Judges As Family Annihilators

The covenant of good faith underlies the basis of any legal system as the public places faith in their elected or appointed representatives. The public agrees to be bound by the judgments and findings of those authorities elected or appointed by trusted members of the community.

Currently, experts associated with the FCVFC are engaged in extensive forensic, legal, and psychiatric analysis to defend, protect, litigate, and seek prosecution on behalf of our clients. Consequently we feel compelled to report on what can only be described as the illegitimacy of the family court system, unilaterally, across the United States.

The driving ethic and uniform tactical / procedural / illegitimate theoretical positions espoused as “criminal” acts weaponized by the nightmare of a non-existent “scientific” concept of parental alienation has created a catastrophic movement within the juvenile, dependency and family court systems.

Judges are chosen for their ability to present themselves as honorable representatives of the legal system while hiding their capacity to lie, cheat and steal once they are appointed to position of authority.

This is not only deplorable but devastating as to the societal consequences wrought by the acts of calumny, selfishness, greed and psychopathy.

The term “family annihilator” is not usually associated with the revered profession of judge. However, over the past thirty-plus years, the power of family courts has expanded through their ability to generate huge amounts of money via federal funding.

This funding subsidizes court programs and other court operatives while also growing a corporate structure that maximizes profits for the family court system.

The division of child support enforcement is an entity with a life and authority independent of the court that can and does exercise the power to incarcerate, to file liens on bank accounts, against property, to suspend drivers licenses and report such suspensions to insurance companies that insure cars.

The overreach of judicial authority when driven by mendacious moves related to extensive character and psychological depravity poses an acute threat to the core of a democratic society, the family.

The term “family annihilator” refers to men and women who generally appear as well-established members of the community. They are financially well off, married, usually with children, church going, good neighbors, nothing glaring in their presentation to the world—until the world must grapple as an afterthought to explain the carnage that erupted seemingly for no reason.

Family annihilators are very simply men or women who murder – eliminate all members of their families from existence for a variety of reasons, catalogued so as to make sense of something incomprehensibly horrific.

Judges who are known to have presided over cases where murders have taken place – murders of children, murders of spouses, murders of children and spouses – go without public commentary or notice and yet there are so many that the FCVFC writes about judges who are not only known as insatiably cruel but also judges who are known to be associated with cases over which they have provided that involve murders and suicides.

That which is in today’s society incomprehensibly horrific is the ability of Juvenile, Dependency and Family Court judges to make entire families disappear, to take happy, thriving, loving children and turn them into something that is not only a shadow of themselves, but something unable to be reclaimed as per the damage inflicted. The experts of the FCVFC will not allow abuser parents to prevail as per the protection of judges who fail to examine charges of brutal crimes against their children that only get worse as custody is transferred into the isolation of the abuser.

Shuffling property and wealth, fabricated reporting by professionals that now compose the lying, cheating family court crew across the country, includes a state of affairs where every layer of lying, cheating, self-serving, manipulative judges cover and support each next layer of liars and thieves

as they solidify their position of authority and control by threatening, terrifying and intimidating a well-socialized public that never saw this coming.

Speaking truth to malevolent power has never been easy or without its consequences. When the tsunami of grief and destruction of children and loving parents / extended family overwhelms consciousness as the doors of our organization are open to provide services, the truth cannot be evaded, avoided, or denied.

The only relief in dealing with such suffering is confrontation and remedy for the wrongs, litigation for restoration of rights and persecution of criminal offenders. Toward this end we write about our cases, our clients – adults and children, sparing no details, seeking for the reader to experience the grief we feel in our work directly with clients and reading thousands of pages of documents recording tactical larceny and lies, manipulation, coordinated scheming and malevolence evident to the reader. All these are used in defense and prosecution of those who move forward with conscious intent to destroy.

In our world today the facts have been present for years, growing, expanding, supporting their existence with false, fabricated philosophies that encrypt biases toward ignorance, dogma, autocratic scripts and anti-intellectual, anti-scientific perspectives that applaud lack of inquiry, curiosity or explanation.

