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In the family courts, judges, lawyers, and court-appointed psychological evaluators have all become threats to an intellectually competent, psychologically compos mentis, moral, ethical society. The latest drove of pariahs to join the hordes of psychopathic predator judges and appointees across the country to speak for “family values” are the “reunification therapists.”

On the list of preferred behaviors to inculcate in our youth, we find:

  • Incest – is fine.
  • Spreading sexually transmitted disease – is fine.
  • Having multiple sex partners, male and female – is fine.
  • Paying prostitutes for sex, whether married or single -is fine.
  • Forcing your children, however young, to have sex with their father – is fine.
  • Forcing your children to have sex with their mother – is fine.
  • Teaching young children to engage in sexual practices and acts with each other – is fine.
  • Forcing young children to engage in sex with those who their parents care to share them with whether for free or pay – is fine.
  • Teaching/forcing children into engaging in sexual acts while posing for photography, alone or with each other – is fine.
  • Making sure the children are forced to adhere to the “new standard”—the new standard that says all these things they find to be abhorrent, painful, fearful, causing them to become dysfunctional, overcome, tormented—not only is this fine, but it is demanded, insisted upon under penalty of torture.

Certain behaviors are associated with practices of torture, including isolation, starvation, berating, sleep deprivation, forced physical contact / touching / rape, subliminal indoctrination through seemingly benign visual stimuli, and forced exposure to horror films. Also in the case of children, we would include threats that if the child discloses what they have been subject to, or attempts to secretly make contact with the beloved parent, that parent will be sent to jail and the child will be responsible for that parent’s incarceration, thus enforcing the internal, conscience, fear-driven demand of conscience with the external autocratic command  expressed to dominate, overwhelm, and dictate actions against personal will and cooperation.

The projection of a false narrative suggesting that the court and its minions are in fact acting in a lawful manner in the best interest of the child is in direct contrast with the truth. The truth is that the dark directives of an autocratic judiciary—paired with a militaristically aligned series of some licensed professionals or others who sport titles associated with mythical, fabricated professions that resonate a mission –those who claim they want to work for “reunification” in truth project a fraudulent agenda in order to strip litigants before custody courts of property and financial assets for their own financial gain.

Driven by greed and lust for power, manipulation of the loose legal standards of family courts – paired with judicial discretion – have created a black hole that has allowed, using the language of astrophysics, the “spaghettification” of the body: the gravitational force that compresses a body / object from top to bottom while stretching the object / body at the same time. The process that begins the fall into a black hole in the astrological universe is an event called “a slip over an event horizon – a point of no return.” It is postulated that the subject locked into a black hole of this nature cannot see out from inside – and no one from the outside can see within or escape from within. Such is the plight of innocent litigants within the black hole / black heart of family court litigation in the age of parental alienation / Richard Gardner and theorist constructs illegitimately allowed to be floated to justify implementation of whatever cruel and sadistic dictates judges issuing illegal orders are allowed to get away with.

In the past there was only flight from a venal predator who harmed or meant harm to the vulnerable subject who, whether completely naive,  too small, too fearful, or too slow to flee, was caught in the cross-hairs of a venal power who fully meant to hunt them down and press the vulnerable into the service of their directives.

Under these circumstances, there can be no “reunification,” because there was never “unification” in the first place.

In one case of which we are aware, the protective parent respected the children’s pleadings to never again be subjected to the horrendous abuses of the abuser parent. Together, they finally experienced some relief. Then the court ordered “reunification.”

An expert of considerable renown was engaged to evaluate this court-ordered reunification. A report to the court stated, these children were subjected to incestuous sexual contact, infected with venereal disease from the father who would have and could have impregnated the daughter, but not the son (because anal intercourse would not induce pregnancy, only acute anal and bowel damage).

Asked how it was known that the girl was infected with venereal disease by her father, the immediate response was simple and direct: because the girl was infected with the same venereal strain as that of her mother.

