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To the Parenting Coordinator Who Shows No Care for Children

To the Parenting Coordinator Who Shows No Care for Children

Letter to the Parenting Coordinator in the case of a current client:


Dear Ms. Schofel,

Please be advised once again, as you are undoubtedly already aware, that the FCVFC FCVFC legal and forensic team, who are engaged in oversight of the [redacted] case, are fully cognizant of your clinical career as a social worker and now your legal career as a Guardian ad Litem, aka henchman, strongarm facilitator for Judge Gallina-Mecca.

Recent inartful communications have been brought to our attention by our client’s proxy representative, despite protestations.

You are accused of ongoing threats and coercion against a client who neither requires your services nor as per among other things will ever submit to your engagement. In fact, the entire tone of your engagement is based in overt as well as subliminal threats and intimidation.

Your continued attempts to feign helpfulness and constructive concern only mock the intelligence of the client whose will you constantly attempt to subvert. Your actions have repeatedly sabotaged the first amendment rights as well as the human rights of this mother to protect her children from the dangers to which they have been subjected.

Your actions are criminal in nature; they are meant to abrogate the free speech of a parent who has brought to the attention of this court the danger in which her two children have been placed via the actions of this court. These criminal actions have been detailed and documented ad nauseum in legal papers as well as in articles publicly outcrying against the vile, heinous actions of a judge who is a criminal and whose actions have been fully documented.

The desperate need for these children to be seen by an individual third-party expert in child abuse, child torture, and psychopathy has been repeatedly undermined by the collusion in which you participate in lockstep with the GAL for the children, Evelyn Nissirios, who has been the subject of a lawsuit for malpractice.

Please be very clear that the absolute immunity that you and your co-conspirators are under the delusion that you are protected by is in fact pierced and will continue to be pierced by evidence of your fraud, deceit, and conscious perpetuation of child endangerment and abuse.

The danger to the children, who are fading in the isolation of their father who has a documented history of being a danger to these children, and now a lethal harm to his wife, all will be subject to affirmation of the truth.

However, in the course of your constant stonewalling of all attempts to rescue these children, the suffering of all innocent parties continues exponentially, and we fear that the children will not physically or emotionally survive the assault upon them that you and Evelyn Nissirios and Judge Gallina-Mecca are enforcing, as per the will of the malevolent presence of the father and plaintiff in this case.

This case will continue to be written about, as major civil rights actions are being developed. Make no mistake, it will be litigated by a jury in federal court.

We are outraged by the obdurate falsity of your litigation strategy in defiance of all attempts to protect these children from ongoing harm, abuse, and yes, torture.

All will be held up to public scrutiny, and we can assure you that you will be held accountable.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC








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