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Cults and the Courts

Over the past 20 years, the power of the family courts has become progressively more coercive, controlling, and destructive. Every evidence points to the obvious: that they are engaged in the billion-dollar industry of child trafficking.

To facilitate their unholy mercantile mission, the courts have progressively adopted the language of religious cults, authorities, pretenders to ex cathedra authority speaking for God.

Cult communities within a variety of religions, whether it be Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bible belt Baptists, or a host of others, have progressively limited the capacity of their followers by maintaining the vice-like grip of whatever autocratic orthodoxy is held up as an ultimate authority. They have produced a lemming-like population, ready to go over a cliff rather than be abandoned by the herd.

Simple formulas, simple directions for a life lived under the autocratic control of limited instruction. “Follow the rules, regulations, with no rights to independent thought, action, or protection of one’s own children.”

The persuasion syndrome of the cults is not dissimilar from the life-destroying court orders of judges. Bad judges can implement worse rules in the course of punishment for any disobedience or any attempt to even reasonably respond to unreasonable demands of child transfer into the hands of abusers.

Family court orders punish and persecute, purely to reward the elite who reap benefits of money, power, and sex, providing access to the vulnerable population for the perverted power of child abusers within the confines of an intimidated and silenced population.

Protective parent “rebellion” is met with coercive control, court orders that are implemented by thug transporters, removing children from good parents into the punishing authority of reunification programs such as Family Bridges, as well as others, with providers across the country who operate under the same authoritarian seal.

The so-called legal strategy in family courts mirrors the autocratic abuse applied by cult practitioners. Courts are armed with orders and court-appointed legal henchmen. The unholy alliances must be condemned through the practice of law and order and a conscious and courageous and independent populace. The FCVFC and its new division, the Foundation for Defense of Child Sexual Abuse Victims, are committed to developing and presenting evidence against this incredibly dangerous multi-billion-dollar enterprise.



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