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Gone But Not Forgotten: He Can Run But He Cannot Hide

Complaint against Judge Jack Landis

Judge Jack Landis of South Carolina may be gone (via retirement), but he is not forgotten for multiple vile abuses of process, constitutional rights, and due process violations. These may in fact include child endangerment related to illegally transferring a minor across state lines, along with witness threats and intimidation for the purposes of illegally demanding payment of fees for services engaged in as part of a conspiracy to extort funds.

The Guardian ad Litem appointed by Judge Jack Landis charged a large fee for compiling hearsay testimony from family members that the litigant had escaped from more than ten years earlier, because of extensive documented physical torture and abuse.

Judge Landis and associated court actors that he appointed colluded with random vague parties engaged for purposes of transferring this protective mother’s ten-year-old daughter into the custody of a stranger who was able to extort child support for a child he did not know and had abandoned as soon as he found out about her conception. Once he found that he was able to generate the child into a money maker, he sent her to his mother and then shipped the child across state lines to the maternal grandmother—the person that the child’s mother had sought to escape.

The litigant mother was charged via hearsay testimony, as she was never present at hearings of which she was never informed. She was not able to defend herself because the lawyer who withdrew from her case reputedly and as per documented evidence never forwarded to the client court notices which he continued to receive. As a result, she was not able to be present at hearings critical to defending herself against unfounded hearsay accusations.

Judge Landis is being charged with sentencing a young mother to jail based on testimony accrued from his friends, drinking buddies of his local hunt club and neighbors of the litigant, who accused these neighbors of neglecting their children and who resisted their efforts to engage the young mother in predatory sexual activity.

Further, Judge Landis is being accused of suborning perjury, admitting hearsay as evidence against the Plaintiff, and allowing an attorney who he knew to have withdrawn from the case to continue to be engaged in the case.

Judge Landis participated in generating huge bills by the Defendant, absentee parent who abandoned the child he fathered prior to the child’s birth and has currently found a way of profiting from the child’s existence while not actually caring for her. The father, who is rabidly demanding child support and payment of legal bills, has arranged via sketchy court orders haphazardly signed by Judge Landis, to have the child he had until recently never met, live with his mother;  then suddenly, without notice to the mother, the child was sent to California, to the home of the maternal grandmother.

The maternal grandmother is well documented to have abused her multiple other children and the daughter who escaped her mother more than ten years earlier.

Judge Landis is being accused of facilitating financial fraud, suborning perjury, engaging in abuse of process, civil rights violations, and very possibly having engaged in and continued the facilitation of racketeering participated in by the attorney for the Defendant as well as the GAL and the Leviner Law Firm.

Court documents are being prepared and will be submitted by the Plaintiff along with all documentation to support the allegations that also include witness threats, intimidation, and financial extortion, seeking enforcement of jail time for nonpayment of bills that the Plaintiff should never have had to pay in the first place.

Jill Jones Soderman

Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest


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