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Judges Are Ignoring Highly Provocative Evidence in Their Hands During Discovery

Judge Jane Grossman of Connecticut and Judge Jane Gallina Mecca of New Jersey are two judges we have written about multiple times. We are reporting both of them yet again to all oversight agencies that deal with criminal activity, as well as judicial oversight, to the US attorney’s office and the FBI in each of their states. Our cases are being vetted and documented with major experts in the psychiatric forensic field.

We will continue to report these judges until they are removed from their positions of authority and are properly prosecuted.

These are not the only judges of whom we are aware of transferring children into the custody of abusers and isolating these children with abusers. There are others. The Foundation is formally documenting not only the material but those in positions of responsibility to protect children who are fully aware of this material and are making decisions that will bring the children lasting harm. It is our contention that these judges and the factotum appointed by them are fully conscious of and interacting with child trafficking agents.

These judges are both known to have been aware of the fact that children were being brutally sexually abused by a parent, whether adopted or blood. They knew this through documentation and through eyewitness testimony. We have evidence to assert that these children were on their way to being trafficked.

The actions of these judges were supported by agencies that were supposed to protect children, as per their own charters. We will be naming those agencies and agents of those agencies that participated in lying, cheating, and stealing children’s lives by supporting physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of which they were directly aware.

The experts of the FCVFC contend that Judge Grossman and Judge Gallina Mecca have clear and convincing evidence that not only were children being sexually abused by an immediate family member but that these children were being abused to create child pornography.

These judges and their factotum interfered with the investigations that should have taken place by police, CPS, and the medical and psychiatric facilities that were responsible for reporting and taking action for these children.

The medical facilities in Connecticut involved Yale, New Haven, and Children’s Forensic Hospital. All of these agencies were contacted by phone, email, and express mail of the concerns that we expressed and the documentation that we have.

These judges, Judge Jane Gallina Mecca and Judge Jane Grossman, have documentation from the FCVFC as well as copies of the multiple complaints made against them to the judicial review board and to the presiding judge in their jurisdiction, that the children in specific cases before her were being subject to isolation, brainwashing, abuse which by the United Nations definition of terms in the charter of violence against children constitute torture.

Judge Jane Grossman, with full knowledge and contempt for the law, transferred the children into the hands of their abuser, being fully informed of the danger and the brutality of the abuse they were facing.

The tactics that Judge Jane Grossman has used can only be described as torture of protective parents who are forced to stand by and acquiesce to the utter cruelty and brutality exercised with the iron gavel of her court and the accession of court authorities who may also be participating in a shared largess.

In high conflict custody cases where one individual is named as an obsessed brutal abuser and the other parent is a protective parent attempting to offer proof of the danger the children are in, the protocol established is that any mention of abuse is suppressed and denied, and the parent who raises that issue is targeted as a liar, a coacher, and an alienator who is brainwashing the children.

These charges against the protective parent are automatic and are met with a phalanx of unethical practitioners who engage in billing practices that are demanded and protected by the court. They are extortion and blackmail. If these parents do not comply with the court orders to pay exorbitant fees which they do not have the funds to pay, they are held in contempt of court and jailed.

The FCVFC publishes the names and license numbers of the practitioners that we are accusing of unethical illegal practices. We are accusing them of engaging in a racketeering practice with the courts.

Our concern is that the pernicious influence of criminal deception and the largess of these bad acts have infected all levels of court and law enforcement. Our concerns have exponentially increased by our recent confirmation that the ignorance of court corruption has reached a new level of tracking down the innocent protective parents who are seeking refuge from their abusers while attempting to negotiate the legal process.

The courts have weaponized public opinion through advocacy agencies such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, allowing these organizations to recklessly advertise child abduction, publishing the names and images of those accused of the abduction with an attempt to mobilize the public to assist law enforcement in contacting and securing the custody of the children.

This practice creates a vigilante population of so-called do-gooders, rescuers, people who may be acting in good faith (or not) but are in fact returning children to abusers they sought to escape, thus causing the insidious entrapment and failure of due process in the courts to come to a complete circle ending with the transfer of children to abusers and down a dark hole from which they may never emerge.

The failure of due process, the failure of free speech, and a court system driven by greed and power and a lust for power has produced massive funds from child trafficking. And the more power and funds achieved, the more the appetite is fed.

