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Men Who Hate Women and the women who seek to eclipse their ferocity

The decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States in the overturning of Roe v Wade was precipitated by the encroachment of women on the court in numbers more than that which disturbed a consciousness of place and power that was unavoidable when the presence of women began to equalize the power balance between men and women. Speaking as a classically trained psychoanalyst and looking at the dynamic of the battle of the titans on display and viewed from the vantage point of an elemental battle between men and women, the current decision reveals a display of hatred, contempt, and fear of women.

Overturning the Roe v Wade decision, which returns legislation regarding abortion law to the individual states, defines the authors and their decision without regard to the sentiments of trust and settled order for the greater part of the population. This is shocking, yet it mirrors the same pro forma action that has developed over the past years in family courts where spontaneous irrational action is taken with utter and total indifference to what is settled law, science, and psychiatric understanding of human behavior and total and complete disregard for facts before the court when those facts are suppressed. They are known. What the court does with those facts and how much they have found their way into an actual public record may be in question, but the information about abuse, suffering, and cruelty has already permeated the atmosphere and is known to be ignored by the judges who are exercising power.

The elemental issues of women’s ability to withhold sex and men’s ability to overwhelm with force has never been a matter that has been resolved and has resulted over the ages in the battle of the sexes. From the standpoint of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts we have seen this innate power struggle being waged with and through the original writings of Richard Gardner, whose hatred and demeaning of women through his personal writings has given a voice to now at least four generations of family court enforcement that began with the outright proclaimed position that women manipulated testimony and gave false testimony before the court stating that the concept that children have their own distinct, unique thoughts, feelings and perceptions, formed by their own experiences, interpretations and or legitimate grounds for their feelings. The fact that feelings may be shared between the child and the preferred parent, for Gardner, de-legitimizes the credibility of the child. The empathic parent, instead of being an individual who understands what the child is feeling, or simply lives or experiences a shared reality, for Gardner any breach in forcing the child to  a position of adherence to the authority of the rejected parent, as per compliance is an act of supporting alienation.

In my writing defining the mission of the FCVFC, our work has had everything to do with protecting children, and it is in the overwhelming need for protection of women and children from male hatred of women, a theme that has been allowed to thrive through portions of the population that have remained unsocialized, uncivilized, uneducated, ill-mannered, gross, hostile, and war-like, untamed by a civilized society. A display of contempt by the “I know better than you” gang, the Supreme Court, mirrors the contemptuous actions of judges that we’ve seen in action in family courts across the country who have ignored psychiatry, science, sociology, and all literate understanding of human behavior in favor of brute force and the transfer of children into the hands of documented abusers and the testimony of children whose evidence of abuse is clearly documented in a series of behaviors that lay down the diagnosable markers of behaviors that are consistent with children who have sustained physical, sexual abuse. We have seen the illiterate scatological language used by Richard Gardner and the denial of clear evidence of child sexual abuse, thereby using this false protocol to transfer children to the most destructive individual who is seeking to then control the rest of their lives by having access to their period of developmental growth that will then essentially define their future.

The growing strength and elaboration of the court protocols for transfer of children from protective parents into the hands of their abusers developed over the years of judicial enforcement went hand in hand with the development of judicial arrogance and expansion of the dark money back channel sources of funding. Impressive credentials, professional achievement, and personal character on the part of the protective parent appear to count for nothing when there is back-channel dark money and a judge’s willingness to abuse the position of authority, acting in a manner that suggests not only revenge but also a lust for power and control of children who don’t cheerfully comply with embracing the allegedly abusive parent and rejecting the protective parent.

Among the other issues that we have come to witness and continue to be shocked by is the fact that female judges and female lawyers who are in a position of profiting by the suffering of their clients equal or surpass the ferocity of their male counterparts, and what we have seen in decisions by women are a willingness to go to even greater ends of conscious cruelty and suffering enacted upon children and their protective parents. When we began the Gardner journey, the target of the philosophy was that women are liars, duplicitous and are seeking to get back at men and therefore they lie, cheat, and steal to turn children against the dear dads and that this is a blanket formula. Referring to Gardner, he says, where there is actual child abuse, then his theory of parental alienation doesn’t exist. However, Gardner starts out with stating that there is no child sexual abuse because men have the right to have sex with their children and this is a benefit to the white race to sexualize children and enhance the rate of pregnancies. A thorough reading of Gardner makes one fully aware that behind the sexual perversity is the intent to enhance the numbers of the white race specifically.

