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Tales of a Grotesque “Guardian ad Litem”

Tales of a Grotesque Guardian ad Litem

By Guest Contributor (Expert Witness to the Courts)

The mother-child bond, when there is perfect harmony of understanding and response, is a beautiful sight to behold.  Many a family member, neighbor, friend, and acquaintance witnessed this when a mother was raising her two young children.  She was reputed to be “the best mom” among good moms who moved to the neighborhood to raise their children, and her lunches became the talk of the town for the attention and care they exemplified.

Indeed, she put into her children what she once did for New York City, when she was the trusted, go-to person for the governor, the mayor, FEMA, and Fortune 500 philanthropists after September 11, 2001.

She took after her mother, a beloved and respected professor of child psychology who put aside a prominent career to devote herself to her children.  Her own children hence grew up exceptionally happy and healthy, blossoming emotionally and intellectually beyond their years—until the jealous father intervened with the help of Family Court.

Who would wish to disrupt such mother-child bonds?  Yet, there are precisely such types: psychopaths.  This mother did not even know psychopaths existed when she mistakenly married one, and now he is out—so far successfully—to decimate her and her children’s lives.  While a narcissist steps on others to promote the self, a psychopath destroys others for the slightest convenience to self.

The days when he was too preoccupied with hobbies, a busy social life, and adulterous affairs to be interested in his own family—except for five-minute “photo ops”—turned out to be the happy days.  Now, for whatever reason, he became interested in the kids with his filing for divorce.

Now, he was no longer their only tormentor.  There was also the Court-appointed “guardian ad litem” (henceforth “GAL”) Evelyn Nissirios, who brought with her the force of the law.  The father is a bona fide diagnosed psychopath (confirmed and peer-reviewed by forensic experts); whether GAL Nissirios is also one is unknown.  One thing is for certain: she possesses traits such as cruelty and callousness, and engages in deeds such as lies, deceit, and fraud.  The lies she told in Court number forty-four, counting only those reported to the police.  Regardless, she fits into the father’s plans like lock and key.

The mother finally filed a lawsuit, on which this article is based.

In New Jersey, a guardian ad litem’s formal role is to “protect the child’s interests and help him express his wishes to the court.”  GAL Nissirios made it her role to protect the father’s interests and to suppress the children’s voice.  Even before GAL Nissirios rained calamity down on them, they abhorred and detested her.  They wrote a letter “To Court,” asking it to fire their “enemy”, but of course with her in charge the letter never saw the light of day.  She ignored numerous police reports on the father’s abuse, buried a suicide note asking to “Stop dad,” and prohibited their seeing a psychiatrist when the pediatrician detected abuse and recommended one.

After they went to the emergency room after trying to burn the house down because a few hours with their father were “torture” and “worse than death,” she intercepted all appointments so that they would never get proper care.  Previously, the children had begged the adults around them not to be left alone with “that maniac”—their father—and that is exactly what GAL Nissirios made sure would happen.  She delivered the children to their father’s full, unsupervised custody in the most traumatic way possible.

GAL Nissirios’ reports, along with the father’s own reports to the police, reveal that they conspired and acted in concert to take the children from their mother, fraudulently and maliciously, at the onset of their very first full weekend together.  GAL Nissirios, who performed every trick possible to assist the father’s violence, turned a “blind eye” to incriminating, irrefutable medical evidence of his abuse, once almost killing his infant child.  She disseminated confidential privileged medical information to expose the identity of his victims so that he could target them for reporting about him.

And now, she has brought false charges against the mother in a way she knew would cause maximal injury.

The co-conspirators would come literally to tear clinging children from their mother through malicious prosecution and a police raid.  Then, they worked systematically to dismantle their physical and psychological integrity.  After the raid, the mother, who never even had a parking ticket to her name, developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

The children, who have not seen or heard from their mother in over seven months, have dropped out of all after-school activities, have missed a quarter of their days of school, are falling in grades, and have fallen off growth charts in height and weight.  The older child had her second bone injury under the father’s watch, finally seen by an orthopedist after weeks of neglect, even as their annual checkup is overdue by four months.  Covid exposures went unreported to either the school or the pediatrician.

Yet, only the mother’s side, including an 83-year-old grandparent, cannot see the children.

Why would a “guardian ad litem” do such a thing?  What is more painful to a child than to be separated from a loving parent, to be imprisoned with an abuser they refuse to call “dad” and who “treats us like dust”?  Her responses to the lawsuit give a clue to her character: first, she mobilized two lawyers to levy threats against the mother for suing at all.

Then, she audaciously claimed immunity under all circumstances, “even if there are allegations of malice or corruption.”  There was no concern that immunity does not apply where there are lies, deceit, and fraud.

The “emergent application” she filed in Family Court, which led to the suspension of the mother’s constitutional parental rights without warning or explanation, is something no one from the mother’s side—including her lawyer—has seen.  Preventing examination by medical professionals (yet sending the children to a faux “therapist” who would lock them in her office if they refused “therapy”) does not change the reality of the children’s decline.  Similarly, hiding the contents of an “emergent application” does not erase the obvious violations of federal and state laws, not to mention of human decency.  Nevertheless, GAL Nissirios seems to be relying on the airtight secrecy of Family Court—illegitimate in itself—to evade responsibility, as public records show.

What kind of warped and deviant mind makes it her mission to sever the bonds of loving mother and children?  Most likely, as is the case in many circumstances, the person is enacting what he endured as a child.  A cardinal trait of psychopathy is bringing vengeance against a world that has abandoned her and not loved her.  Indeed, GAL Nissirios is simulating abandonment through her actions: separating children from mother, preventing all contact by the mother, and then imposing on the children her narrative that their mother did not even care to get in touch with them.

Such a person should be getting therapy, not be in charge of innocent children.  Yet, Courts that use “discretion” to circumvent the law proliferate as venues for sick, twisted minds to perpetrate their abuse.

We as a just and civil society must bring this travesty to an end by holding offenders accountable.






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