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In Defense of an FCVFC Expert

Just as Protective Parents are wrongfully accused of acts of abuse or alienation or whatever that never occurred, those who Advocate, Litigate and Prosecute on behalf of vulnerable populations are also subject to attack.

One such example of a vicious attack and threats by a documented abuser who tried to vilify, threaten and harass an associate of the FCVFC team was responded to by the Director of the FCVFC, as we do not tolerate threats and attempts at intimidation by documented abusers of children or the Protective Parents who love them.


From Jill Jones Soderman to the abusive parent in the case of one of our clients:

It has come to my attention that you have written to one of the experts associated with the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, whom we will call Dr. M.

You wrote to Dr. M regarding a letter he wrote that was recently submitted to the court, the result of an extensive forensic evaluation of your entire court history. It included medical and school records for your children as well, at least the ones that we were able to obtain through discovery, although your efforts at hiding the children and their records have been monumental.

I am writing to you as the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. I am a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, family therapist, and mediator with many, many years of experience. Among my years of training and work included time with Dr. Otto Kernberg, who is the premier expert on borderline personality disorders.

Dr. M is equally famous for his work as a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and expert in psychopathic personality disorders. I retained his services on behalf of your children, whom you have maintained in isolation and separation from their protective parent, their father, clearly to the children’s detriment. This is plainly reflected in the medical records that you have attempted to keep from their father and from the review of the psychiatric team of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts.

Please understand that it is my belief and assertion that Dr. M presented a gentle commentary on the state of your mental derangements and cruelty to your children.  My own assessment of your personality disorder is that you fully meet criteria not only for borderline personality, but also for Munchhausen by Proxy and for other psychopathic features.

There will be no retraction, but there will be a request for a psychiatric evaluation of you in the California courts. Dr. M will be happy to meet you in California, unless you would like to come to New York to meet him at his office.

The children will not be permitted to continue to suffer under your extensive physical, emotional, and medical abuse. I will demand that the court end this suffering and demand a full psychiatric evaluation of you, given the clarity of the depths and breadth of the abuse that this court has permitted for these children to suffer.   For far too long you have been allowed to bully and abuse these children with your confabulations that you feel quite comfortable sharing with your world.

But the extensive undeserved defamation that you have been allowed to confound the reputation of your former husband, along with the confabulations with which you have littered the atmosphere will not be tolerated any further.  Your attempt at bullying, threatening, and intimidating any member of our team of the FCVFC will not be tolerated.  Your continued abuse through your hired help will not be tolerated in any further way.

It is not clear at all from the reports that you’ve disseminated whether the children have succumbed to your confabulations that their father has abandoned them and has abused them in the past as a result of your known tortuous tactics in in dealing with them; tactics of which the father has been aware of in the past.

The children’s father has been kept from any ability to protect the children. The children have not been made aware of his constant concern and attempt to engage with them.   That state of isolation will not continue.

It is far past time the community that you have polluted with your false and defamatory statements regarding your ex-husband learn the truth.  Now that we have a large collection of your children’s medical records, we will be demanding a full psychiatric evaluation of you; not by some crooked family court crony of yours but by the world-renowned psychiatrist, Dr. M.

Further, we expect Dr. M to have access to the children in a setting in which you are not able to listen to or interfere with their communications.  We expect that they are too traumatized, brainwashed, intimidated, and physically and emotionally ill as a result of the years of torture and abuse in isolation with you, such that it would be difficult to get fully accurate statements of events and circumstances.  However, we will be looking forward to a baseline assessment to be arranged as early as possible.

We also expect that the current evaluator will no longer have access to the children whatsoever; she is a mandated reporter who has failed her mandate to report on exactly how medically ill, traumatized, and brainwashed the children are.

We intend to establish a baseline of what is going on, and we want the children to know that their father loves them, cares about them, has never abandoned them, will never abandon them, and is seeking an immediate change of custody.

Please don’t think for one moment that you can bully us, intimidate us, threaten us into inaction. Please don’t think that your rude and undeserved comments will stand unchallenged.  We are putting you on notice right now that we are seeking a change of custody of the children, and we will petition the courts for a full psychiatric evaluation of you immediately.  We will seek damages from you and your family with regard to the acute illness that you have precipitated, the acute suffering that you have dealt these children.

Your lawyer has been suborning perjury, lying to the court, has a placed the children’s lives in in acute danger and is a party to their trauma, medical illnesses, and suffering. We will be filing malpractice actions against her.  We will be filing complaints to the Bar Association and sending them the full set of medical records. We will be seeking her disbarment at the earliest possible time.

This tincture of insight into your pathological functioning does not begin to compare to the heinous ripping apart of your ex-husband’s reputation and psyche; much less, you have caused him intense anguish and suffering knowing what his children must be suffering under your reign of terror with them and absent any ability by him to intervene in any form of protection.

There will be no apology; there will only be complaints against you for your abuse and the travesty that you have created in terms of the suffering of these children.  You have turned relatively physically and emotionally happy and healthy children into children who are medically and psychiatrically at tremendous risk of never recovering from the torture that you put them through.

I have read your file along with thousands of pages of documentation of who you are.  I don’t need to meet with you to understand the depth and breadth of your pathology.  Borderline Personality Disorder is the least of your problems, as my assessment of you includes severe psychopathic personality disorder with sadistic features.

Jill Jones Soderman



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