Legislation regarding abortion has been returned to the individual states for them to decide. One cannot reflect on this situation with endemic human rights inscribed in the Constitution, without seeing that the values we hold dear are being trampled by an intelligence that has been plotting and planning over decades of history of the battle between men and women. Within this struggle is a display of hatred for women and a hatred for all forms of dependency and a willingness to take advantage and maneuver and use dependency for the advantage of those with superior strength and authority.

Forty years of the filtration of the Gardner theory of parental alienation, the assertion that sexual abuse of children does not exist and that women lie to get their way, has permeated the culture and has saturated the psyches of the judicial system in a manner that has allowed them to exercise power because of the authority and respect that they have been given.

The willingness to suppress an ever increasing awareness of however wrong this concept of parental alienation has been, the willingness in a well mannered way to allow it to move forward in the face of clear evidence as presented by many outcome studies conducted by such authorities as Joan Meir and Joanna Silberg, that whatever little lip service is given is presented in their dismissals of the outcomes, the court actors have moved ahead, increasing the numbers of judges and recruits who create a phalanx and an armored guard enforcing the transfer of children into the hands of abusers with ever greater levels of bureaucracy, going from initial protocols of separation followed by the next layer of so-called reunification therapy, which is simply a numbing mind control inducing further fear and intimidation by coercive measures on those who have suffered the indignities of having children removed from them under false pretenses.

The supremacy of coercive means has filtered into all too many dimensions of society and threatens elemental truths of free and independent thought, speech, and action. The display of hatred for women as indicated by the pronouncements of Samuel Alito are emblematic by their historical references of what must have been a deep and long-standing hatred and resentment. Alito’s revelations of the truly gross unconscious fantasies indicated by his reference to witches and women burned at the stake and all of the attendant pretensions of a legal process must be viewed in the context of his current leading the pack and moving ahead with the overturning of Roe v Wade.

This means that individual states are now responsible to legislate for themselves regarding abortion laws. In my view, Roe v Wade supported independence and choice as opposed to Alito, et al, whose demands for conformity under his strict abusive control is emblematic of the actions of the lower court whose rulings on a case by case basis eliminate under strict control create homogeneity under the hands of the abuser. Consider the level of pent up rage that must have been simmering in Alito’s unconscious that allowed him to hide under the radar with the confluence of sadistic arrogance supported by a team who came together under the perfect storm with the mix of a woman whose own arrogance allows her to outstrip the performance of the men whose influence she assists.

It is our supposition that there is an appeal in autocratic control and mesmerizing draw of those who assert that they have the answers to simplify critical issues of power and authority and negotiation of relationships between the sexes, the appeal to not have to struggle with complex thoughts, contradictions, and personal limitations. Not having to do this allows for a tradeoff of ultimate deal with the devil, that the assertion of placing autocratic authority with men to control women and to assert authority may seemingly simplify the world order. We have gotten to this place writing from the perspective of having viewed a historical movement of the fight for power and control between the sexes in the realm of the judicial power and authority as a consistent element that has allowed dark forces related to child abuse and family domestic violence to dominate and expand, and that element which has allowed the expansion of dark forces has to do with ignorance and suppression of the ability to explore the wisdom of literature and science and philosophy so that words to express ideas and feelings do not exist. Authority is asserted, related to the language that promotes suppression of independence and complete adherence to authority based on coercion and fear, based on retaliation within a given group or expulsion from that group, therefore leaving one at the mercy of isolation and without friends, family, and social supports.

The promotion of ignorance and suppression of societal institutions that support education, medical care, work skills, and ability for individuals and families to support themselves and thrive have been most prevalent in the Southern states, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas (pre-Clinton), where there was a promotion of large families, huge families, low incomes, and low limited supports, women were the profusion of domestic violence, of severe domestic violence, sexual abuse of children, serial sexual in large families, and bestiality were extremely prevalent. As to the immediate influence of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, in our work with animal rescue we experienced the highest level of animal rape in such states as Georgia and Mississippi. This was rape of sheep and dogs that also accompanied brutality toward adult women and sexual abuse of children.

