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Helping with the “Refugee Crisis” in the Family Courts

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts received a call from a protective parent, “Anna,” whom we would have loved to champion.

Anna should never have been in a position to need a champion. Her case should have been taken on by an honest criminal system that protected her children. Instead she and her children were left to the piranhas to be eaten alive.

Unless we can take on the fight in a complete way in all its dimensions and have the resources to move forward on all fronts at the same time, we cannot take the chance of even beginning, because losing is worse than having never made the attempt.

This protective mother and her children have experienced suffering that is indescribably horrendous and cruel, unconscionable, and despicable. But the sad reality is, lack of funds left us unable to intervene in Anna’s case.

It is an indictment of the entire US legal system that such a travesty should have taken place. But the reality is that Anna is not alone. Multiple hundreds of thousands of these protective parents need the kinds of services that the FCVFC provides. This should never be happening.

The clients we take on must stand in for those left in the wings, like Anna, who are not forgotten but are held in abeyance for the moment.

Our associated law firm, The Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest, is working to file damages lawsuits against all perpetrators of harm associated with crimes committed through the family courts against children.

One of our goals is to create war chests to support clients whose cases should never have been left behind.

Another goal is to provide high quality professional mechanisms by which “experts by experience” of the court system are able to document their experiences via survey, regarding whether they felt that they received a fair hearing, due process, a fair outcome, and more. We would explore and demonstrate the experience of each litigant with each judge as well as every court actor associated with their case.

The data resulting from the survey can then be analyzed in order to statistically demonstrate any clear results, including the dire need for checks and balances within the family court systems.

The Foundation is issuing a call for any professional able to implement such a survey, as well as anyone who is able to help fund our “war chest” as well as our efforts on behalf of those whose claims on justice need to be documented in a way that they never have been to date.

Though the toxic situation is worsening at an expedited rate, our desire is to help the damaged children and families, bring education to the population, and encourage an intimidated populace. Only as we offer hope and help to each other can a democratic society be sustained.






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