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Keeping Safe Harbor Safe To Help Navigate Troubled Waters

Safe Harbor is a small supervised visitation center working with parents who have been denied access to their children by essentially corrupt courts where protective parents are forced into often corrupt supervised visitation where their communication with their children is monitored for the purposes of suppressing any evidence of abuse and neglect experienced by the children in the context of their new custody transfers.

Safe Harbor allows an atmosphere in which children can safely and confidentially have quality time with a beloved parent and where a parent who is dangerous to a child will be properly managed in the context of court orders. The end result is a win-win for all parties.

Award winning SSafe Harbor Child Access Center is a ray of light in the darkness for many parents under attack by deranged professional predators.

Among the deplorable devices engaged in by the court is the weaponization of the therapeutic process as a tool of the abuser and enforcer of the autocratic family court authorities in the process of transferring children into the custody of abusers and forcing all participants to comply and submit.

We have been reporting on a particularly venal cadre of so-called therapists. Usually they fly under the radar with low-level licensing “training,” so called psychotherapy training with no content but credentials with enough authority to be weaponized into something dangerous in the credentialing of therapists who need to look legitimate but are illiterate other than having the ability to drop jargon and employ empty words that are buzz words to discredit the complaints of child abuse and maltreatment.

We find that these practitioners engage in fraudulent billing, often billing through such programs as crime victim therapy awarded through police departments and safe haven contracts.

The engagement of these individuals has nothing to do with anything therapeutic but is simply part of the cabal involved in knitting together what appears as a legitimate defense of the abusers and a pattern of discrediting the protective parent.

The goal is all about money and fees and driving the protective parents to bankruptcy and complete inability to afford the services required to protect the vulnerable child.

Illegitimate agencies and practitioners are known to embrace the services of predator professionals and consciously turn a blind eye to lying, cheating, and stealing on the part of these practitioners.

When these fraudulent actors are confronted, they are vicious adversaries and often attempt to write horrible reviews on social media and attempt to disseminate rude and crude references through back channels against the facility that is a resource referred by courts and many reputable resources.

The skillful undermining by false communications of the credible and protective resource often finds themselves at a loss for being able to fight back against these malicious attacks, and when they do try to fight back, their defensiveness can appear as a he-said-she-said type of interaction.

The FCVFC is confronting the conveyor belt of child trafficking through the family courts by confronting the fraud and malicious attacks on good providers of services to children and parents in every corner and crevice of the universe that we find such despicable individuals and conniving of their vicious acts to pollute the airways.

We intend to keep Safe Harbor safe from the inroads of bad actors so that they can continue to provide the legitimate, fair, and professional services to clients and courts that they are mandated to provide.




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