The Two Janes: Dominatrixes In The Courts, Models Of Cruelty, Abuse, And Judicial Impropriety

Judge Jane Kupson Grossman of Connecticut and Judge Jane Gallina Mecca of New Jersey continue the line of despotic female judges who are known for cruelty, bias, and autocratic controls in their courtroom that are entirely unrepresentative of and contrary to all of the accepted rules of the tenets of ethics of judicial practice or basic human decency. Their rulings are consistent with the craven cruelty of judges who sent children to prison in the private prison “kids for cash” scheme in Pennsylvania.

We use these two judges as examples of cruel and malevolent judges around the country, because we have had access to a number of cases before these two judges and very complete information on the cases, despite the judges’ athletic attempts to conceal information within their parameters of control.

Elements of the sadistic/psychopathic personality disorders of Jane Kupson Grossman and Jane Gallina Mecca used as models of cruelty and megalomania include (but are not limited to):

  • Conducting proceedings that are secretive, defined by sealing records.
  • Appointing GALs for the adult parent as well as the child.
  • Seeking to conserve the targeted parent in order to undermine any and all independent communication on the part of that parent.
  • Engaging the services of local police as if the police were their own private army of enforcers.
  • Keeping school, medical, and psychiatric providers aligned only with the appointed/anointed parent selected by the judge.
  • Subjecting children to various forms of so-called treatment that subjects the children to torture as defined by the United Nations charter and all other psychiatric nomenclature that describe and define the tactics to which children are subject.
  • Exercising violence through court orders that define dominance by the uncalled for, illegal, and cruel removal of children and imprisonment of litigants.
  • Forcing payment under penalty of compulsion.
  • Humiliating and demeaning litigants in the presence of others.
  • Lying, manipulating, and abusing the court process to justify the execution of illegitimate court orders.
  • Authorizing other court actors to support, supplement, and justify the illegal court orders implemented by the judge to make the judge appear justified in her illegal, unjustified action.
  • Expressing amusement and/or disgust at the anguished effects of pain and suffering inflicted, immune to any display of emotional distress.
  • Taking no responsibility for harm suffered to litigants as a result of their ill- conceived judgments and orders.

The behaviors described are backed up by solid examples from court transcripts and affidavits of litigants, memorializing the bad acts of judges with endless power to harm, with unbounded appetite to continue as they are, uncurbed by conscience or structural institutional constraint.

Another feature the two female judges have in common is “overlooking” critical facts related to very clear physical, sexual, and emotional child abuse while denying the existence of core critical problems clearly present in the documented history of the parent from whom the protective parent is seeking protection for themselves or their children.

Both female judges have displayed a pattern of transferring children into the isolated custody of alleged abusers (as per the cases with which we can make allegations to a high degree of certainty) who have been diagnosed by experts as psychopathic personality characters, with whom child sexual abuse is a demonstrable feature of their abuse.

Part of the psychopathic nature and acting out behavior which defined these alleged abusers’ pathology related to child sexual abuse and abuse of their wives was that the men hid and denied their homosexuality, even when photographs were produced of them with male consorts. Once these men were securely married, they had no problem engaging in their viewing behavior of homosexual pornography of an extremely lurid nature, they ignored their partners – but not their children with whom they shared documents. They never addressed their homosexuality or their pedophilia, but such behavior became known by their wives during the marriage because of their use of pornography as an active part of grooming children.

When this issue was raised in court, what the FCVFC experts refer to as “the lizard blink” was the response of “the Janes” when hearing an issue they wished to ignore.

Despite all efforts of the court to maintain utter prison-like isolation and silence, we do have access to and critical, authentic, first-hand knowledge of the machinations of the court, as well as the living circumstances and suffering of the children subject to the lockdown conditions in isolation with their abuser fathers, each diagnosed as psychopathic personalities whose crimes against the children and the mothers were fully documented as to the acts of murderous violence towards the children and their mothers.

These men exercised manipulation and control of the inside and outside reality they projected, which carefully concealed infidelity and double/triple lives they led without explanation.

Behavior accepted in due course was confronted only when the subject children began to exhibit behavior that was incontrovertibly and inextricably related to abuse, causing the children to be thoroughly dysfunctional.

Attention to the problem and trying to “fix” a problem that the father did not want “fixed” led to removing the wife from the equation via custody proceedings.

Another feature shared by the Janes (as examples of a broader swath of pathological, cruel characters specific to autocratically driven family court judges who are alleged to populate the Dependency, Juvenile and Family courts across the country) is the fact that these judges are driving child support payments extracted through federal funding to state programs—and we suspect further navigate through back channels to judges’ pockets.

Further, these two judges (and others of whom we are aware) have a venal and sinister connection to actual child trafficking criminal enterprises. Each of these judges is known to have transferred children into the direct custody of men who are associated with the barbershop trafficking ring that operates along route I-95 across the USA and internationally. The barbershop groups are known for marking the eyebrows of their young victims and assaulting victims by shaving their heads and forcing children into bizarre haircuts. The haircuts and their meaning can be located in the “advertising” of the pornography sites with which the male figures in several cases that appeared before Jane Kupson Grossman and Jane Gallina Mecca have within their possession and have shared with the children. We know this because we have the material and have reported the same to police and FBI.

Another disturbing element of the power and authority these judges and others exert stems from their direct communication with police and DCF, who follow the orders of the judges as guided by communications with the GALs, who further assist in undermining the independence of police and all other levels of criminal authority, as we have documented through our cases where these problems appear and must be litigated.

Many females on the bench may even compete to outperform these two Janes as to acts of incomprehensible, unconscionable, meaningless cruelty, demonstrated in their naked, overt, unashamed demonstrations of brutality in words and spontaneous reactions. One example would be when a mother in court was painfully trying to articulate her son’s anguish when she found her husband digitally manipulating the son’s anus. In response, the judge laughed. The judge in effect gave the “lizard blink” before she moved on, taking no action to protect the child. In fact, shortly thereafter she transferred the child to the full and complete custody of the father.

Protective parents, both men and women, are trying to speak for their children. They are articulating the harm and suffering their children have experienced.

But these female judges, free to incorporate and act out the cruelty to which they themselves may have been subjected or acted out in concert with male counterparts, respond with brutality, berating the protective parent and isolating the children with the abuser.

Jane Kupson Grossman of Connecticut and Jane Gallina Mecca of New Jersey are the templates of female psychopathic character, disordered serial killers, responsible for more misery and deaths than are in fact known to the public.

We refer to judges such as these, both men and women, as monsters and court criminals, engaging in a war against vulnerable children and the protective parents who love them. Among the missions of the FCVFC is to name these judges, expose them to all the shame they deserve, litigate against them, and prosecute them for their crimes against humanity.




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