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Swept Away and Merged Into the Mainstream: The Deranged Mind Becomes the Custodial Parent

Swept Away and Merged Into the Mainstream: The Deranged Mind Becomes the Custodial Parent

This current complaint against the court of Judge Nathan Vu of Orange County, CA, is meant to also serve as a broader commentary on the critical decisions often made by judges to transfer custody of children into the isolation and control of an individual recommended by the consensus of lawyers and court conscripts, and this when they have no idea, no concept of the magnitude of the dangers implicit in their decisions.

With their court familiars at hand, judges make impromptu decisions, trusting in their own judgment and experience. These decisions often lead to the destruction of families and the crippling of children’s psyches and souls, both short term and long term.

The multitude of child deaths, by homicide or suicide, has become an inescapable fact to the public awareness, a fact that can often be traced back to judicial fraud, corruption, and malevolence. Such is the situation in the case before us, which we are seeking to bring to the attention of the court and the wider community.

The judge who was recently removed from this case ruled with the customary arrogance and ignorance that has now become association with wrongful rulings in custody situations. This decisions forced the two children subject to these court orders into the hands of a severely psychiatrically ill individual, the mother.

These transfers engaged in a full-throttled sense of security falsely supplied by so-called experts, whose level of malpractice is about to become apparent not only to licensing boards, but also to the courts that hold clinicians involved in this wrongful transfer accountable for their bad acts and the harm suffering and long-term consequences experienced by these children and their long-suffering, deeply distressed father.

Over nearly two decades of intensive, excruciating work, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has been helping high-conflict, troubled families who have been subject to wrongful decisions by judges who did not even begin to know what they were looking at in terms of the level of psychopathy and psychopathology, and who have been transferring children into the hands of abusers for at least four decades, following the Richard Gardner pseudoscience of parental alienation.

In regard to the children in this case, the father was able to provide testimony to corroborate facts discrediting the bizarre and fanciful tales trotted out by the children’s mother, but he was countered at every turn by the attorney for the mother as well as those working in concert through court-appointed factotum and a school system that may be described as more criminal in their practices than incompetent.

The facts of this case are about to be presented in emergency court documents requesting the immediate change of custody before these children commit either suicide or homicide. We are not exaggerating or using metaphor, as will be described in extensive documentation. The emotional and physical deterioration of these two children is worthy of some third world country, and the documents relating to such are attached with ad nauseum content.

I am a traditionally, classically trained psychoanalyst of many years of training and experience. I have attached a statement “Describing the Deranged Psyche of [Redacted],” the parent assigned full and complete custody of these two children, who has been responsible for the recent intense suffering and lifelong severely damaging consequences to both of these children. Their suffering has been propelled with the support of other experts who will be noted in these complaints and who are about to be held accountable as noted for their bad acts.

Describing the deranged psyche of this individual is the beginning of our attempt to acquaint this court with the actions and maneuvers of this individual, who has been able to mesmerize and sway individuals who are purported to be educated, well socialized, and have all their faculties. The abilities of certain types of personality disorders to be engaging, mesmerizing, and seductive is well known. However, there is expectation for members of the court community to have a level of sophistication, considering that these individuals are in fact well known to the court. And the court is supposed to be the trier of fact, not participating in fiction and writing the final chapters that result in the end of children’s lives.

The experts associated with the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts are world famous, highly credentialed, highly experienced. Dr Michael Stone, whose CV is attached, has prepared a brief statement for the purposes of this emergency motion, articulating an extremely serious diagnosis. Dr Stone is part of the team of the two top clinicians in the world—not just the U.S., but the world—who have studied and diagnosed the very potent, malignant diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is not only an illness suffered by the patient, but it causes these individuals to have the capacity to cause enormous suffering as well as chaos throughout any group or community with whom they come in contact. For this reason, we have requested Dr Stone’s presence in evaluation and diagnosing this individual.

Among the problems of gaining access to these individuals is that they tend to refuse treatment and any form of engagement with evaluation, turning any accuser into an accused abuser and often making that accused victim-who-has-become-the-abuser a six-year-old character in their theater of the absurd, which is in fact, the multiple acts rolled out over the course of their lives. Those who inhabit their world become subjects of their abuse.

Such is the case of an unsuspecting, unwitting suitor/husband/father who has lost custody of his children and is a spectator in the unfolding performances in which his children are captured in a world where the script is written by their mother and there is no end to the play.

The experts of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts associated with this action seek immediate emergency custody for the father. We are appealing to this court for there to be rescue of these children and an end to the nightmare production that has become their lives.




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