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Why Protective Parents In High-Conflict Custody Litigation Should Work With The FCVFC

The FCVFC does not accept grants or donations with any strings attached. This is because we want to work for the benefit of protective parents in family court without having our allegiance drawn elsewhere.

Because of this, we have been able to maintain unadulterated independence and the ability to focus solely on helping our clients. But this also means that we have never been the recipients of any meaningful amounts of private funding. Since our founding in 2007 we have been supported entirely by our clients.

We want to grow in our ability to help clients, whom we love, but who cannot undertake even the Foundation’s moderate fees.

We are a pro-choice organization, driven by no affiliation. We strive to be transparent and identified with values of freedom of choice, civil rights, and independence.

Our adversaries, however, are those who wish to place a thumb on the scale to interfere with our ability to support the rights of parents to protect their children and the rights of children to be protected by parents and family and all who love them.

Over the past many years, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has been revealing, confronting, and reporting on the personality and character of judges who drive custody litigation that involves children being transferred from the custody of protective parents into the custody of parents who are credibly accused of all ranges of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

The Foundation has focused on the driving force of the Richard Gardner, MD, fabricated theory of parental alienation and denial of sexual abuse of children as a vehicle for creating reasonable doubt and eviscerating the ability of the protective parent to substantiate charges of abuse against a biological parent in custody litigation. We identify existing laws and successful litigation that has prevailed in areas of concern to us, in order to follow precedent, building on the aspects of the work and developing the process to win cases.

Over the years, we have conducted in-depth background checks and research on the law associated with each local, state, and federal locality, as well as researching the criminal, personal, financial, and character analysis of each figure involved in the case, including judges, lawyers, court-appointed factotum, and other case actors.

We have sought to look for individual advantage as well as  business, political, and family affiliations, seeking to trace the cash flow through investigation and evaluation of tax documents and in-depth evaluation of other types of financial documentation subject to analysis.

A great deal of our work and our writing has been focused on identifying individual judges, lawyers, psychological evaluators, and so-called therapists whose challenged characters have been described in terms of psychopathy and a willingness to engage in unconscionable criminal behavior. Accordingly, we have diligently sought the license removal of practitioners who have facilitated crimes against children and protective parents.

We use this information to then per case to see how the facts of the case are able to be used in litigation to drive custody as well as to assist in the civil litigation against these crime facilitators and to seek prosecution of criminal acts of physical and sexual abuse.

Our fund of insight and understanding has increased greatly over the years, as have our skills at addressing core issues driving what amounts to child trafficking through family and criminal courts across the United States.

Towards those ends we are moving forward in our drive with each client we accept, following evaluation, scrutiny, and an assurance that the client understands and wishes to participate in the mission of the Foundation to support the drive to litigate and prosecute on behalf of protective parents seeking civil rights and constitutional protections for themselves and their children.

Every case we take on must be a model of law of litigation practice, of the deployment of experts, and a roadmap for teaching court strategy in the areas of litigation practice and demeanor of litigants in court, to teach argument engagement in the interpersonal practice of being a presence in the court process.

We offer treatment strategies for mobilizing and supporting traumatized victims of vexatious litigation in family courts, to those who have been subject to deceit and financial ravages by various professionals who have made empty promises and left clients with nothing.

Knowledge of the practices in court process are critical. Facts are the work product that we employ, not airy fairy promises and wishes. We work to help clients understand their cases, the law on which their cases are built, and the remedies that we hope to deploy to effect positive outcomes.

We view our work with clients as a collaboration and an ongoing work in process,  based on goodwill and overwhelming hard work—not empty hope, but an understanding that the process takes time and hard work. It also takes an education on how the legal process works in family court. This can be a rude awakening.

The expansion of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 has been the key vehicle for the redress of civil rights violations, rendering judges immune from suit, even from the most bizarre and corrupt abuses. Judicial immunity from federal civil rights suits dates only from 1967.

The denial of citizen redress for injuries, humiliation and unjust imprisonment has perpetrated innumerable shameful acts that required redress.

In family courts, judicial immunity has allowed judges to act with impunity, knowingly and consciously taking advantage of the fact that judicial orders can be enacted and acted upon.

