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Bad Judges Do Not Make Good Laws to Protect Children in Family Court (Follow the Money)

The tender years doctrine stated that in the “tender years” children had to be exclusively cared for by their mothers. This introduced a bias that militated against the examination of the character and incompetence of men and women as safe and solid parents for any child and ultimately meant that fathers who were adequate parents were losing custody to mothers who were not good parents.

Then fathers’ rights groups gained power, glomming onto the concept of parental alienation as a defense against transfer of custody into the hands of mothers. These fathers’ rights groups have been among the interest groups who have hand selected judges.

Now a swamp has resulted, polluting family court systems across the country with judges who are hand selected as those who are known to willingly support and issue orders in line with parental alienation theory and bias.

Now, a multitude of professionals have been brought into the court process to validate the innately biased and anti-scientific, anti-analytic process of evaluating the psychiatric, physical, and emotional components that would rule out dangerousness of a given parent.

These have been bypassed through the buzzwords “parental alienation,” “alienator,” and “coaching,” words full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, except that they snuff out the examination of charges of domestic violence and abuse.

As a result over 40 years of populating the courts with judges who are willing to conform to the Richard Gardner doctrine of parental alienation, the pool of judicial activism has also coalesced a source of professionals, psychologists and medical professionals who are willing to pander to the requisites clearly indicated in judicial activism in order to benefit from the rich spoils of protracted evaluations and court proceedings.

The chilling effect in the legal world has been that lawyers abandon any image, any pretense, of independence and willingness to defend clients, in favor of across-the-board cooperation with the courts at all costs in order to gain some form of custody. And this, even though lawyers are fully aware that custody can then be quickly removed if there are complaints in the future of the abuse that brought the parent into court in the first place.

Several factors have combined to restrain confrontation of the brewing criminal cruelty and contempt for the law that has been moldering in the U.S. judicial system over the past 40 years. One key issue is the flow of money, the sharing of money involved in legal fees leading to the corruption of other professionals to support illegal outcomes. Something between fear and laziness prevents the work that is associated with confronting fraud and corruption.

Because judges are cloaked with immunity, the work associated with piercing that immunity involves documenting and proving fraud and other judicial complaints that would disqualify a judge from further ruling.

The abuse will not go away. But through such currently fabricated interventions as reunification therapy, under the gavel of additional “services” ordered, the child will go away permanently in ironclad isolation with the abuser.

Reunification therapy is not family therapy. Family therapy is a scholarly process of treatment that proceeds on an unbiased model of work that follows the tenets of analytic practice, guidelines, and ethical canons; whereas reunification therapy is an autocratic directive of “these children will see their abuser parent, and any abuse that the child is claiming the child must be forced to recant.”

The family court judges engaging in this judicial abuse are certainly conscious of their acts, as informed by the deliberate steps they take in enacting it, complete with a lack of conscience as to the nature and outcomes of their cruel heinous acts.

What we see is the end product: a judicial court system that has reached a level of consistency and permanency in which the rule of the land across the board is to transfer children into the hands of the most venal abuser and shut down all areas of complaint against judges and their cohorts by bankrupting and exhausting the original custody contender and rendering children so broken and so incapable of fighting for themselves that the corrupt system prevails.

It then moves forward in a locked-arms goose-stepping phalanx of fraud and corruption, devouring generation after generation of children and breaking the backbone of society: the family.

What has been generated by the work of the Foundation in its early years and continuing to the present day has been a careful analytic view of the predator population seeking custody of children not for the benefit of the children but to support their own perverse predatory “needs.”

The cases being evaluated by the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts are showing a pattern of ever-more depraved, deranged, uninhibited psychopathic rulings forcing children into the hands of the pre-chosen custodian, custodians who have been credibly charged with the most heinous and documented forms of child abuse.

The types of abuse we have seen on the parts of those we are leveling as criminal custodians include physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and now we include educational abuse because the education system have been incorporated through the authority of the courts into enforcers, in lying about and cementing the isolation and destruction of children.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts is stating very clearly for the record the pattern we have seen of enforcement of autocratic rulings and judicial abuse. Follow the money.






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