One such inescapable component of the court process is the irrepressible experience of repugnance felt by victims of annihilation as they are expected to silently/passively accept and live with the consequences of decisions that remove children into the isolation of custody with a sexual predator, violent physical abuser, sadistic adult who can use, abuse a child or the one time / now struggling to escape adult partner / prior domestic violence victim. The winner of the spoils relishes the thoughts surrounding the victory, which may include how many ways can I inflict pain and suffering on those around me towards whom I nurse grievances and seek retribution.

Diagnostic Commentary – Inescapable Analytics

Our interest is in looking at and describing the character and psyches of judges whom we suggest are doppelgangers / reflections of / objects of identification and even admiration of the monsters to whom these judges are transferring custody of children where a parent is bringing to the court evidence of heinous crimes involving physical, sexual, emotional, medical, educational abuse that will traumatize, demoralize, cripple children.

The presentation of evidence that in most of these cases belonged in criminal courts is not only suppressed or outright denied, but is turned against the parent seeking protection for the child and often as well, themselves.

Attribution of similar traits ascribed to judges are also applied to lawyers as wannabe judges, or simply sycophants seeking to lap up the plunder stolen from the lives of litigants, quaintly referred to as “marital assets.”

Family Annihilators – The Profile – Men / Women

The “Family Annihilator” is the model we put forth as the personality disorder associated with judges who send children to lives of certain destruction, trauma and abuse. We assert that these individuals have personality disorders in common with the abusers to which they are

sentencing children and vulnerable parents. We assert that these judges share many of the same character-disordered traits as the perverts and pathologically abusive characters against whom the Protective Parent is seeking to find protection.

Among the traits shared by abuser and judicial authority are traits associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder – controlling, manipulative, always correct, innocent of any wrongdoing, suspicious that the litigant with whom the judge does not identify is calculating, lying, manipulative, fabricating events that did not occur, or if the events that occurred were true, the judge does not care because the subjects of harm “deserved” whatever, or what occurred was not as bad as what the discredited party has made it out to be.

Other traits include the need to be seen as infallible, always correct, always an authority who must be obeyed. Underlying fear and hatred of abandonment closely associated with loss of control, an emotion most despised because of the experience of humiliation and no place, no object on which to act out their rage to escape from their own memories and sense of helplessness. A victim must be kept close at hand, penned up to turn to for gratification by carnal contact, creature company, or object of abuse.

Litigants in family court contests most often have a hard time removing a judge seen as biased, abusive, violating due process. The litigant’s attempts to remove themselves from such judicial abuse are often met by paroxysms of retaliation in the form of contempt charges that include massive legal fee assignments, imprisonment, further isolation from the children and so on.

Lawyers for the client do not want to be subject to punishment that can be meted out by the judge and so the position of the lawyer is to feign ignorance or blame the client, because just as the judge who is acting exclusively for their own benefit and gratification, so is the lawyer in the case, who is in lockstep with the judge acting exclusively to protect personal identity and image of blamelessness.

Further, there is never any sense of remorse expressed, only further acting out of rage against the litigant victim under the control of the abjectly characterologically deranged authority of the judge for whom the lawyer’s role and strategy on behalf of the client are linked and driven.

There is no thought or option for judges to ever engage in restorative justice, as the depth and breadth of their sense of entitlement is a fixed, immovable entity. They are endlessly faced with the hysterics and pleadings of children and victims and are never seen to budge from cruel, inhumane orders even when those orders have resulted in murders/murder suicides of litigants given custody by the judge responsible for deaths.

Most often what the experts of the FCVFC see, validate, study, seek to rescue, litigate and seek prosecution for, are victims – children and adults who have been raped, beaten, humiliated, deprived of an education, medical and psychiatric care. These victims are often suspended for years, isolated in the custody of abusers who control the narratives both by intimidating witnesses and/or lining the ranks of professionals – lawyers, clinicians, evaluators, with those who are equally willing to lie, cheat and steal to bury truth. The hope of perpetrators of harm is that victims who endure will fade into the woodwork and move beyond time limits for prosecution – lost to statutes of limitations for reporting even the most heinous of crimes.

Our experience has been that judges lie for judges as cases move from family court to federal court. Judicial peers offended by complaints against their colleagues support the crimes complained of to judicial review boards and beyond by altering the scripts, the facts, the interpretations of the law to protect judicial offenders. Appeals court judges do the same, following the same manipulation and code of loyalty, not to the law but to those who betray the fatal flaw in the law…the human beings assigned to carrying out the law.

