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Family Court Corruption: Don’t Take a Kitchen Knife to a Gun Fight

Following a celebration of fifteen years of work, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has come to a state of intense alarm as to the current status and ongoing rapid transfer of children from the custody of protective parents into the custody of not only unqualified custodians but those who in our vast experience of intensive psychiatric, forensic, and legal investigation display a penchant toward being depraved, violent, and dangerous.

What we describe as “factory farming precision” has increased in meticulous attention to detail in the coordination of the legal process with support services, all directed towards incentives for child support maximization. All of this takes the advice and support of state agencies and hired guns who in a disembodied manner articulate a philosophy of child transfer that has no connection to medical, psychiatric, educational, or scientific practice.

First embraced by the legal profession, the family courts canonized the Gardner theory of parental alienation, which was based on the false concept that sexual abuse of children did not exist.

This concept of parental alienation involved the implicit and explicit concept that children were born as sexual beings, experiencing sexual excitation and climax. (See the article “Richard Gardner in His Own Words.”) The male components of the family had the right and responsibility to inculcate, develop, and engender children as sexual beings to increase the population. Gardner’s explicit interest was in the increase in the white race; therefore, introducing children to “their own sexuality” was geared toward creating an increase in the population.

Gardner’s self-published writings that began in the 1980s became a topic of interest to attorneys who found themselves in the difficult position of defending men who were accused of crimes of sexual abuse.

The precursor to the concept of parental alienation involved a complex of anti-scientific concepts that have no basis in fact, in biology, or in child welfare. They stem entirely from a depraved mind of a man with disfigured genitals. Gardner’s genital deformity, hypospadias, occurred in utero and could have and should have been corrected upon his birth. But for whatever reason, his parents did not correct it.

How much his own genital deformity impacted his sexual development—along with the parental neglect that failed to repair a distorted body formation—and impacted his psyche can only be speculated upon. However there is no speculation about the conscious malevolent harm that has sprung from Gardner’s perverted theories of child “sexuality” and his condemnation of society for having succumbed to prudish Victorian primness.

An unconscionable idea, devoid of truth or merit, that has overcome a consciousness of verifiable scientific truth, and has impacted the law, is a matter of profound concern to the Foundation, because of its effect on the underlying anti-intellectual and moral compass of the entire juvenile, dependence, and family court system of this country and beyond.

In our extensive work over 15 years, we have been forced to watch highly competent and trained authorities remain passive while this cancer infiltrates and at this point is overcoming the American family court system. Experts of tremendous credibility, training, and expertise have loaned their voices as expert witnesses, educators, and participants in training officials, judges, and all levels of an immunity-protected bureaucracy. in In their participation, even when that participation has been critical, they have—by not taking an absolutist moral stance about the venality of this corrupt concept fraudulently built on nonexistent “facts”—have participated in the popularization of this concept and have not built a fortress to stop and prevent the destruction of the lives of millions of children and countless adults. In so doing, they have become complicit in the plague that is hemorrhaging into our society, an epic state of all that is truly evil in society, racism, sexual perversions, child trafficking. Multiple layers of professionals, psychiatric, educational, and legal are willing to psychopathically engage in practices that intellectually they are fully aware have no merit, not only have no merit but are a honey trap to capture helpless and fearful victims of a system that is a growing autocratic danger, undermining every democratic principle and every scientific principle that should be in place to protect the citizenry.

George Washington University Law School implicitly provides support as opposed to directly confronting the vile, unlawful legal processes surrounding the punishment of protective parents accused of engaging in “parental alienation.” They do this via their program, DV LEAP, which solicits clients in the course of training their students to write scholarly appeals. I’m sure that the preponderance of clients drawn to the DV LEAP site are victims of the anti-intellectual, anti-science Gardner concepts. Using their cases to, in effect, exploit victims of a lawless system, is in our opinion, a violation of every ethical code. It is another form of predatory practice and advantage being used by an amoral practice of law. It is the opinion of the experts of the Foundation that the majority of legal practitioners engaged in implementing and not prosecuting this pretext for a legal intervention are engaged in an amoral, unethical practice. The  psychopathic character of legal practitioners and those involved even in the fringes of the mental health field must be called out for their calloused implementation of acute harm being visited upon the subjects of their legal discourse and engagement. It is impossible after 50 years of the family court legal professions being immersed in Gardner ideology that these practitioners are not fully aware of the destructive consequences of their legal intervention, which rarely if ever do not involve the transfer of vulnerable children into the hands of seriously evidentially demonstrably abusive parents, whose crimes are the subject of evidence that has been ignored or suppressed.

