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The Power of the Predator Parent influencing courts, schools, and all those whose role it is to protect children

The Power of the Predator Parent Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca has substantially transferred the custody of many children into the hands of known sexual abusers. At the same time as the protective parent is attempting to present evidence of child physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, Judge Gallina-Mecca’s court is placing the protective parent in a coercive control vice to suppress evidence, often by forcing the protective parent and and their supporters to recant testimony and evidence. We have evidence in multiple cases of the direct connection between Gallina-Mecca, the attorneys, the clients’ attorneys, and the functionaries appointed by Gallina-Mecca. The letter shown in this article is one piece of evidence in the chain of material we have linking Gallina-Mecca and the named attorneys as well as the GAL to illegal custody transfer of children into the hands of what the experts of the Foundation have deemed to be psychopathic abusers.

And the atrocities continue.

Yesterday two individuals, the proxy representative of the protective parent and a forensic psychiatrist, sought to attend a school conference with regard to the children in question. Both of these two individuals have expressed grave concern about the safety of the children in question. The psychiatrist in particular had expressed that the children needed to be seen and evaluated by a qualified medical forensic expert.

Both of these professionals, stars in their fields, have lengthy curricula vitae displaying outstanding expertise.

The forensic psychiatrist is board certified in five areas of expertise, including psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He currently teaches a Harvard Law School Trial Advocacy Workshop and is an ad hoc reviewer for Harvard Review of Psychiatry. He has provided his expert opinion and trial testimony in a variety of civil and criminal realms, including pro bono forensic evaluations and testimony under the auspices of the Physicians for Human Rights Refugee Asylum Network. Among other awards, he has received the Distinguished Life Fellow Award from the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society and the American Psychiatric Association. As a member of the World Psychiatric Association, Section on Consequences of Torture and Persecution, and an expert on torture and violence, he has spoken nationally and internationally.

The proxy representative is board certified in psychiatry and neurology and has won multiple national and international awards in her field. As an expert in combating gender-based violence and violence against children, she has received grants and contracts from such agencies as the World Mental Health Foundation. With fluency in several languages, she has also spoken nationally and internationally on topics such as trauma and violence and has acted as a professional consultant to multiple organizations such as the World Health Organization, the United Nations, prison systems, and universities around the world. She has had multiple peer-reviewed articles published in prestigious journals. She has appeared many times as an expert witness in court, evaluating violent offenders and victims of violence.

These were the two individuals who sought to attend a school conference with regard to these children.

But the court, under the control of Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca and apparently in the pocket of the alleged abuser, had already influenced the school system to such an extent that not only were these two stars in their fields not allowed to enter the school.

No, above and beyond that, police were called and these two luminaries were, in fact, arrested.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts will be taking action on their behalf.



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