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Cults and the Courts, Part 2

Complaint against Judge Mary Rudolph Black in the case of our client

Re: Fraud, malevolence, failure to investigate child abuse / child endangerment

FBI Referral to Investigate Cult Association With Child Endangerment — Ignored

Evidence Suppressed & Ignored When Properly Brought to the Court’s Attention

Subversion Of Client’s Ability to Be Present In Court For Hearings


In Massachusetts, Judge Mary Rudolph Black’s court has been apprised of the fact that this protective parent and her children have been subject to the teachings of a cult known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are well known to be one of the wealthiest, most extravagantly funded religious organizations in the world. The Jehovah’s Witnesses espouse anti-intellectual anti-science, anti-humanitarian ideas that are prejudicial to women and children and generate a body of authority that dictates to the supplicants commands for total submission and the suspension of God-given capacity to think and examine concepts with individual judgment and free will. The command for obedience and suspension of critical judgment is a massive detriment not only to independent liberty, but to the conduct of a free and democratic society.

The client in question was not only raised within the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult assembly line production of supplicants but also married another member of the faith.

Our client is a highly intelligent yet docile and submissive individual. Restrictions and rules of non-examination were easily accepted when those doctrines did not personally impact the physical safety and health and welfare of young children. Her dawning developing difficulties and ultimately her rejection of Jehovah’s Witnesses practices and concepts emerged as she became aware of the damages and dangers to her young children, who were subject to the physical, sexual, and emotional abuses of family members, as a natural result of her lifelong relationships within the church and community.

When this young woman married, an awareness of the impact of genetic disorders was not a factor that contributed to her thinking and planning, not just with regard to potential about the emotional psychological makeup of the person she married and what that might mean, but also the genetic issues as to planning as to whether she should have children with this person. The evolution of the relationship within the marriage disclosed overtime the physical, sexual, emotional sequelae involved in severe psychiatric illness. The behavioral and functional aspects of that become issues of day-to-day danger via physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect.

This client scrupulously documented and sought out all proper venues for assistance and protection, both within her religious organization and also through the law enforcement bodies that are meant to protect her.

Certain concepts she had been raised with were barriers to our client’s inquiry as part of the doctrine of divine acceptance of the words of the elders. Twisted declarations of doctrines presented by false prophets, pretenders to religious authority were concepts with which she struggled. Indeed, she could not deny the evidence before her eyes, and she began to explore concepts heretofore unexplored.

Our client’s greatest challenge and downfall with this court had to do with the fact that she felt compelled to test whether the evidence before her eyes was trustworthy and therefore repeatedly returned to the relationship with her husband and the children’s contact with their father.

This cycle was one she came to regret, but for which she was punished by this court.

Evidence of domestic violence, physical, emotional, sexual abuse of our client as a young woman, as a mother, has been completely ignored, denied, rejected by this court, and the normal decent proper responses to that which should have been responded to as criminal acts of aggression were not only ignored but punished. The client was demeaned, dismissed, and legally outgunned, overruled and overwhelmed by a court that believed and acted in concert with the false premises related to parental alienation and the Gardner doctrine with its undisclosed agenda of allowing men to have sex with their children.

The doctrines of authority of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the inbred authorities who govern an organization dedicated to enforcing submission of their supplicants enforcing ignorance to enforce submission and ongoing support is a facet of the litigation brought before this court that undermines the court’s Constitutional responsibility for separation of powers of church and state.

Instead it is clear from the court record that not only did this court not separate church and state, they adopted the doctrines of submission, enforcement, compliance, and capitulation to force the mother to obey or to be cast out of her community, as is the process when a member of the community questions or rebels in any way. But this mother was betrayed by this court in their responsibility to protect her with due process and access to the court.

The rights of these children have been violated, not only for immediate short-term protection but in the long-term consequences of long-term exposure to the Jehovah’s Witnesses culture and a world that encompasses their life.

The consequences of the support for this court for forcing the children into the totalitarian control and autocratic authority of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community which regulated every aspect of their lives and cut them off from the ability to be protected by their mother has created long-term lifelong damages to these children.

It is for this reason that we are referring to this court as an agent of child endangerment through child trafficking and the tenets associated with judicial depravity in activism for embracing the Gardner concepts of parental alienation and therefore the associated underlying innate concept that men have the right to have sex with their children and women are jealous, lying, cheating interlopers who seek to interfere with the “God-given authority” of men to rule.

The cabal, posse of affiliated court actors whom we refer to as factotum driven by personal greed and lust for power who we assert as per evidence of their functioning before this court and the denial to rights to protection and due process for this parent as witnessed in the court file will be the subject of referral to every oversight and public policy department that exists in the state of Massachusetts as well as the United States government.

Our client cannot afford expensive litigation that would be required by such intervention, as an appeal of this case which unfortunately cannot be activated at this point because of timeliness. There were many junctures from the onset of the case that an appeal filed within the first 20 days would have most probably altered the course of the case. The client did not have the understanding of her case or the savvy to understand the level of fraud, collusion and pure intentional isolation of the children to cover crimes in process being committed against the children and their mother.

Subjects of American courts should not have to pay for justice. They should not have to pay for due process rights and access to courts and access to a free and fair judiciary to protect their immediate health, welfare, and safety as well as the prospects for a completely and thoroughly jeopardized lifelong future related to judgment impaired by trauma and basic wrongful child rearing of critical developmental stages from babyhood to adolescence, critical periods of child development into the years of early adulthood.






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