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Just as Lunatics Should Not Run an Asylum, Criminals Should Not Run a Court of Law

By Guest Contributor (Forensic Researcher)

When a Court of Law is for sale, cold-blooded murder, madness, and mayhem get unleashed in ways few other channels can match.  Not even Robert Cover of Yale Law School would have imagined contemporary Family Courts when he wrote: “We begin … not with what the judges say, but with what they do.  The judges deal pain and death.”

Crime in the name of law is the operative rule in the Family Courts.  Even a Department of Justice commissioned study—by Dr. Daniel Saunders of the University of Michigan—says so.  Not only do Family Courts take a “see no evil, hear no evil” approach, they have become the ideal hiding place for murderers, rapists, and child molesters, and cover for them they do.

Not only that, they use their authority to persecute victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers of crime instead, all in exchange for hefty profits if the criminal litigants happen to be rich or are willing to lend the children they are granted proprietorship of for, say, sex trafficking.

In this manner, after decades of impunity under the cover of “absolute immunity,” Family Courts have become a lucrative industry of fraud.

One need only enter the court of Judge Jane Gallina-Mecca to find out how this works.  Here is all that has happened in just one case in the past month:

— Two young children who were ripped away from the home they grew up in and the parent who raised them, by a police raid, remain in place (no cause is needed).

— The Child Abuse Hotline heeded instructions to suppress all calls about the case, failing in its one mission.

— Child Protective Services followed Court instructions to declare an abuser who almost killed his infant daughter and almost crushed his seven-year-old son’s skull as “no danger,” violating its own protocol.

— The pediatrician covered for the abuser by erasing all incriminating evidence from the record, violating medical ethics.

— The school altered report cards so that they will not reflect the fact that a child missed one-third of days of school (compared to no missed days before), violating its own mandate.

— The principal arrested two eminent medical professionals attempting to present evidence of child torture, in order to protect the abuser (who was standing right behind him), revealing his own cowardice.  It is exactly the kind of Nuremberg-style “just following orders” that would please the legal monstrosity that totalitarian Family Courts have become.

Indeed, Judge Gallina-Mecca reached beyond her jurisdiction to intimidate a witness of the father’s abuse by having the Child Protective Services commissioner’s office call this same witness, with threatening language, to instruct her to call only the Child Abuse Hotline and not anyone else.  Knowing that the Hotline had guidance not to take any reports on this case further, she asked the agent what to do if, as a mandated reporter in New Jersey, she was mandated to report ongoing abuse but was running out of avenues, since the Child Abuse Hotline proved useless.  The agent had no answer but hurried off the call.

Shortly following, the Judge had the state attorney general’s office call her, again with intimidating language, to accuse her of threatening the Judge with a letter that was actually a mandated report.  Because she had nothing to hide, this mandated reporter responded with relief and begged the officer to investigate the matter.  The officer said he was not there to do that and again hurried off the call.

This is how she knew that the purpose of these calls was intimidation, not investigation.

In a world of extrajudicial threats, the rule of power over the rule of law, and disdain for the truth, this is one of the milder cases.  By now, more than a few litigants have gotten in touch for having the same judge, and the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts encourages others to come forward.

The more we collect cases, the clearer the pattern becomes: a pattern of supporting and covering up spousal abuse, child abuse, torture, mutilation, and even attempted murder and child sex trafficking to gangs.  We are seeing just a glimpse of (mostly) mothers and children who have been decimated, rendered desperate and destitute, for the (mostly) fathers’ benefit and greed.

Children are chattel, or acquisitions to be seized from protective parents, and previously healthy protective parents are institutionalized based on false charges or false diagnoses—which are all the more relentlessly pursued for the relief from having to pay child support or alimony.  Because Family Courts operate by “discretion,” kidnapping, false imprisonment, harassment, malicious prosecution, and murder—things one would never get away with in criminal court—are possible in the Family Courts.

In the above case, the protective mother came upon a criminal underworld she never knew existed, operating under the color of law.  Exploiting the assumption that a judge is impartial and any who complain are “disgruntled litigants,” that a guardian ad litem would serve the interests of children and not prey upon them, and that a Court-appointed “expert” would be neutral and not hired guns using their half-knowledge to defraud, it knew no one would believe her.

Experts have even been approached: “How much do you want?  Name the price [for your false report].”  And nothing can go forward because everything is fraud, and all the legal arguments in the world make no difference in a kangaroo court.

Her husband had one goal from the start: to declare his wife mentally ill, himself sane, and to strip her of everything.  That is why he needed to prohibit his children from seeing a psychiatrist, compel Child Protective Services to require an evaluation of his wife but not of him, suppress expert reports explaining his actual dangerous diagnosis, pressure the pediatrician into falsifying medical records, burden the school with “correcting” attendance records, and have medical professionals trying to meet their duty arrested—and succeeded in doing so, for all is possible with a “Court of Law” behind you.

With this, he would not only be able to project onto others what he wished to deny in himself, but he could deconstruct the very lives he envied but could never take part in (since his own children rejected him for his abuse).  Now, with court authority and the law itself for sale, and a tyrant pretending to be a judge, what couldn’t he accomplish in his newfound fiefdom?

He is a great match for the pockets of heartless and sadistic criminality called the Family Courts.  Much like the child sex abuse scandals that broke with the Catholic church and the Southern Baptist Convention, or the Native American orphanages in North America that turned out to be mass graveyards, the Holocaust of children in the Family Courts is likely to be the next crisis to explode.




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