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Would You Report an Abducted Child to an Organization that Helps Return Children to Their Abusers?

The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children appears to be oblivious to the corruption in family courts across the United States, courts which are in fact transferring children into the hands/custody of their abusers.

Racketeering is defined as “a pattern of illegal activity that is carried out in furtherance of an enterprise which is owned or controlled by those engaged in such activity.” This is what is happening in the family court system, and the 1970 Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) laws were created for situations exactly like what is before us. As of 2022, family, juvenile, and dependency courts are operating in the realm of civil RICO, operating as criminal enterprises, transferring children into the custody of the most heinous abusers, building on the junk concept of “parental alienation” to introduce doubt enough to discredit all claims of child abuse.

The process has been driven for the past forty years by unethical attorneys who have weaponized the vicious dynamic asserted by Richard Gardner, MD, stating that women are jealous of men and that men have a right to have sex with their children. This bigoted, hateful ideology has been embraced by many groups that advocate for autocratic control. In its grip, the family court system has morphed into a system of absolute fraud and child trafficking.

Often the abuser gains total control over the medical, psychiatric, educational, and religious providers allowed contact with the children. The children are told that if they seek contact with the protective parent, that parent will be put in jail for life and it will be the child’s fault.

This is any protective parent’s worst nightmare. It seems that justice for protective parents is no longer protected under the Constitution in any of the fifty states.

The “who do you trust / where can you turn” issues are massive, and there are no simple answers. The FCVFC can only offer information on who you cannot trust as per our immediate and personal experience with those we have identified as criminals, who need to be prosecuted, if not in criminal courts, then in civil prosecution via claims of defamation and malpractice.

The public must understand that we must proactively stand up for critical constitutional rights. We must not back down in any way from asserting rights that are critical, not only to your immediate claim but also to any future claims and complaints.

So many have acceded to the bullying, threats, and coercion of authorities, hoping that the problem would somehow get resolved. But as in the case of dealing with any bully, acquiescence only empowers. This acquiescence has instead allowed the overrunning of what amounts to criminal practice in the courts related to the legalization of legal cover of child trafficking in the name of family court litigation.

The public must understand that child sexual abuse exists, and when a child engages in outcries and displays disturbed dysfunctional behavior previously unobserved, then that behavior must be taken seriously and investigated with all immediate concern.

Lies must not be explained away. Refusal to confront them leads to the plague on all of our houses that we are now experiencing.

The public has been outraged by the murder of 19 little children in Uvalde, Texas. The public should be outraged by the murder of millions of children through the family courts as per the transfer of children into the hands of child abusers, male and female, old and young, criminals. Murderers, many of them, whether directly, by a long slow torturous death, or by the child’s suicide. They facilitate drug addiction and crime, by creating victims who go on to become perpetrators.

Society has set itself on fire and though the fire may be smoldering, it is leading to the suffocation death of the population by weakening the entire fabric of society.

It is beyond comprehension that organizations like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have been allowed to continue to function w/o any insistence on vetting those who make the claims of child abduction. If a small nonprofit organization such as the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has come across at least 3 or 4 very clear examples of their reckless reporting and failure to fully vet the people who are reporting abuse, we can only wonder how much this is actually going on.

As per our current case, our alarm is based on our thorough understanding of the circumstances behind their reckless reporting. A mother is trying to protect her children from the exploitation of a husband-wife team. We have excellent reason to understand that these children are being used for the sexual gratification of adults who have impugned the character of the protective parent.

As is the case with many protective parents who are attempting to advocate for their victimized children, the Foundation has once again found itself in the position of having our credibility impugned and our word questioned aggressively and hostilely by police and other authorities.

While the experts of the Foundation are pleased to address the issues invoked by police and authorities questioning us so that the case may be turned around to the correct culprits, there protective parents across the country who do not have access to the kinds of experts and legal teams that we are blessed to have access to. These protective parents are left totally vulnerable and at the mercy of completely corrupt authorities—or if they are not corrupt, they are not in a position to corroborate the truth, and the truth of these very complex legal and psychiatric and criminal situations must be attended to by experts who are willing and capable to take on these actions.




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