Instead of quietly, demurely backing out of what should have been—at the very least—an embarrassing moment, the GAL on the case demanded the immediate replacement of the expert who with unmitigated outrage stated he would not engage in reunification therapy in this case.

Through custody transfer, family court judges are responsible for the violent deaths of children, sometimes multiple siblings in each family, murder of children and the spouse in the same family, by gunfire, being set on fire, being thrown off a bridge. Court orders create the ticking time bombs for the suicides of young children and teens and the slow, agonizing deaths by drug or alcohol addiction.

We have yet to tabulate the cost to society of those who become predatory monsters, emulating the monsters who compelled them, molded them, drilled into their helpless bodies and minds the noxious behaviors that would break their spirits, destroy their minds, their characters, and the promise of the people they might have been.

The mass murderers, rapists, and serial killers spawned by the new genre perhaps never before seen in history are now before us in the form of a judicial system, specific to dependency, juvenile and family courts.

The sickness identified as parental alienation, the concept generated by Richard Gardner MD, released in the self-published works of the 1980s, was produced to create a defense for a population of men who were accused of engaging in incest – sexual abuse of their children. The Gardner theory that purported the right of men to have sex with their children with the correlate that women were spiteful and jealous, we suggest tapped into the alpha male testosterone-driven theory that hunters own the world and can take and do as they please.

Lawyers who understand the power of creating doubt with a quick and easy instant argument have capitalized on the marshaling of power to vanquish. They ignore the science that evidences, studies, and describes child sexual abuse and instead give way to a generation of children exploited by those who are void of ethics, morality, and empathy.

Buzz words that have no intellectual content, scientific basis, or documented evidence are floated to support the illegitimate, baseless theory advanced by greed-driven, unethical practitioners.

The cottage industries of family court are driven not by law but by judicial discretion. That “discretion” is discretion in the abuse of power, power to appoint abusers; power to abuse the legal process and avoid the procedural, intellectual, constitutionally-driven practices of ensuring the rights to access to courts. This power titrates down into the ability to commit murder, to commit unspeakable crimes against humanity, the public at large and generations to come.

Court processes are dependent upon a system of law based on good faith. We the people subject to an entirely corrupt judiciary then find we are victims of a system where “good faith” is likened to belief in the tooth fairy. To restore faith means to challenge at every turn, every juncture, each lie submitted, each wrongful act of judicial, arbitrary capricious abuse of power, and to refuse to rest until the rule of ethical, responsible protection of children and the rights of parents to protect their children is restored, case by case.

We will not allow the sealing of records. We will not allow the threats and intimidation enacted by judges with the power to issue contempt orders in order to silence, intimidate, threaten coerce subjects under their control. Judges can be charged with crimes. Judges can be stripped of their authority, their positions as judges, their law licenses, even their freedom as citizens.

We urge that those who doubt the power of the law, the persistence of angry parents and citizens of conscience, we urge you to take a good look at the power of the advocate,  the press. We urge you to review the course of the stellar rise and fall of judge Michael Maggio of Faulkner County, Arkansas. This is a prime and easily accessible object lesson not to be ignored.

Judge Maggio was first identified as a vicious, conscienceless miscreant (along with eight other Faulkner County judges and multiple Columbia County, Arkansas judges) in his callous dealings with little children subject to being returned to the custody of their abuser because their mother, herself the survivor of incest, sought the assistance of the family court in Faulkner County, Arkansas to save her little son and daughter. Her miserable life experience and the tragedy of her childhood was at first used against her, until it was used in her defense and the defense of multiple other victims who finally came forward.

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Judges Jane Kupferman Grossman of Connecticut and Jane Gallina-Mecca of New Jersey are prime examples of judges who are purveyors of cultural deconstruction and implementers of the collapse of democratic society by transferring children into the custody of their abusers and causing the lives of the protective parents to be a living hell. We continue to write about these judges as they come into our awareness, documenting their abuses of power and authority and seeking to terminate their presence on the bench.





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