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To the Attorney for the Accused Abuser

To the Attorney for the Accused AbuserFollowing is a letter I wrote to the attorney for an accused abuser in one of our cases. It so happened that in this case a piece of correspondence between this attorney and Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca had fallen into our hands. That letter is published below.


Dear Ms. Hart,

As you may well be aware, I am the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts as well as advocacy representative of [our client’s] proxy representative and advocate for the children, [child] and [child].

As you can see, a copy of this letter is also being sent to Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca, Evelyn Nissorios, Esq., and Linda A. Schofel, Esq.

The FCVFC, as you well know by this point, is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the civil rights of protective parents and vulnerable children who have been transferred into the hands of abusers by corrupt court actors such as those named in this letter and in prior confrontations with your league.

In your correspondence of June 9, 2022, to Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca, you observed in pearl-clutching fashion that the FCVFC has detailed the multiple judicial overreaches and constitutional violations committed by Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca and her cohorts, co-conspirators, co-actors in violating the constitutionally protected civil rights of the protective parent and her vulnerable children, including her first amendment right to free speech.

[That letter is published here.]

Letter to the Abuser's Attorney
Attached to this letter Ms Hart had included screen shots of the FCVFC article, “Threats and Coercion to Extract ‘Cooperation’ in Family Court.”


The isolation of the children away from their mother, without grounds, without any valid complaint regarding their mother being a harm to them, is legally without basis, not to mention reprehensible.

Please understand that we believe we have grounds to report to oversight authorities that the very basic health and welfare of the children isolated in the hands of their accused, well-documented, dangerous abuser (the plaintiff in this case), are in danger, that their physical health and welfare as well as their psychological welfare have been compromised under your collusion to isolate them and to keep them from being properly evaluated by independent experts.

While these children are in the custody of their accused abuser, any harm that may come to them resulting in their injury, hospitalization, or—God forbid—death, will result in our holding you and your co-conspirators criminally responsible.

Publicly available information about the crimes committed by your cadre have been and continue to be documented. Aside from these, the ongoing acts of threat and coercion practiced by your cadre are documented through other communications, detailing how you have illegally connived with the above-named court actors to engage in an ongoing conspiracy to suppress information, coerce compliance with illegal or nonexistent court orders, and to otherwise threaten and intimidate witnesses to crimes against the children’s protective parent by the plaintiff.

As we speak, we are developing the process of mounting a case regarding criminal conspiracy actions concerning witness threats and intimidation that you have been unable to accomplish as you wish.

We further suggest that the isolation of the children with the father and the false charges lodged against the defendant are the means by which you and your cohorts plan to capture the physical property, the marital assets and financial wealth of this family to be distributed among yourselves. To be clear, we are suggesting that it is your intention to rob our client as represented by [our client’s proxy representative], to rob her of her personal wealth by supporting the illegal and illegitimate claims of the plaintiff in order to bankrupt the defendant and leave her destitute.

Please be advised that under no circumstances will we stand by and allow that to happen. You have robbed the children of their peaceful and loving, nurturing, rich home life. You have broken their spirits, compromised their health, and now you seek to rob them of any hope for the future by financially devastating their mother. This naked greed, psychopathic manipulation that robs a family not only of precious life but also of physical marital assets, undertaken by all above-named court actors, including yourself, will continue to be the subject of ongoing exposure through writing and other means.

In the event that I have not been adequately clear, we consider your ethical and personal characterological compromised state as despicable, and we will not stop from publishing and detailing those facts that we are able to publish. When we are able to gain access to the entire file, which we will do, we will take further action to ensure that no further family ever suffers the indignities imposed upon them by the crimes enacted by your group of bandits.

Just to be very clear, we are aware of other families who have suffered and are suffering in the New Jersey family court system. In the near future you will become aware of those additional clients working with us, to expose the catastrophic state of family court corruption that has gutted families in New Jersey as well as across the country, because of vile corrupt practitioners such as yourself.

Your complaints to Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca are as whispers in the wind to us, as we will not be deterred from dealing with you until you are prevented from enacting the kind of scorched-earth devastation that you are attempting to force on this family and others.

Letters to the state Attorney General’s office and all oversight agencies, documenting your ongoing crimes against this family, have been and will continue to be in process.

Any attempts at threats or intimidation on your part in collusion with Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca will be confronted in litigation.


Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest







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