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Parents Who Hate Their Former Spouses More Than They Love Their Children And The Minions Who Support Them

The FCVFC is dedicated to making the abusers of children and the protective parents who love them, their handlers and facilitators of fraud and corruption  pay  – in cold cash – for the crimes for which they commit to lie, cheat, and steal, to fabricate falsehoods in order to jail, defame, libel, and bankrupt the protectors and advocates for innocent parties.

Jill Jones Soderman, Executive Director of the FCVFC, Administrator of the whistleblower law firm Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest, psychoanalyst, forensic expert, and mediator, states that it is a despicable state of affairs that children, their beloved parents, and professional protectors of children’s rights are persecuted and disabled by being preyed upon by corrupt courts across the country who are driven by state incentives for child support that exploit the sadness of high-conflict divorce  in favor of greed and reckless criminal/psychopathic self-interest.

Such cases as come before the FCVFC on a daily basis since our formal existence as a 501(c)3  non-profit in 2008, attest to the cruelty, inhumanity, greed, avarice and naked self-interest of purveyors of legal service under the protection of immunity. Exceptions to immunity are  pierced by a showing of fraud, deceit, and defamation of key witnesses being threatened against speaking out and testifying, professional representation of clients and children who are being isolated, threatened placed in so-called treatment services such as the newest form of torment known as reunification therapy.

There is no such accredited field as reunification therapy. This so-called practice is an implementation of torture techniques formulated by the U.S. military for the training of soldiers to resist enemy torture and brainwashing. These techniques were salvaged by a group of psychologists who were subject to the incursions of annoying ex’s in the course of their own divorces and dealing with troublesome children of their own, who implemented the techniques of negative behavioral reinforcement such as those used by Pavlov on his dogs and his own child. The techniques developed align with those defined by the UN Charter in their Manifest defining the terms of Torture against children generated against the dismantling of protection of Constitutional / Due Process Rights.

These practices have become an outgrowth of the cottage industry spawned by the egregious, malevolent practices of Richard Gardner, MD, a forensic psychiatrist whose concept that men should have the right to have sex with their children and that mothers/women were spiteful, jealous, and interfering in the need to increase population growth among the white race.

The elements of the theory that became marketed as Parental Alienation theory introduced the technique of “reasonable doubt” to undermine evidence of child sexual abuse. The legal industry developed conveyor-belt protocols for expanding a life-space tragedy crisis that required legal intervention. Then the industry became driven by equal-opportunity abuse, sharing of the spoils to support false narratives defending against real life crimes. Through the invention of false narratives and nonexistent areas of so called expertise, the perpetrators of crimes became the victims, and the victims became enmeshed, surrounded, and outgunned by hired guns who hurled insults by those traumatized and seeking help in a territory never imagined in the course of normal life.

False claims of abuse in defense of the crimes being committed by abusers defended by cut and paste excuses for legal argument in an area of limited law, and huge abuses driven by judicial discretion and the sheep’s clothing of avaricious wolves have developed a massive industry of bottom-feeder lawyers who prey on frantic parents seeking to defend vulnerable children from heinous crimes perpetrated by an often deranged or depraved biological parent whose jurisdiction of engagement involves government services that have learned how to weaponize child support to drive funds to support children into government programs and the accounts of court-appointed providers who view the income and assets of those struggling in the court trap as their personal largesse and as such, they will fight wildly to protect that which they view as their property.

Such is the circumstance of many of the clients of the FCVFC, dealing with our adversaries who seek to threaten, libel and defame the work and service of the FCVFC in order to protect and justify their criminal, venal activities. This is the dialogue and planning implicit in the communication of one such venal participant in the collusion planned to dismantle the lives and peaceful personal development of children who would have been thoroughly content to love both their mother and father, to happily coexist and go about their lives of attending school, sports and growing as intelligent people of character, sympathy, empathy and respect for all around them, seeking to avoid the interpersonal conflicts of adult that preceded their very existence.

Innocents drawn into a conflict they had no part in creating, no desire to have to take sides, have been forced to fight for themselves, to make judgments on right and wrong, to trust the evidence of their senses and experience and to fight for their own safety, sanity and overwhelming personal survival.

This is not unlike experts associated with the work of the FCVFC, confronted with overwhelming injustice experienced in events that led to the formation of the FCVFC with the much-written-about history of the defense and advocacy on behalf of a twelve-year-old boy. The child driven to suicide by the collusion, collaboration, and fraud associated with the distribution of wealth and services driven by a carnivore court became the clarion call and mission of the founder and executive director of the FCVFC who first designed and created the nonprofit FIT, Families In Transition, in Newton, NJ. The confidential, voluntary program was adopted by the court as a referral source for all high-conflict litigation cases. Clients’ confidential voluntary participation in the program, paid through family resources, involved confidential psychotherapy for all members of a family, mediation, litigation support, parenting classes and forensic evaluations, medical and psychiatric services, all of which was confidential and ongoing, for the care and protection of all family members for as long as members wished to participate. FIT was geared to resolve issues of high conflict custody through ongoing confidential voluntary services that involved psychotherapy, family therapy, and mediation. This nonprofit worked with affordable fees able to be cooperatively accessed within family resources. It was adopted by the Newton Family Court and supported by Newton Memorial Hospital as well.

Fraud, avarice, and competition led to the demise of a program dedicated to the public and community interest that lacked a drive toward illegal distribution of wealth and focus of internal, court-driven division of marital assets for maximum profit of insider lawyers and preferred providers. Such culprits identified and named by whistleblowers concerned with the public interest were referred to  as professionals engaged in civil racketeering. These many individuals were the subjects of complaints to their licensing boards as well as complaints of fraud and malpractice. Out of the ashes of controversy and aspersion, the FCVFC was born of fire and blood and lives to fight for child victims and their protective parents with the engagement of a larger, stronger, more experienced and skilled cadre of experts who are undeterred by threats, rudeness, crudeness and lies as our defenses lie in the sound foundations of constitutional law and fearless supporters of character, decency, true expertise and endless goodwill.

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