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Legal Predators Protected by Judges, Privileged to Act with Impunity by Immunity

Recently, a client of the FCVFC filed to have the children’s guardian ad litem removed from her family court case. In response, the guardian ad litem sued for over $26,000. GAL representation is appointed by a judge, and the position is anointed with absolute immunity. Absolute immunity should equate with absolute autonomy. The accusation of “parental alienation” is used against protective parents  raising complaints of child abuse,  most often by a predator parent.

Absolute immunity is in fact a stand-in statement for filing false allegations against a protective parent  and transferring a child into the custody of an abuser. The myth of absolute immunity equating to absolute untouchability with regard to accountability via complaint and lawsuit confronting immunity is a myth that this Foundation  wishes to hotly contest.

The guardian ad litem’s lawsuit referred to several articles published by the FCVFC that either mentioned this GAL by name or referred to cases of a similar nature. The New Jersey case in question demonstrates the fraud, collusion, defamation of a protective parent, and the marshaling of state agencies such as the police as a private army launched to deprive a protective parent of her constitutional rights to due process and protection against abuse of court processes at the hands of a phalanx of court actors who manipulate the sacred trust of their immune positions to engage in what the Foundation has found evidence for as civil racketeering.

The Foundation has vetted, assessed, and extensively reviewed legal, medical, and psychiatric documentation on this protective parent. Though traumatized by the circumstances, most protective parents, as in the case before us, are strong, outspoken, and dedicated individuals

The protective parent  in this situation is an individual of impeccable character, considerable intelligence, and a high political profile related to the protection of our country in managing the 9-11 crisis. This individual has been rendered helpless, caught in the ruthless web of conniving court actors, who have attempted to force the retention of legal experts who have become minions of the court, report to the court, refuse to meet with the client, and refuse to allow her access to her own court records.

A psychiatric evaluation was ordered with the clear and absolute intent to render an opinion as to the psychiatric incompetence of this individual, so as to have her conserved under the authority  of a guardian, the individual in question, who has demonstrated her lockstep cooperation with Judge Jane Gallina Mecca.

The unacceptable terms related to the demand for this parent to undergo a psychiatric evaluation includes the fact that the court refused to provide the client with the name of the psychiatric practitioner that they wish to inflict upon her. Not only will the court not provide the person’s name or credentials, but the client cannot know anything about the person who this guardian ad litem is attempting to force her to meet with. But if she does not accede to the court’s demand, she cannot have any contact with her children and has not had any contact with them in over a year.

The court, in the person of Judge Jane Gallina Mecca and the factotum who follow her direction, have used the local police to threaten the protective parent as well as to arrest our client’s proxy representative, her sister, a renown professional who has sought to assist her on the occasion of attending a school meeting to which the mother and her proxy representative were invited and were known to have accepted the invitation. Upon entering school property to attend the parent-teacher conference discussing the children whom the mother had not been able to see, speak with, or have any contact with, the school principal and the board of education under the direction of the children’s father, had the family member, an MD forensic psychiatric of tremendous credibility and public fame, arrested for trespassing.

Nothing this GAL has done in this case has basis in truth. She has practiced fraud and manipulation in the court. She has ruthlessly, cruelly damaged the children in this family. She and her cohorts have colluded to use legal mumbo jumbo to falsely accuse the mother of diagnoses she does not have.

The malevolent parent who lulled his partner into some sense of security with an agreement to live separate lives in the same household then blindsided her with a complaint for divorce which ultimately has devolved into a decree executed by Judge Gallina Mecca to remove the two children whose lives the protective parent had nurtured into amazingly gifted, talented, and excelling beyond their years, as well as the personal fortune that she had amassed prior to their marriage. Judge Jane Gallina Mecca’s ability to gain control over the attorneys and experts that the defendant mother eventually had to extricate herself from, has been a study in judicial overreach and grounds for massive lawsuits against judicial immunity.

Fear of fighting the family courts is an emotion that the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts refuses to engage in, as the experts engaged with the Foundation are experts in defeating the protections afforded by absolute and qualified immunity, as well as delving into the practices to be exposed related to civil racketeering, practices we assert run rampant in the court of Judge Gallina Mecca and her minions and the kryptonite connection that seems to impregnate court officers of the court with whom she comes into contact and then commands. The court of Judge Gallina Mecca and the guardian ad litem in question, who we have had removed from her position as guardian ad litem and are in the process of suing, we intend to make prime examples of those who seek to violate and trample on the law and the lives of innocent protective parents and children.

This father is the kind of predator who in our opinion is capable of murdering his children. In the meantime, his children’s souls are being murdered as they are being turned from the bright and capable individuals they could have been to individuals who are traumatized and possibly even nonfunctional.

All this, while incidents mount of intimate partner murder and child murder. Just recently, a Connecticut woman kept asking for help from her abuser, but in spite of a restraining order, she was murdered by an ax. Another man allegedly killed and dismembered his 11-month-old daughter.

Reckless judges and guardians ad litem who act with impunity bear a level of responsibility for many murders or suicides of children who are given to abusers. This must end.


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