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In Oklahoma, the Drunken Gun Brandisher Gets Custody

Drunken Gun Bandisher Gets Custody

Yesterday was another normal day for the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. We fought with police to keep a child from being delivered into the custody of a father who drives drunk to pick up his child for visitation with a gun in the car, and who sleeps with two guns under his pillow.

The child is brought the father’s place, dropped off, and left alone as the father leaves to go drinking again and comes back drunk and displaying his gun/guns.

However, this is apparently the very kind of parent this particular family court judge thinks would be ideal to raise a child. The judge issued an “all necessary force” order to the police to remove the child from his protective mother. This allows breaking down the door and physically dragging the child out the mother’s home.

The mother went to speak privately at length with the police, who had no interest in speaking to the 12-year-old child.

The mother refused to return the child to the drunken father, who was clearly drunk as per the mother’s report. But the police refused to interview him for drunk driving and instead the Chief of Police launching an Amber alert with a felony kidnapping charge against the mother. She finally had to give up and turn the child over to the drunken father.

Our legal team was furiously writing Federal Removal From State Court Into Federal Court Due Process Violation motions to get filed on Tuesday August 30, 2022.

Complaints from the child who refused to return to the father’s home led to demands for an emergency hearing. But this was met by police stalking the mother’s home, trespassing on her property, and calls to the police station that escalated to an order by the judge for all necessary force to extract the child from the home.

More to come.

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