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You’re Doing “Supervised Visitation” with the Wrong Parent

You're Doing Supervised Visitation with the Wrong Parent

A letter sent by the FCVFC to the Visitation Supervisor in a case involving one of our clients.


Dear Ms. Scholz,

As you may know, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts works on behalf of vulnerable and endangered minors as well as their protective parent. We are engaged in a detailed, thorough review of the court record in the case of our client, [redacted], and her ten-year-old daughter.

This includes the malevolent role you have played in the sua sponte custody transfer of a child from her stable home life into the hands of a parent that she has had only minimal contact with since she was born, much less had a relationship with.

You have been responsible for providing entirely biased and even false information to the court. In doing so, you have colluded with relatives of the subject client, whom the client has spent years seeking to separate from because of the harm these relatives have caused her over the course of her life, and neighbors who have given false testimony against her.

Adding insult to injury, the 52-year-old father has never lived on his own, but has always resided with his parents. The child had never met these paternal grandparents until she suddenly found herself living with them. And the client finds herself paying child support.

The egregious facts as they unfold are seen to be masterminded and manipulated by those who are thoroughly engaged to punish innocent parties, apparently for a financial motive.  In this collusion, the record shows that you have been a primary force in moving the court to action, harming only the innocent parties who have been drawn into this malevolent conspiracy.

This ten-year-old girl has been pulled out of school, her figure skating training has been disrupted, and she has not been allowed to see her new brother.

Furthermore, for four months she has not been allowed to even speak with her mother. Absolutely no contact, but isolation with those she does not know and has never expressed a desire to know. In the world of child psychiatry, Ms. Scholz, this is called torture.

Please be advised that a detailed complaint as to exactly the nature and extent of the damage you have caused to this child and her mother is being prepared to present to the court and to your licensing board in New Jersey. Malpractice actions against your license are also being prepared to be filed against you.

Experts dealing with cases of depraved conscious malevolence such as that which has been shown through your actions will be filing detailed reports with regard to your lack of conscience, character, credibility, and capacity to engage in any type of credible therapeutic treatment relationship.

We are demanding that you immediately terminate all contact and engagement with this client. Needless to say, your bill will not be paid. A copy of your bill—complete with smiley face threats that this bill is going to collections—is attached to this letter and will be forwarded to all oversight authorities that relate to your license.

Please be advised that because of the depth and breadth of damage you have caused, that we will be proceeding with actions against you. The experts of the psychological forensic team of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts will be fully notifying the court of the extensive nature of your crimes against this child. We will be further recommending that you never again be allowed to act as an expert in any court across this country and that you never again be allowed to practice in any type of therapeutic practice.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC







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