder on his spouse, all under “Court Order.”

The father has been diagnosed with a serious and dangerous psychiatric disorder by three highly-reputed forensic experts who have declared him a danger to his children, and one of them, an expert on torture, has concluded that by international standards the children are currently actively undergoing torture.

Outside of this courtroom, there is a tight medical consensus; in the courtroom, the evidence, medical records, photographic records, or expert reports the Judge does not personally support do not exist, no matter how voluminous they have become, or what experts of international renown have said, “[the father’s] competence to parent should be … urgently evaluated.”

Meanwhile, Judge Gallina-Mecca’s “experts” do not have a single doctorate but are LPCs and LACs, while the one psychiatrist (an MD) whom she attempted to recruit recused himself.

Now, her latest chosen “guardian ad litem” has an MSW, but an online search reveals that she has extensive courtroom experience not by choice but out of a need to defend against numerous lawsuits.  Despite this troublesome background, this “guardian ad litem” not only “read certain documents in the [redacted] file” but “received a copy of [her opponent’s] Order to Show Cause dated July 30, 2021,” from months before her appointment.

Apparently, the Judge’s “seal” applies only to the unfavored litigant.  Now, this “guardian ad litem” has freely shared paragraphs of verbatim citation of court and Child Protection Services documents, in a backroom attempt to pressure the litigant.  Her stated purpose was for the expert to influence the litigant, as she “must submit to a psychiatric evaluation by a neutral, objective psychiatrist [emphasis added]”—and by “objective”, she meant a psychiatrist of the Court’s choosing.  If not, the litigant will not see her children.

Meanwhile, she conveniently omitted the fact that already four doctoral-level mental health professionals have not only deemed the litigant competent and healthy but with “exceptional talent … as a caring and devoted parent.”

The “guardian ad litem” further wrote: “I believe an alternative for the Court may be to enter a default against [the mother] and ultimately a default judgment against her if she refuses to cooperate.  There must be finality to the divorce action.  It truly would be unfortunate to have either an entry of default or a default judgment be entered against [her].”

In other words, either the litigant submits to a faux “psychiatric evaluation” that will most assuredly declare her incompetent, take away her decisions, and give everything to her husband, or she does not, and she will be subject to a default judgment against her that gives everything to her husband anyway, including her children.

This “guardian ad litem” is systematic in her support of the Judge’s unrelenting narrative, which is almost verbatim of the father’s; by contrast, her writing is extremely disorganized, ignorant of mental health, and unprofessional.  Her lack of ability to think scientifically shows in her inability to explain how the litigant’s competence as a parent could be questioned if her children were exceptionally healthy, happy, and thriving before a previously absent father suddenly imposed himself on them as he decided to divorce.

Or why only the mother is a danger to her children when they were never suicidal, injuring themselves, losing weight, going back into diapers, absent from school, and falling in grades, as they have been with the father’s involvement.

Or why it does not matter that a mother who, according to her treating psychiatrist, “has never at any time in her life shown any characteristics of mental illness” now has post-traumatic symptoms from her husband’s repeated attempts to murder her, increasingly with the assistance of the Court.

Still, the children’s Court-appointed “guardian ad litem” is worse: she was reported to the police for lying in Court forty-four separate times.  She prohibited the children from seeing a psychiatrist after the pediatrician identified abuse and recommended that they see a psychiatrist, almost a year ago.   When the children visited the emergency room after trying to burn down the house because going to their father was “worse than death,” she intercepted all follow-up appointments so that they would never see a psychiatrist.  Instead, they could only see a Court-mandated, non-doctoral “therapist” who subsequently locked them in her office when they refused her “therapy”—and was eventually forced to recuse herself when her licensing board and the state’s attorney general investigated her.

The children themselves wrote a heartfelt letter to the Court to please remove this “enemy” of theirs, but to this day she remains the children’s “guardian ad litem.”  True to form for all actors of this Court, when the mother finally sued her, she mobilized two lawyers to threaten that the mother “voluntarily dismiss the Complaint”—or they “will move for the entry of an appropriate sanction, including all … attorneys’ fees.”

Threats, intimidation, coercion, and life-endangering abuse are par for the course in the surreal, Orwellian Court of Jane Gallina-Mecca.  Now we are learning that many other middle-class families are encountering the same dystopian experience of their lives being turned upside down under the same Judge.  As it turns out, being a Protective Mother is a hazardous profile under this Judge: she may declare you “mentally ill” on her own, take your children away, bankrupt you, and maybe even cost you your life (the above litigant is not the only one who was endangered).

Some personalities should never be judges, but because they are given near-absolute immunity, their sadism, entitlement, and self-proclaimed “expertise” only grow worse with each error.






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