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Judges as Bill Collectors

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has long suspected that there is a direct connection between the power of judges to extract financial compensation from litigants and the host of court minions who benefit from this extraction. These are the court minions we have referred to in our extensive writing as “the team that the client never knew they hired.”

In a South Carolina case currently before us, we now have substantial evidence of the prison pipeline engendered by court orders issued for contempt, by judges who are acting as bill collectors for court-ordered guardians ad litem and other court-ordered factotum. The court-ordered guardian ad litem (GAL) not only wrote reports to the court that were hearsay concoctions of statements knitted together from the family from which the vulnerable client fled, but included the carefully documented false statements of others who sought to financially benefit from the actions being taken by the GAL.

The client in question, a single mother with a latency-age daughter who she was successfully supporting and raising on her own, is poised in a unique situation that has made her vulnerable to predatory behavior. The subject victims are beautiful young women and as such are victimized by strangers who appear with charges that are not substantiated upon objective investigation.

When the accuser is the abuser, witness and complainant, the victim, saying “no this did not happen,” is at a distinct disadvantage. The disadvantaged position is further complicated when the “this has never happened and there is no proof of the accusations” espoused by court factotum when the “trier of fact,” the judge, decides to accept the hearsay, unfounded, undocumented, no-basis-in-reality statements made by court actors who are billing the client in question. The process that we see in courts establishing presumptions of “facts” that never existed and never should have been put forward is a pattern of lies and larceny.

In this circumstance commingled with court actors included in positions of authority, are those individuals who can be shown to be certifiably unhinged individuals who by their obsessed, irrational, bizarre behavior are diagnosable with an extremely severe, untreatable (outside of institutional care) mental illness, with the hallmark of extreme grandiosity and an insistence on being “right all the time.” Confrontation of authority by the victim backed into a corner by one class of predator followed by the next class of predator creates the perfect storm for “pay me and get out of jail, or do not pay me and feed the mental illness of those unhinged court actors who should be hospital inmates instead of would-be jailers.”

The guardian ad litem and the so-called therapist engaged with each other and created a court record and a history based on the sudden solicitations of family members of the mother, who had sought to rescue herself from her own history of parental and family abuse. She had moved across the country, cutting all ties with her past in order to establish an independent new life, which she did in fact accomplish.

The mother had also been betrayed by neighbors, erstwhile friends, who had sought to make her prey for their sexual advances. The court gave higher credence to the testimony of these former friends than others who knew her well. The biological father connected with family members forsaken and pursued custody based on a so-called history of so-called parental alienation for the benefit of providing his mother with a grandchild as well as seemingly affording child support and payments associated with custody transfer and support of the child to a home that the child had no association with and no desire whatsoever to ever become acquainted with. The child by order of the court and the collusion of dark forces was whisked away across the country to strangers whom she never knew and never wanted to know. She was cut off from all contact with her biological mother who had raised her and had provided a life in which she was thriving.

The petitioner parent fled from any responsibility for the creation of a child he never planned on or agreed to more than ten years prior, but apparently he suddenly longed for the experience of fatherhood as soon as he learned that child support and legal fees could be extorted from the subject client. The once-reluctant parent appears to have become an avid solicitor of father’s rights. He demanded not only contact but custody with a shell- shocked child whose life as a talented figure skater and school scholar was well established in her community. That is, until a court for some unknown reason championed the rights of the father and ordered a transfer of custody. The mother was blamed for a failure of communication between the child and the father, who had abandoned them both in a heartbeat once he became aware of the child’s heart beat existence.

So with the assistance of the court-appointed GAL, along with his unabashed advocate, the court-appointed so-called “therapist,” the subject client is now charged with contempt of court for failure to pay exorbitant legal fees and therapist fees to providers that the parent never picked nor agreed to.

The so-called therapist in this case has spun tales of events that are objectively provable to have never occurred. This she has done in an attempt to split and divide, creating chaos and confusion. This individual seeks to pit all actors in the case against each other, as she herself attempts to threaten to sue independent experts who question the conclusions this hired gun wannabe attempts to assert. She is able to get away with plausibility because of the ineptitude and advantage seeking of a house-of-cards situation created by a judge, a GAL, and a predator absentee “father” who became aware of a potential financial advantage to himself in securing custody of a child he had heretofore never met.

The child was Sua Sponte transferred across state lines to the custody of a father she never met and is living with his mother, who had never met the child until custody was transferred by the judge. The court / the father through petitions of his attorney has kept the child in isolation from her mother for the past six months, allowing no phone contact and no visitation, other than supervised visitation in a state ten hours away from where the mother currently resides. Twice she has scheduled flights for the court-ordered supervised visitation, but both times they were cancelled, once after arriving in the state of the daughter’s new residence, and the other the day before the flight. Court-ordered virtual visits have been refused.

As the mother has had no contact with the child in over 6 months, we have no idea how the child is and what her emotional state is, though we suspect that it is not good.

Adding insult to injury, the colluding forces engendered massive court fees and bills for litigation that never in her life did this litigant ever imagine she could possibly be engaged with. Fees for a so-called therapist and guardian ad litem were propagated and escalated on a monthly basis. The therapist in Flemington, NJ, generated bills via Zoom of thousands of dollars. Similarly, the court-appointed guardian ad litem generated a bill of over ten thousand dollars, which the mother has been ordered to pay. Furthermore, the GAL was recently awarded an increase of fees from the original cap of $20,000, to a new cap of $40,000. The law firm’s owner, who employs the GAL, is a Magistrate Judge in the same circuit court.

The judge, who we refer to as the “bill collector” in this case, ordered the mother to pay the bill to the GAL through her law firm.

In nearly a year, the South Carolina GAL has never paid a personal visit to the child, who is in New Jersey. She says it is because the mother has not yet paid for the expenses for that trip.

Presented with the bills and court fees for court-appointed factotum, the vulnerable litigant was then threatened with contempt of court for not paying for expenses that were completely contrary to the interest of herself or her child.

Judge Landis ordered that the mother pay the opposing counsel’s legal fees, in addition to the monthly child support that the mother has been ordered to pay to the father. She was then threatened with jail if she did not pay the fees that kept propagating each month that they were not paid. She was told that if the bill was not paid during that time, then her jail sentence would be extended.

This is all before a final hearing has been scheduled.

But the laws of the US do not allow for debtor’s prison. This would be especially true when the debt was fraudulently created by the court in order to pay unauthorized charges by subjects hired by the court with the agreement of the judge for the purposes of fraudulently extorting money.

We know from experience and evidence that crimes of this nature exist in huge numbers. But because others are less clearly documented than this one, to the best of our knowledge none of the subjects of these crimes have come forward with their stories and with litigation against the criminals who have perpetrated these crimes. Thus they have not been exposed.

The FCVFC intends to prosecute all the court actors at the center of this crime, litigating the violations of court-appointed personnel and a judge who is colluding with financial fraud, creating a debt that should never have existed in the first place.

We will be reporting further on this case as it develops.



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