There is an unholy alliance in our legal system: the amoral capacity to argue both sides of a concept where there is no “both sides,” there is only one side. That side has to do with child protection, standing in the honorable, ethical responsibility of the strong to protect the weak, to educate, to respect, and to operate with integrity and moral conviction.

The court system as it currently exists is in a free-fall deteriorating state. This can be directly traced back to the tenets of the depraved underpinnings of the concept of “parental alienation.” The concepts of toxic parenting and those behaviors that cause one parent who hates another to use a child’s love against the other in a warring battle for control and revenge is a different psychological/pathological diagnostic entity than the concept “parental alienation.” The concept of “parental alienation” seeks to control, inhibit, and criminalize the most basic of democratic principles, free speech, and the ability of parents to interact, exchange ideas, and discuss all aspects of life and engagement in the course of raising growing children.

And yet, family courts seem to think that they can mandate speech and can exceed the limits of childhood through maturity by tenets that will impact both the parent and the child throughout their lives, endangering multiple aspects of physical, psychological, and emotional development with judgment as to sensitivity, morality, and the ability for one to think and develop their own ideas. The constitutional limits that address time specific penalties are totally disregarded in civil proceedings that mobilize orders that in fact constitute death sentences for many children and the adults who love them. Consciously, malevolently, and with nothing more than either personal animus or financial gain incentives are neither constitutionally nor morally conscionable or legally practicable within a democratic court system. And yet family courts across the country exist as outliers and a criminal underground poisioning the culture and the future of a democratic society.

The creeping growth of the “parental alienation” concept was engendered at first by what we have come to understand as an unprincipled legal practice in family court litigation, which has expanded the cottage industry of supporting factotum through requiring litigants to interact with the team that they never knew they hired. Included from the onset of the case is the information that naïve litigants supplied in their financial case information statement, the roadmap of financial assets by which the machinations of attorneys could lay waste to family assets and the legacy of children’s lives would forever be destroyed as a result, based on the distribution of worldly wealth.

The legal profession has incentivized high-conflict divorce. The state, by incentivizing child support funds driven from the federal government, has further created a shadow industry that is not only corrupt and lawless but has created an infrastructure for child trafficking and the destruction of the entire democratic society.

The flow of cases that the Foundation has seen moving children from the hands of protective parents into the custody of the most depraved, which involves physical, sexual, and emotional plunder of children’s lives, does not need to be addressed in this article. We have written about these subject, specifically and intimately many times. In fact, all one needs to do is look at the news or social media on the topic of family court corruption to see articles about protective parents and their children  being murdered, shot, stabbed, and set on fire.

The level of violence is increasing, and the level of depravity is only equaled by the pathology of the officials who are administering so-called justice in the courts. As the population of judges has been filtered through political process directed by judicial appointees who then choose their peers, we see an increasing population of psychopathic personality disorders, as is demonstrable by the major diagnostic feature of psychopathic personality disorder: lack of empathy. The term “lack of empathy,” lack of caring, lack of feeling, seems hackneyed, it so minimizes the enormity of the psychological character structure and inter-psychic functioning that is so critical to a socialized human being.  It seems almost laughable as a term to describe the intense cruelty exhibited by judges and the factotum they deploy, which at this point has grown to include law enforcement officers, and other executive officials who are responsive to court orders. The authority and reach of judges protected by immunity and by an independent governmental force in society has come to permeate, infect, and destabilize every other branch of governing body by corroding the very core functioning of the development of a social order.

