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Defense of the FCVFC against False Allegations

To the Board of Trustees of the State Bar of California:

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts a whistleblower 501(c)3 nonprofit that advocates for, supports, and engages litigation for protective parents in family court. We seek prosecution regarding violations of their due process and civil rights and that of their vulnerable children enmeshed in high-conflict custody litigation that Foundation experts have assessed as involving crimes related to collusion of court actors engaged in suppressing evidence of crimes against vulnerable children.

Please be advised I am the Executive Director of the Foundation by many years of training and experience. I am a classically trained psychoanalyst, family therapist, forensic expert, and mediator.

The Foundation was established following the suicide death of a 12-year-old child that resulted from the wrongful and, we suggest, criminal actions that were the result of the collusion and fabrication of false evidence against a protective parent that ultimately resulted in the isolation of the child in the hands of a brutal abuser. My original presence in the case, supported by one set of judicial offices, was to result in the transfer of the child and his siblings into the protection of family in another part of the U.S., based on evidence that clearly demonstrated that the children were subject to cruel and unusual punishment and sustained abuse. At that time I was a volunteer advocate, not present in any formal or expert role, but simply functioning as an advisor to the court based on my therapeutic role and advocacy of the family that were thriving under my care at that point, which involved intensive engagement with all members of the nuclear and extended family. Following my removal from the case to the auspices of attorneys and illegitimate evaluators, the children were subject to custody transfer and isolation in the hands of the accused abuser. The oldest child subsequently committed suicide at age 12. Following his death, the younger siblings were placed in foster care, and one child was ultimately adopted out through Child Protective Services. As a result of this shocking and enlightening experience, the Foundation was built out of the fertile ground of training and experience followed by an attempt to make sense out of the tragedy and travesty to justice that devolved into the catastrophe that befell this family.

I am not an attorney and I do not represent and have never represented myself as legal counsel. However, the Foundation is involved in many family court cases, bringing together clients with professional legal assistance and other expert support as needed. I write to you, therefore, as someone deeply concerned about this matter and well aware of the background of this and other related cases.

Regarding this case, as noted in the correspondence from the State Bar of California, the complaint to the State Bar was based on correspondence from attorney Mary Beth Holloway, who has clearly consciously fabricated evidentially clear complaints without merit and therefore must be viewed as seeking to have a chilling effect on the advocacy and expert work of the Foundation meant to protect vulnerable children who have been isolated as per the legal services of Ms. Holloway. The experience and deterioration of the children emotionally, physically, and functionally is occurring in the custody of a parent where there is evidence to the allegation that she is of danger to the health and welfare of the children. Ms. Holloway has skillfully surgically removed the presence of the protective parent, the father, from this situation without grounds to do so, without factual evidence or reason to remove him from the care and protection of his children, who, despite the circumstances of marital conflict, were at a relatively normal level of family life and personal development.

Ms. Holloway through her representation and what we have described in our complaints against her has manipulated and suppressed evidence that has resulted in the isolation of the children in the hands of their abuser and the hermetic sealing of the case through threatened innuendo of public institutions that cause the father to be unable to engage in any form of protection of his children. The inability to infuse the medical, psychological, and educational life of the children via contact with critical service providers caused the atmosphere surrounding the children to be poisoned and manipulated as the children themselves were threatened and intimidated and then a false narrative was communicated at the behest of the controlling parent.

The protective parent’s legal representation was found not only to be ineffective in terms of the failure of representation but to be in collusion with Ms. Holloway and a judge and court actors who were suppressing evidence and acting to promote a false narrative that supported the continued physical, emotional, and educational abuse of the children. As the protective parent took charge of his case as a pro se litigant and with the assistance and support of the services of the Foundation, the medical, psychological, and educational records exposed a truly horrifying picture of extensive abuse and isolation of the children, consistent with terms that the UN Charter On Violence Against Children describes as torture.

Consistent with a pattern of brainwashing and torture, one child has been diagnosed with multiple severe psychological disorders and has been placed on as many as 20 medications per day by multiple physicians who the records suggest have no knowledge of each other or the medications being prescribed because of the manipulations of the custodial parent and her ability to engage providers from outside the central medical services provided, extensively relying on emergency services in different parts of the county and state. The extensive records that have been compiled present a horrifying picture of medical, “therapeutic,” and educational abuse, resulting in the reporting of multiple very serious suicide attempts on the part of the older child and a serious episode of aggression on the part of the younger child that could have resulted in a murder that would have destroyed his life forever.