Children have been removed from a loving mother and maternal extended family, isolated in the custody of a father who viewed his children/ his wife as “HIS” to do with as he pleased. He was able to carry out his misogynistic plan by hiring the corrupt psychological evaluator to put forth a fabricated diagnostic picture of Munchausen By Proxy that jettisoned the children into the exclusive control of their abuser. The victims endured years of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and multiple forms of deprivation and isolation. They wrote about it and described it in detail, demanding release.

This release was achieved through the FCVFC. Openly publishing about the suffering of the children, naming their abuser and the abuses imposed by judges on the children, as per complaints to judicial review boards and all oversight authorities, generated their ultimate freedom and return to the extended family from whom they had been separated for years. The litigation that followed from the consequences of publishing about a corrupt abuser, malevolent psychological evaluators, and judges who violated their oaths of office, provided a wealth of information and insight as to the actual methods related to abuses of process and procedures that provided space for upper courts to similarly rewrite what was written, alter facts and further abuse process and procedure.

The Federal Court Magistrate asked the perpetrator of crimes of which he was accused against his children that included rape, voyeurism, starvation, humiliation, threats of personal harm by a father who slept with a gun next to his bed, “Did you ever do any of the acts of which you were accused?”

“No your honor. Not one scintilla of any of those charges are true.” The Magistrate accepted the testimony of the father / abuser as proof of innocence.

The children wrote the Protective Order that brought the case for Emergency Custody Transfer to court. Their lawyer had a relative sign the Protective Order written by the children that was filed with the court so that when the PO was reviewed the children were not witnesses to their own complaint but rather a family member who had not seen the girls for years, had no idea what he was signing or why he was signing the form. Confused, hard of hearing and having no idea as to what he was testifying to, the judge accused the elderly relative of committing perjury, a charge that then had to be further litigated.

Family Court Judges Who Have Gone To Jail

Judges who have gone to jail for improprieties exposed such as Michael Maggio of Arkansas sentenced to ten years in Federal prison or the crew of judges in the Pennsylvania “Cash For Kids” imprisonment which resulted in a two hundred million dollar penalty and years of prison time, are not known to have expressed any remorse for the victims, only regret for having been exposed.

In addition judges such as Knutsen In the Grazzinni Rucki case in Minnesota and the Michigan case involving Judge Lisa Gorcyca who ordered children to detention programs for refusing to have lunch with their father or having anything to do with the father they loathed, express no remorse or concern for victims.

Judges who transferred children into the custody of parents who murdered the children or denied parents subject to domestic violence protective orders who were then murdered do not face any recrimination for the judgments that led to the murder of the subject litigant. Judge Donna Heller presided over the much-contested custody case of the now deceased / murdered Jennifer Dulos.

There are long lists of judges who have been associated with and probably should have been held accountable and responsible in some measure for the tragedies that they failed to lift a finger to stop. Judges guided more by bias and prejudice take steps to impose draconian impediments to parents visitation with no history of violence, no markers for danger, yet cases with enormous amounts of danger associated with a litigant are provided absurd access to children.

Lists of names of judges who have been associated with child / spouse murder/ suicide murder and a profile of their rulings on the court should be public knowledge, and their cases should be carefully reviewed, yet we have no sense of accountability of judges in the most excruciatingly tragic circumstances.

Diagnostic Commentary

The personality described surrounds themselves with sycophantic supporters who are themselves well educated, professionally accomplished. Though the accomplishments /credentials of the anointed / appointed may not be as significant or credible as they superficially appear to be, the coterie of “talent” which the judge may surround themselves are trusted supporters, politically astute, who deliver the intuitively understood outcomes desired by the judge and other seemingly credible, court appointed authorities that surround the judge.

They provide window dressing and set the stage for the judicial performance that deliver helpless, hapless families from “farm to market” where child division of marital assets, child support and child support enforcement are the real targets of judicial rulings that seek the ultimate reward, financial remuneration shared with colleagues and then reaching out to government agencies by funding programs which involve police, CPS, criminal justice and finally politician’s campaigns.

We have the anecdotal material, the underlying evidence per case, and we will be pursuing legal remedies per case until broad civil rights actions can be properly developed to lay out the expanse of civil RICO and civil rights violations for a broad swath of clients.




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