The Court Arena As The Crucible Of Corruption: Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts publishes names and details regarding documented unconscionable malevolence enacted by judges whose sadistic cruelty heads the commission of their court-appointed cohorts to rob children from loving parents. They then seek to hide their crimes by illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, unethical acts such as sealing records and conspiring with others: police, school authorities, medical authorities, and even the abusers from whom children were to be protected.

Here is one infamous example.

Appointed by Governor Chris Christie, Margaret Mary McVeigh began her tenure on the New Jersey court bench in 1992 and served with ignominy until 2016. She terrorized and brutalized the New Jersey community through her entire reign of terror and established the precedent that women can be as vicious, cruel, conniving, ruthless, power seeking, and despotic as men.

Many victims of Margaret Mary McVeigh suffered under her hand in family court in Patterson, New Jersey, where she destroyed the lives of numerous children and their beloved Protective Parents.

McVeigh managed to exclude me from working as a consultant on cases coming before her court. Clients came to me with papers in hand shaking and crying stating that they had been informed that if they even read our articles about her, Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh would jail them. As these defendants secretly remained in touch, their experiences viewed from the shadows documented the breadth and depth of the depravity, viciousness and demands for revenge against anyone who spoke poorly of Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh or presented evidence of her chicanery.

I accused Judge McVeigh of being a tyrant, a criminal. I accused her of managing and directing a criminal enterprise, and I alleged that she was associated with the deaths of numerous subjects who were forced to litigate their cases before her.

As a result of my complaints against her, McVeigh was removed from family court. But then, like the accused Catholic priests moved from parish to parish, she was simply moved to the richer killing fields of Probate Court in New Jersey, where her career of family mutilation and destruction continued.

Now the name of Margaret Mary McVeigh of New Jersey will live in infamy for her venal judicial rulings that mercilessly stripped innumerable elderly adults of their fortunes and their ability to manage their lives, to live their lives where and with whom they wished.

This judge appointed waves of “experts” who worked in lockstep with each other, as one lied and the next swore to the lies, supporting tsunami after tsunami of court orders that overturned the wishes of the estate holder and moved control and assets into the authority appointed by the judge and her minions, leaving the subject estate holder entirely at the mercy of someone not originally favored or even appointed.

One such victim immortalized his suffering by the video he made of himself pleading to be able to remain in Florida with his daughter. He stated that while he was recovering from a heart attack he was gaining strength, able to garden daily, enjoying his family and his life. He pleaded on the video that he was of sound mind and good judgment, and had simple requests that should have been honored. He requested that New Jersey jurisdiction of his case be moved to Florida.

But Margaret Mary McVeigh responded to the filing by stating that if he did not return to New Jersey for the scheduled hearing she would hire a private plane with a court order and police to return him, to appear with his lawyers to New Jersey.

The estate holder did return to New Jersey, and the rest was history.

McVeigh enjoyed the support of a coterie of lawyers that she appointed as overseers of estates and the recipients of court-ordered fees. The estates she was able to plunder with a select team of lawyers, physicians, and nurses are the subject of the article “New Jersey Judge Under Fire for Alleged Corruption.”

This judge made up the rules as she presided over hearings, cited statutes and laws that never existed, and wrote complaints to authorities about behaviors that reputedly occurred, in hearings that never took place.

Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh may have indeed set the standard for the modern day mistresses of the courts whose venality outstrips the alpha male testosterone-driven fiefdom lords of the family courts whose rudeness and improprieties have been on display for years and have been and continue to be written about, exhorted and appealed to this day over the entire country wherever the FCVFC is called upon to consider.

McVeigh was forced to an earlier retirement than she would have wished, but her presence on the bench for the years she was able to create havoc in the lives of so many victims of her presence must be held up to the harshest historical accounting. Her history of judicial fraud and cruelty, her alleged complicity in the murders of many, must cast a long, dark shadow.

All of these must be subject to review and held as examples to those female monsters of the courts who have been allowed to follow in her footsteps unchallenged, until now.





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