The Roe v Wade decision has been overturned, so that abortion law is returned to the individual states for them to legislate. It is our opinion that this has been a concept that has been under obsessive intelligence, not simply focused on one intervention, being abortion rights, but an entire dismantling of the ability of individuals to thrive in their own right to live, to love, to think, to learn, and to function as citizens of a democracy with respect to sublimation of primal instincts. In my opinion, overturning the Roe v Wade decision is emblematic of a drive toward autocratic control as expressed in fascism and is a product of a sadistic arrogance driven by a willingness to commit mass murder with a drive toward a Putinesque empire.

The Gardner model of parental alienation may have been the mating ground of like-minded participants who strived for a simple social order directed by authorities who would assume the responsibility of thinking and planning and laying out a life order for all others to follow and to remove the burden of the anxiety of making good and correct decisions. The endemic problem of a democratic society is grappling with evil, with the drive of some members of society who are obsessed with a drive for power, authority, and the unbridled expression of their own perverted primal drives and the failure of an intellectual elite to properly grapple with, come to terms with, and ground the proportions to which the obsession with self-interest can exert power.

The understanding that all people are not equal does not only reflect a need to care for people who have challenges in terms of caring for themselves, it also includes restraining the unbridled drive for power and authority that some members of the population wish to exert at the expense of all others around them. Identification with the aggressor is a force that lives and breathes and devours those who are unmindful of the drive for power and authority over others and must be included in the hierarchy of meaningful elements of primal energies within society that must be managed and dealt with. That truth that deals with the anatomy of evil must be written into the laws of the land and handled with the energy and authority required to wrestle with an energy that is unique to itself and does not live within the realm of subjugation to the laws of a democratic society and an expectation of reasonableness, because the power of unreasonableness and the drive for the society are not compatible and must be recognized as such and dealt with as such. We have seen this struggle with power and control within the juvenile, dependency, and family courts, and the authority of egregious, heinous exertion of authority and division of levels of power are clear when one looks at the reigning authorities and the obsequious handmaidens who service them.

The further underpinnings of arrogance and prejudice in this court and the ability to magnetize to magnetize identification with an aggressor even over attitudes of prejudice, are further indicated by the presence of Clarence Thomas, whose relatively quiet presence over the years did not bring attention to his outlier views. Thomas’s only notable presence was his marriage to a white woman who was notable for her outlier conservative political views. Awareness of the level of the authoritarian trend of her thoughts was not a subject of concern and probably not taken very seriously. The dividing line of arrogance displayed by Thomas in his sexual advances toward Anita Hill that became a subject of public scrutiny as a result of her protest against him caused Thomas to become a subject of notice. With 20-20 hindsight and the nature of suppressed attitudes about authority and control and specifically control over women, the interface between Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas becomes a subject of interest when viewed through the prism of the balance of power where even black men have greater authority than black women, and therefore Clarence Thomas’s choice of a sexual object to toy with made sense. His white conservative partner in life was worthy of marriage, but Anita Hill was worthy of becoming a sexual object as a mistress.

The confluence of power and authority that rages over sexual dominance has been present within the dynamic of the Supreme Court that was made supreme by the legion of white men over decades of time. The addition of women to the court appears to have caused the eruption into the public consciousness of truly the battle of the sexes and the underlying battle of sexual supremacy and the murderous rage of men who fear their power and control of women to be fully and permanently neutralized and forced into a position of being civilized.

The overturning of the Roe v Wade decision, which returns abortion legislation to the individual states, is nothing less than a fascist control made up by those with money and power to gain control and to create a master-slave society. The battle for good v evil, independence over slavery, requires a conscious, literate public that is not in denial, is not dumbed down. The massive energy that is behind the drive for the suppression of the masses and control and the single mindedness of that energy has been sustained over generations. The ability for this type of autocratic control to have sustained has more to do with the failure of the public consciousness to in fact grapple with and to visualize the extent of the nature of real pure evil that exists within the drive for power and control over masses of the population and what it means to be able to do whatever one wants to do to another person, to a population, and to the environment in which they live. Denial and compliance are enemies, and fearless confrontation of the netherworld must be cultivated as part of the cadre of tools of choice needed to prevail.

The FCVFC has been living with, experiencing, documenting, and conceptualizing this movement in history that we are awkwardly attempting to describe, without fear and with commitment to ever better skills in confronting the future of children and families within our work in the family courts across the country.





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