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A World Without Roe v Wade: Experience A World In Which Children Have Been At The Mercy Of Others, Since Time Immemorial

A World without Roe v WadeListen to the children . . .

Across the ages, we have been hostages to the slings and arrows of fate, perhaps receiving kindness and perhaps not. When it comes to the family court system, we have no voice, we have no rights. No one there really cares. It feels like “Beat me, eat me, do what you want with me.”


Unless we are directly impacted, many of us Americans are self-indulgent and indifferent to the sufferings of others. An emotional moment from a sad advertisement or movie may induce a donation to some charity, but for many, that concern is fleeting.

We don’t all need to be Mother Theresa’s with a life of selfless dedication, but we do all need to be mindful, contemplative, and educated as to what the suffering of others will engender for each of us. And you can be sure that the suffering of others does have consequences to each of us, in terms of disease or violence. That which is not good for them is not good for each of us.

In today’s world, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts writes about the venal actions of family courts across the country. Those venal actions have become more toxic, more predatory, more decimating to our population.

The Richard Gardner theory of “parental alienation” has allowed family courts to impose a simplified assembly-line processing of determining good parent / bad parent custody decisions. But this theory was generated in order to exonerate men who were accused of engaging in the age-old cultural problem of incest, a problem that has become homogenized into our society by the Gardner theory, which states that child sexual abuse does not exist.

Pandora’s box of every evil in the world has been opened with Richard Gardner publishing the doctrine of “see no evil” when the evidence of evil is before one’s eyes. “Hear no evil” when the children are explicitly stating the abuse they have experienced. “Speak no evil,” when protective parents are crying out for help.

But a self-indulgent, willfully ignorant populace has numbed itself to the concerns of others because of the comforts and freedoms they have briefly enjoyed. They stop their ears to the cries of children who have come under the veil of court corruption and the somnolence of religious-sounding rhetoric. Even the authorities demand silence where there should be screams of the injustice, the travesty, the evil.

But these screams, from the protective parents and the children themselves, have been silenced by the enormous wealth generated by the rise of the new priesthood, otherwise known as attorneys. They are the ones who have written the rhetoric of “there is no good and no evil, there is no right and no wrong there is only the evidence of what you can prove,” and the “proof” is written by lawyers whose ability to argue both sides of an issue has eviscerated the evidence of science and even of basic morality.  It insists on denying the evidence of our eyes and hearts that does not match with what they have decided, though we know viscerally that what we face in these systems is wrong.

In today’s court children and protective parents are silenced by the threats of court orders that say that if certain issues are raises, issues related to child sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, that those who articulate that complaint are immediately subject to loss of custody.

We have marched to what would have been the beginning of presenting evidence, but this presentation is eclipsed by the all-powerful family court, and the utterance of the unacceptable “accusation” automatically leads to an unthinkable illogical end, which is the termination of parental rights of a protective parent with a vulnerable child.

The evolution of the Gardner doctrine which promotes perversion has indeed polluted the culture over the past 40 years. During the same period as Roe v Wade, the petri dish experiment of the Gardner perversion began to grow. Now the petri dish has penalized the public and has polluted the populace with the will of a minority poised and focused on one goal: power, control, and wealth.

Before we could brag of an enlightened, informed society, children were used for work and sexual barter. They were expendable. In the 21st century there is no excuse for using children for sexual barter, whether it be Thailand where the trade is in the open or Egyptian generals bringing children as sex toys,  or in the U.S. where juvenile, dependency, and family courts are actively trafficking children to the highest bidder, which most often means the one with the most to hide in terms of criminal liability.

We have found ourselves living in a world devoid of liability, morality, or ethical response. The most depraved among us have inherited our children, while we have inherited the wind. And that wind has blown away our future.




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