Both of these children prior to the court’s intervention and Ms. Holloway’s legal manipulation and fabrications, were loving, well-functioning, wonderful, beautiful children who adored their father and had a bit of a complex relationship with their mother. But the balance in their lives, resulting in acutely deteriorating functional and emotional state, was accompanied by the removal of the father from any contact and any involvement with the children, not only as a result of the court intervention, but by the fabrications disseminated by a parent who has been evaluated, based on history and extensive records and reporting describing years of personal and life history and court documentation of evidence and testimony presented, indicating a level of recreating history in a manner that is not consistent with fact or science. Yet this individual, who we have expressed well founded concerns about based on assessments of renown authorities, has been allowed to play fast and loose with the truth and has been allowed to continue what we have described as a reign of terror leading to the children’s physical, emotional, and educational deterioration under the autocratic heavy-handed rule of a parent that we view as driven by her own pathology and psychological distortion instead of any love or concern for engagement with the welfare of her children.

We can only speculate that Ms. Holloway’s engagement in the case is driven by nothing more than greed, avarice, and an immoral character. I, of course, have all of my own correspondence with Ms. Holloway and am in possession of thousands of pages of records and documentation and expert evaluation.

The effectiveness of the intervention of the Foundation is supported first by the fact that we have obtained actual evidence of the crimes that we have asserted, with regard to the abuse of the custodial parent. Second, the presiding judge who fostered the atmosphere of what we have referred to as illegal orders that violate due process and constitutional rights of the protective parent and the children for protection—that judge was removed from the case over the objections of Ms. Holloway, who, since the removal of her family court ally and the factotum appointed by that judge, has continued to violate the rights of protection for the children and exclude the father from any attempt to rescue and protect his children. Ms. Holloway’s demands have only focused on the father’s responsibility to pay her legal fees and any other financial demands that she could continue to attempt to extort from the father, who is isolated from his children and rendered helpless to have any contact with them or engage in any intervention to protect them from the payroll of abusers that were engaged as gatekeepers to prevent his ability to have contact or provide any kind of legal intervention for the children.

The Foundation has informed Ms. Holloway of our complaints against her and has been completely transparent as to the information that she is aware we are privy to and our demands for protective interventions for the children. Ms. Holloway has responded to our effective intervention on behalf of our client and his children by fabricating complaints, the nature of which I am unaware of, because the information she has provided is sequestered from me by the State Bar. I have filed a FOIA request and received the attached letter from the State Bar saying that they will not reveal any information that Ms. Holloway has offered as part of her complaint. This correspondence suggests that I have made legal arguments, quoted statutes, case law, etc, none of which is the truth, as can be discerned from the correspondence in my possession.

The absence of material quoted as a basis for complaints against me by the California State Bar raises questions as to exactly what material Ms. Holloway has presented, of which I am unaware and which may in family court constitute fraud and deception on her part to attempt to defame me and the Foundation. For these reasons I am filing complaints against Ms. Holloway’s license as well as preparing for malpractice actions to be written and filed against Ms. Holloway by our client, whose life she has impacted over the years in the most heinous and deplorable manner, as well as the physical, emotional, and educational destruction of his children, whose lives at this point hang in the balance as to their survival. Please be very clear that if these children succumb to the injuries of Ms. Holloway’s legal interventions and alteration of the life they should have lived, we will be aggressively seeking criminal prosecution of her for the harm that she has caused.

Other forms of personal injury litigation are in the process of being sought through attorneys that are in the process of being interviewed for engagement, to proceed with litigation on behalf of the father and his children for injuries sustained as a result of the accused collusion of Ms. Holloway and her manipulation of court actors who have presented false evidence to defame a good parent and a whistleblower organization that will not be deterred in terms of exposing fraud and corruption and the endangerment of children on whom are being inflicted what can only be described as intentional emotional distress and suffering. Please be very clear that the Foundation will not be deterred from seeking Ms. Holloway’s disengagement from her ability to harm children who are encapsulated in sustained abuse, as her actions are perceived as being a threat to the public welfare.

In this regard  our statements, in a letter to the oversight authorities that are supposed to exercise oversight, are directed against Erica Dennings, the counsel who has embraced the mantle of Ms. Holloway’s complaints. Further, they are directed against her staff member, Mr. Alex Hackert, as members of a team that appears to have hastily put together threats and intimidation meant to interfere with our ability to provide services to a suffering family. It has become clear to us that the Bar Association has acted without grounds and is seeking to threaten and intimidate  a witness to crimes, and further, refuses to reveal the content and basis of these complaints by a lawyer who has engaged in practices that has caused extensive physical, emotional, and educational long-term damage to children. The nature of the complaint and its concealment raise concerns about fraud and deceit as to documents forwarded as objects of complaint that may in fact have been fabricated by Ms. Holloway. The empty false allegations lodged by your employees constitute a danger to the public interest, and as such we will be viewing with interest your response to this complaint against the agency of which you are entrusted with oversight. We sincerely hope that you will act in the best interest of the public that you are assigned to serve.

The Foundation takes our responsibility to the public very seriously. We hope you will do the same.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest



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