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Remember the Case of Andrea Yates

Letter to the court in the case of one of our clients:

I am writing to this court on an emergency basis to attempt to interrupt proceedings that may have catastrophic consequences to the protective parent and subject children beyond the considerable harm that has already been inflicted on this family as a result of the absence of a full and competent psychiatric evaluation of the custodial parent who has full and complete custody of the subject children and has succeeded in hiding from this court indications of child abuse and neglect, child endangerment that stem, we suggest, not from conscious desire to inflict harm but from an extremely serious, untreated or inadequately treated condition that relates to postpartum depression, a disorder that may be underrated as to its severity and consequences.

The trained eyes of experts associated with the FCVFC have identified these as areas of immediate and acute concern. In this regard I am referring to your honor to the case of Andrea Yates, who had the greatest medical/clinical proximity to the case before you at this moment in time.

Further, we wish to inform this court that on behalf of our client we are filing extensive malpractice complaints with the Bar Association against the attorney for the plaintiff wife for a multitude of reasons that are listed as an attachment to the note of warning to the court to proceed with caution in making any decisions or taking any action in this case without first reviewing the motions to follow to be presented by the pro se client who has not as yet retained competent local counsel and now understands the gross inadequacy and attendant inequity generated by the incompetence of his prior counsel who is also the subject of Bar Association Complaints and will be subject to malpractice actions for the harm caused to our client and his children.

We have grave concern for the health and welfare of the current custodian of the children because of clear and present indications that raise sound grounds for concern and request for proper clinical psychiatric evaluation and independent evaluation of the children. Even when  actions far less consequential than murder of the children are suggested, the indications of a pathological process that is of grave concern is viewed by psychiatric experts as being present and having caused harm and trauma to the children. Circumstances that indicate the possible presence of a serious psychiatric disorder are being manipulated, distorted, and turned into legal arguments of a completely spurious nature by the attorney for the plaintiff, who appears to have no regard for the children who are being deprived of the presence of a loving father because hearsay evidence is being recklessly admitted to this court without objection and without proper examination of content.

Any and all harm that comes to these children, including all that has already impacted them, will be documented. Those who are responsible will be held legally accountable for their reckless, wanton acts of child endangerment and lifelong harm already inflicted as damage to their psyches.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest



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