This is true in part because of the failure of attorneys to protect the rights of their clients, as well as the inability of clients to understand the depth and breadth of the violations to which they have been subject. It is a Faustian bargain that takes place everywhere across the country in every judicial province that allows judges to file what amounts to illegal orders with the proposition of “I dare you to undo what I ordered.”

No more serious threat exists in the American judicial system to a democratic society, to individual liberty, than a corrupt judge, a judge who acts with impunity, knowing that their immunity from prosecution will deter 99% of the public from challenging illegal orders.

Draped in the power of the state and authorized to pass judgement on the most basic aspects of everyday life, a judge can deprive citizens of liberty and property in complete disregard for the constitution and criminal law. They can act and compel police under court order to arrest individuals under false pretenses, lodging charges that are invalid on their face and illegal by statute. The injuries inflicted as to trauma and the chilling effect on the individual, the family, and the overall public are severe and enduring.

The family courts under the management and supervisions of an unholy, immoral practice of law has accomplished and is accomplishing the undermining of a democratic, loyal, educated, integrated family system. The spoils of family dissolution money and property have prevailed in unraveling a social order that was based on values important to a law-abiding society.

Public awareness has not even begun to reach the level necessary to promote the outrage that should accompany the destruction that these court actors have accomplished over 40 years under the Gardner-driven protocols, dismantling the core of all cultures: the loving, protective nuclear family.

And there is more.

Our work over these many years has convinced us that there is a far deeper and more substantial driving force behind a consistent and unified pattern of court transfer of children who are subjects of substantial physical, sexual, and emotional abuse into the custody of the abuser.

Our in-depth research into the background of all actors involved in these cases, from dealing with judges and related factotum involved in court-appointed actions, has convinced us of the level of collusion and criminality in the network and consistency of such decisions related to custody transfers that never should have been contemplated, much less enacted.

The consistency over time and space, in the rulings and the motivations behind such custody transfers, has shown us that there is more than peripatetic idiosyncratic courtroom-by-courtroom personality-by-personality transfers. These transfers have an order and consistency behind them that, while inscrutable, point to a greater intelligence behind this. The flow of funds that is most certainly endemic to each case as per the division of marital property driven by collusion between judges and connected attorneys, is only a small part of a much deeper and darker picture that appears to be out of the public consciousness.

For example, veteran pensions are supposed to be entirely reserved for the use of the veteran and not subject to custody child support allotment. But in consulting with authorities in the area dealing with protection of veterans’ benefits, we have recently become aware  that judges are illegally ordering veteran’s benefits to be used in child support provision, an area of encroachment that is entirely unconstitutional.

The Faustian bargain exists between politicians, both local and national, with money and criminal enterprise, and the wink and nod of understanding that takes place between state bar associations and lawyers in the community. Accordingly, they all studiously avoid kicking the bee’s nest and letting loose the barrage of associated public rage that would accompany awareness of the violation of rights and harm to the public. They will avoid closing loopholes in the way business is conducted in family courts across the country.

So the transfer of vulnerable children continues, away from protective parents into the hands of abusers, for personal enrichment and to engorge the coffers of community and private interests.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, on the other hand, routinely kicks every bees nest and shines a light into every bear’s den. We examine every public and private coffer that seeks to hide and profit from criminal activity. We may not be able to name names or confront criminal activity because of the level of the bar of proof, but with our meager resources the Foundation and our associated experts have sought to find avenues of confrontation and support for litigation that has at the very least provided legal recourse for children and protection of children from transfer into the hands of abusers, or retrieval of children from such transfer.

Our attendant divisions, including defense of victims of child sexual abuse, defense of animals subject to violence, and our law firm, the Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest, are entities still in their infancy. Our new insights related to abuses of child support enforcement have given us new wind beneath our wings to exercise legal and expert interventions, to fight for the rights of protective parents and children, against overwhelming financial, political, and religious autocracies that wish nothing more than to suppress and pervert individual liberty and ability to thrive in a healthy democratic society.

Our goal is to prosecute damages cases on behalf of our suffering clients and develop war chest funds based on our winnings against perpetrators of heinous crimes. We invite those of like mind and spirit to contact us, to contribute, and to engage and support us in this life and death struggle to preserve each sacred life that together compose the entirety of a democratic society.

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