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To the Opposing Attorney: An Agent of Child Endangerment

As you well know, I am the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. [Redacted] is our client, and his children are subjects of advocacy by the FCVFC. Prior complaints against you have accused you of conspiring to subvert the truth about the health, welfare, and overall living circumstances of our client’s children.

We have extensive knowledge of your playing fast and loose with the truth, manipulating, subverting, and abusing the legal process in numerous ways that will be cataloged in the greatest detail and forwarded with extensive documentation to the California Bar Association by the legal division of the FCVFC.

You are no longer under the protection of an extraordinarily biased judge. As we were able to demonstrate, he perpetrated and allowed others to perpetrate many due process violations and violations of the children’s rights. The demonstration of his malfeasance led to his removal from the case, and the same should be expected of other court actors who have participated or may participate in similar behavior.

At the time we undertook to protect the minor children, I and the experts associated with the FCVFC did not know definitively, but we expected and now have evidence to confirm that your client is an extremely disturbed, vicious, destructive individual.  Her personal pathology is of such a nature to foster her years of intensive abuse to the level of what the United Nations’ documentation of the nature of crimes against children defines as torture.

I am a forensic expert, a classically trained psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, and mediator. In my role as director of advocacy, analysis, evaluation, and intervention, designing and planning litigation services of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, I am informing you that we know you have been complicit in architecting, supporting and maintaining the containment and isolation of children against their will and to their extreme detriment.

We know you have been an active agent in transforming loving, functioning, healthy children. You have helped to turn them into individuals who are deeply disturbed, miserable, and despairing to the point of suicide and acute aggression. You have brought despair and destruction to their lives by upholding the confabulations that you have assisted your client in advancing for years. As a result of your manipulations, these children have been severely harmed medically, psychologically, and educationally.  They are traumatized and may in fact have sustained injuries to their fundamental childhood development such that they may never recover from that in which you have participated.

Your ill-conceived, vapid threats pose no concern for us. We now know and have documented evidence that you have suborned perjury, committed perjury, and filed the same in the court records. We also know that you are an agent of child abuse and child endangerment. If the situation progresses on its current path, you may possibly be accused of the crime of facilitating a child’s suicide and the dangerous rageful acts of another child being quite literally driven beyond his capacity to contain his rage and despair.

Your limp threats and misquoting of evaluation procedures will not deter us from continuing the study that we are more than entitled to perform. This investigation is further validated by what we have found. Therefore, we will move forward to protect the children and as required prosecute those who must be held responsible and who stand in the way of facilitating the children’s rescue and proper medical and psychiatric treatment.

Profiling evaluations conducted by renowned experts are a necessary and important aspect of all investigations. Your absurd comments regarding the deep offense felt by your client when confronted with elements of an evaluation that do not begin to address the depth and breadth of criminal psychopathology, dangerousness, and capacity for profound child abuse are pathetic when contrasted with the ceaseless agony of her children.

The nonsense comments in your ridiculous communications when faced with the understanding of how much harm your client has enacted upon her children in the course of separating them from the father who has never stopped fighting for them, suggest a break with reality when confronted with the truth of the circumstances with which you must be familiar. You are about to have to face the consequences of what you have done.

I am sure that you wish my comments as to the seriousness of the charges against you and your client to be untrue, but the facts and the horrors of the situation you have created and sought to conceal will not be allowed to continue.


Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest




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