Championing for child victims and their protective parents | a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Help Create a War Chest

with the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts

At the FCVFC, we help Protective Parents in Family Court

  • to defend them and their children against the corrupt system.
  • to help them maintain their credibility and reputation.
  • to help them provide their children with the safe and happy childhood they deserve.

At the FCVFC, our top priority is helping our clients protect their children.

Donate to help protective parents who simply want to rescue their children.

Donate to help protective parents who never anticipated the nightmare of litigation.

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At the FCVFC, we understand the court system. But we are beholden to no one in that system.

Donate to help protective parents who have no idea how to navigate the corruption of the family courts.

Through greed, corruption, and lust for power, the system has failed them.

At the FCVFC, we fight that system.

We often win, and we always make a difference.

Help us fight that system, one family court case at a time.

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