Wealthy families are not exempt from ability of courts to issue orders that compel action or place people in jail, failing due process and access to lawful authorities.

We wish to be absolutely clear what we mean when we talk about brutal practices, brutal actions driven by a lust to engage in illegal, dark-web pornography, which these judges have been made aware of. We wish to be absolutely clear exactly what the nature is of the material these judges have seen, have had in their hands, with full knowledge of where that material came from.

It came from the computers of the subjects who have been charged with grooming children to be engaged in sexual activity. One such piece of evidence is fully documented to have come from the computer home of the father of a Connecticut client. Through Judge Jane Grossman and her factotum the evidence was suppressed, questioned, discredited, minimized, ignored. Then Judge Jane Grossman brutally transferred custody of three children, two boys and a girl, to a father that they hated and feared.


We suggest that you need to be disturbed and pulled out of indolence and failure to rise up against these institutions and stop electing judges who are in fact criminals.

The ad for a certain website begins with pornographic images of older men with considerable facial hair engaged in fellatio with young boys, clearly young teens, with full frontal images of the body parts of both actors, clearly posed for the camera.

The captions on the material include begins with, “In the deepest recesses of our hearts some of us yearn to be daddies to good little boys even if they are only our stepsons. Join us at Bring Me a Boy as we explore tight smooth bodies then stretch tight holes or smear cum on their faces. Let us corrupt the pretty little things which we call son.”

This chapter of this advertisement begins with “Shh Boy. Daddy is busy.” The pictures of what Daddy is busy with follow.

These are images that were shared with the teenage subjects of grooming, from the father who in fact received custody of these children in the course of vilifying and destroying the reputation and career of the mother who was the sole caretaker of these children from infancy to the time that they became targets of lust.

Chapters continue with

  • Bring Me a Boy
  • Bareback That Hole
  • Hairy and Raw
  • World of Men
  • Risky F**kers
  • Twinks in Shorts
  • Bareback Cum Pigs
  • Presented by Bare Films

This is the material that was sent to Judge Jane Grossman and to the presiding judge over Judge Jane Grossman, along with a copy of the multiple complaints filed against Judge Jane Grossman.

However, right now in the courts before us, August 8, 2022, Judge Jane Grossman is allowed to preside over another case in which children are at risk and are similarly subject to being the objects of pornography in which their little bodies are being filmed naked. We have knowledge of threats and intimidation of the children and their mother as to grooming.

We wish the public to be very clear that that mechanism by which these judges are able to enact their deplorable orders and their perverted court rule is by exerting their authority to seal documents and issue contempt orders and isolate children into the custody of vicious abusers.

In addition, the evaluators on these cases are professionals who are ethically challenged.

The ticket to the cash flow of court referrals is the willingness to engage in, first, even in taking on cases that the evaluators know are subject to false reporting by the court. There is an understanding that the evaluators has a mandate to do a hit job.

The evaluators understand their mission to support one client and defame the other, and to isolate the children in the hands of their abuser.

The latest permutation in the twisted and perverted tale of how these courts and these sadistic judges operate is to allow the protective parent partial custody with the abuser, with the proviso that the protective parent cannot report, cannot reveal or make any charges that implicate the other parent.

Protective parents are faced with a Sophie’s Choice. They can have contact with their children if they can bear the suffering and torture they witness at the hands of the abuser that they attempted to protect the children from.

Or they can report, but they will get no place because no one will believe them because the agencies and so-called protectors of children are equally involved in the profiteering.

This is an unconscionable torture that no parent, no participant in this obscene scenario, should have to submit to.

The agony of having to witness and struggle with these issues by confronting them and not ever withdrawing from them is a burden and an agony for the advocates for truth and justice, terms which seem to be puerile and meaningless in this day of overwhelming cruelty sadism and power to abusers.

Though we may be spinning in the wind, we hope that eventually a tsunami will engulf the abusers that we accuse and continue to report to authorities that are responsible for preventing harm to these victims, both protective parents and children.

In the meantime, the Foundation is doing all in our power to defend protective parents and expose abusers, including the preparation of massive civil rights actions that will include civil racketeering actions. Our filings will be announced on behalf of our clients.

Though names of clients and vulnerable children of course cannot be disclosed, we will, as always, disclose the names of the professionals being filed against with defamation and malpractice suits, the ones who contribute to the abuse of children.




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