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Destruction of Innocents: Judicial Corruption and Racketeering through the U.S. Courts

 To the South Carolina Bar Association:

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC) is filing complaints against two attorneys with the South Carolina Bar Association:

  • Christopher Lizzi of the Lizzi Law Firm

  • Lisa Walden of the Leviner Law Firm

These two individuals are believed to have worked together in a malignant association, such that they have conspired to deprive our client, the plaintiff in a family court case, her protected constitutional rights.

Mr. Lizzi withdrew from representation of the plaintiff, yet he has continued to receive notifications from the court as to court proceedings. These he failed to forward to his former client, causing her to miss critical court dates. The plaintiff is also concerned that confidential information she shared with him has been improperly shared with hostile actors in this case.

It is our understanding that Mr. Lizzi has continued to be in contact with the Guardian ad Litem on this case, Lisa Walden of the Leviner Law Firm.  This Guardian ad Litem is believed to have continued to share information with Mr. Lizzi, who we believe may be involved with other litigants in this case.

Ms. Walden has continued to actively advocate for the defendant in this case, to the extreme detriment of our client, the plaintiff. She has created a hostile and biased atmosphere against the plaintiff by omitting critical relevant facts from her arguments.

Further, she has based her advocacy for the defendant on a rather bizarre connection to neighbors of the plaintiff who have been engaged in a predatory relationship with the plaintiff based on her rejection of their sexual advances. These individuals are known to have disseminated false, defamatory statements about the plaintiff and have created a hostile environment in her neighborhood. The prejudice created by the dissemination of false information about the plaintiff through the Guardian ad Litem has tainted her entire case.

In addition, the Guardian ad Litem has accumulated extensive legal bills that are far beyond the ability of the plaintiff to pay. The Guardian ad Litem has used her position to successfully advocate for herself with the judge to engage him as her bill collector for a bill of over ten thousand dollars.

These malevolent actors, those who wish to do harm in a documented manner, who are known to have attempted to harm the plaintiff, have taken a position of control of the plaintiff’s life. Now they are threatening her with an extended period in jail because of a bill that she never should have been charged with in the first place.

We are also filing complaints against the judge for having acted improperly with bias and malice in ordering a bench warrant for the arrest of the plaintiff in order to collect this bill.

In addition, fabricated charges, hearsay, and malignant interventions have resulted in the transfer of custody of the child from the hands of the mother into the hands of a complete stranger, who has gone one step further in illegally transferring the child into the presence of her maternal grandmother, someone the plaintiff has been trying to protect herself from for over ten years.

The documented actions of this lawyer who removed himself from the case and the Guardian ad Litem are entirely unacceptable. This case cries out for investigation and intervention from the South Carolina Bar Association.

I will be forwarding full documentation with regard to the malicious actions of each of these attorneys, who in our experience should not be practicing law.

The Complaints being alleged against these individuals and associated court actors involve fraud, collusion, and civil rights violations. We believe that there are grounds to assert charges of racketeering, and thus we intend to forward full documentation related to the interactions and financial connections of these multiple court actors who we assert are extorting exorbitant amounts of money from an innocent mother.

We have reason to believe that there are additional victim clients in a similar position to this client, where children are ripped from protective parents and with questionable court orders transferred sua sponte across state lines.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest

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