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The First Wife Will Have the Last Word

A client of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has a twelve-year-old son who is a subject of our advocacy and has been identified as a victim of acute parental abuse and isolation in the hands of a predatory abuser. This abuser is viewed as seeking custody of the child for purposes of financial exploitation rather than parental love and protection.

The issues of immediate focus and concerns revolve around judicial failure to address critical issues of child safety in the  exclusive custody of a parent where extensive evidence of dangerousness of the parent to the child exists based on the adult’s history of domestic violence, alcoholism, and ongoing neglect and threatening behavior toward the child. Seriously disturbing issues of abuse and neglect have been raised by this defendant and have been ignored, evidence suppressed by this judge.

The twelve-year-old has reported as constantly, on a daily basis, being threatened and intimidated by the father’s use of guns in the household and present in the car when the father has picked up the boy for visitation. This child has reported living in an atmosphere in which loaded guns are present at all times, within reach of his father whom the boy describes as imbibing alcohol throughout the day and night, in his presence. The child describes being brought back to the father’s home after visitation, dropped off at the house, following which the father leaves the boy alone, often with no food in the house and no means of communication with responsible adults. The boy has been threatened and intimidated against informing anyone of the conditions of abuse and neglect to which the child is subject.

The young man has a dog that he dearly loves. Last year the father forced his son to accompany him on a trip during which he left the son’s dog tied up outside in conditions of extreme heat. The animal was left without any caretaker and remained without food or water until father and son returned.

Additionally, in the past the father has spontaneously murdered a family pet, a dog owned by his son’s mother, while they were married. The child’s father had decided that he wanted his wife to pursue an annulment of their marriage  related to issues of financial benefit to him. Without notice to his then wife he left the house, shot the dog, and buried the dog outside of the living room door and window, acting as a stark reminder of consequences to not obeying his orders. Following the murder of his wife’s dog, his wife complied with his demand for the annulment proceedings.

Another episode of murder of an animal occurred during the period that the father was demanding that the child not have any communication with his mother while being in visitation with him. Arguments that ensued between the parents regarding the child’s love for the family dog that resided with the mother and the child’s desire to live with his mother were met with the sudden death by poisoning of the family puppy.

In addition to murder of animals, family pets, the father was alleged to have murdered his common-law wife, companion number three. The suspicion of murder was based on multiple 911 emergency calls for protection from assault, all domestic and alcohol related complaints that included fire arms. The content of the autopsy report was left suspended from proper review as per the direction of the lead Detective on the case, Scott Copeland, Washington County Sheriff’s Department, a known friend of the accused murderer and accused recipient of proceeds from the life insurance proceeds claimed by the partner of the deceased. Extensive documentation exists in the form of diaries from the deceased mother of two, police reports, and anecdotal history from relatives and friends of the deceased.

The judge, subject of immediate complaints, has refused to admit the violent, murderous documentation supplied by the Protective Parent of the subject child and has continued to rule adversely with regard to the subject child’s mother and to place the child under the full and complete isolation of an individual who can be credibly seen as a danger to any who may cross his path.

Common law wife number three had two sons who were beloved by the subject child who has been restrained from ever seeing the boys again. Further, as related to a history of violence and murder, the parent in control of the subject child had threatened to kill wife number two and was the subject of restraining orders that the judge refused to have dismissed until wife number two was coerced by the subject of the restraining order to drop the restraining order because of threats initiated by the subject’s child’s father to remove access of the son to his mother if she did not agree to drop the restraining order.

The boy has been forbidden from speaking with his mother or extended family, grandfather, aunts, cousins whom he loves dearly. As per the time that critical issues were attempted to be addressed via an emergency motion, this judge in violation of all due process rights to which this defendant should have had access, removed the child into the full and complete isolation of a threatening and neglectful parent  who the young man has articulated he has come to hate and fear.

In addition to an unwarranted custody transfer without a hearing to review evidence and testimony, the court has ordered the protective parent mother arrested for felony kidnapping, though there was no kidnapping, no absence over time from return to the custody of the father after the child revealed to appropriate authorities, which included police, that he feared and loathed being returned to his father. The details leading to false criminal charges against the mother were implemented by the chief of police in the community in which both parents reside, and the chief is known to be a close friend of the father.

Accounts of the chief of police’s behavior are exhibits in the form of an affidavit attached to the complaints being filed against this judge and are included in the criminal complaints being lodged in association with the illegal arrest of our client.   The arrest of the mother and the horrendously abusive manner in which she was treated while in police custody are being pursued with exploration of all available civil and criminal remedies, due process complaints as well as civil rights complaints.

Among the complaints against this judge currently being reviewed have to do with her exploitation of the Oklahoma State Incentives to maximally increase child support payments to the father under the state statutes that reward  / incentivize payments to the state under multiple categories that enrich the coffers of the state, benefit judicial programs and interests and endanger protective parents and vulnerable children.

Our client was completely deprived of her rights to fair hearings and to her ability to protect her son who has endured years of trauma and abuse unknown until the expert evaluation process was begun under the auspices of the FCVFC in which evidence and information would have been presented to the court. Unfortunately preparation of complex civil rights and due process violations take time to develop, write and prosecute, leaving the subject child to languish and suffer in the isolation, threats, coercion and psychological abuse of a known violent abuser, whose documented history is being included in the records of complaint being compiled with this first set of complaints and documents against this judge.

We must note that Complaints are being formulated and filed against the child’s attorney for suborning perjury, suppressing evidence of child endangerment, abuse and other serious allegations being lodged with supportive evidence of the crimes committed in collusion with the judge currently subject to this first round of complaint. Exploration of the multiple civil rights violations associated with the manipulation of child support incentives associated with and we suggest driving the current isolation of the child with his abuser are being researched, investigated, documented and are being composed at this time to be presented as soon as humanly possible.

The cruelty and malicious actions visited upon this child, now approaching adolescence, his mother, and beloved extended family have been initiated and prolonged by what the evidence produced by court record review and extensive documentation of school, medical and psychiatric assessment has revealed is unconscionable and requires the censure and sanction of this Judicial Review Board to end the bad acts of this judge and remove her from the ability to continue to act as a danger to the Oklahoma community.

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