The deterioration in the character and qualifications of judicialdom are equaled by the nature and character of court-appointed professionals, whose DNA is the equivalent of their psychopathic godfathers. They are the enforcers, the conciliary, the guards and the troops who implement unconscionable directives, as these court actors knowingly and with conscious malevolent intent are sending children and all those who love them to a place of unconscionable pain and suffering. The Foundation has the living proof of the fingerprints of the malevolent force of judges as we read through the transcripts of trials and the lawless overreach, personal grandiosity, and animus on display of hatred toward any and all who do not bow to their personal display of grandiose power, leveling the lives of the helpless victims before them.

The ability to drive litigants into bankruptcy also denudes these same individuals of the ability to file an appeal and to fight to overrule the corrupt legal processes that have been enforced. Just as naivete and ignorance are inhibiting factors immobilizing litigants engaged in family court crises, the demand for payment of so-called professionals directed by the court to dismantle a targeted parent is another weapon to dismember a litigant’s capacity to become educated by retaining proper help. They are financially hobbled, forced into using a member of the team that’s in opposition to their interests, and they are further foreclosed from being able to seek their own counsel, their own advocates, and independent experts. The court stacks the deck against them by controlling money as well as who they can hire to present arguments and evidence on their behalf. In the experience of the Foundation, in dealing with parents who are caught up in this web of criminal activity which has come to define family courts across the country, outcries of the many has caused us to begin to look at parents who hand over their children to the unthinkable in the form of so-called therapists who are from the school of the Marquis de Sade, as is the case of the new permutation in the cottage industry of reunification therapy.

Reunification therapy is a continuation of the fabricated unscientific concepts of teaching children that the perversions inflicted upon them by their adult traffickers are reasonable, practical, and necessary trainings for the adult life. All the moral, ethical, and scientific tenets that have sought to enlighten society are now removed to the complete and thorough auspices of the autocratic self-serving psychopathic characters of the most depraved authorities of the courts and political system. In our experience, these individuals have proven themselves to consistently seek to rob, undermine, and derail every aspect of democratic society via the inculcation and destruction of our youth and the core of society, the family.

The gasoline that permits these atrocities to continue is a thoroughly threatened, intimidated, and fearful public, of often naïve well socialized citizens.

Among the goals in defending FCVFC clients and children, the Foundation takes an aggressive stance regarding litigation and prosecution against witness threats and intimidation, as well as prosecution of those identified crimes as criminal acts.

In 2023 we want to expand on our work in the area of federal civil rights filings and increase in malpractice cases, defamation, and vexatious litigation, prosecution against those who attempt to threaten and invalidate the claims of perversion and corruption as it has infested the legal community in the form of the conduct of judges and other court-appointed factotum.

Our engagement with clients will be with the understanding that the client has responsibility for the outcomes of their cases, in that they cannot claim ignorance of the fraud and corruption which are overwhelming the illegitimate and fraudulent outcomes of their cases.

While the litigation process is cumbersome and slow-moving, requiring considerable scholarly legal intervention, the United States is a country of laws, and the problems before us are related to the lawlessness of a minority of truly venal actors who have overtaken control and have not been prosecuted, in conjunction with a passive public that has not held culprits accountable.

Agencies, journalists, and professionals, who in mealy-mouthed fashion spout toothless concepts of coercive control and domestic violence entirely miss the point, bringing a kitchen knife to a gun fight where opponents are armed with AK-47s.

The Foundation is armed with fearless experts who have intellectual prowess and courage to confront the nonsense. We have no patience, no stomach for the cruelty and destruction of lives that have overtaken this country through the implementation of the so-called intellectual construct known as parental alienation, which is the truncated version of a concept of sexual perversion and white supremacy, masked in a version of a false concept that is a dark horse for child trafficking.

Through our division known as the Foundation for Defense of Child Sexual Abuse Victims, the Foundation will be soliciting cases to be reviewed by a series of formidable and famous forensic experts. This division will be headed by a renowned forensic psychiatrist. Further information about the workings of this division will be forthcoming.

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