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Family Court Genocide — Reunification Services: Murder For Hire

The ignorance and arrogance Arbitrator Nichols demonstrated in his commentary cannot go unaddressed. His blatant disregard of the danger posed to our client’s children is shown through his clear intent to move ahead in the authorization of clearly incompetent therapists.

These alleged therapists engage in services that have caused damage and suffering to the children, as well as additional suffering to those who love them.

Given the facts presented, Arbitrator Nichols is being called upon to remove himself from this case immediately. This is based upon the facts that point to the conclusion that he has acted beyond the scope of his authority, beyond his position of immunity, and he has acted with impunity to further endanger the lives of these children.

The injudicious commentary directed toward a renowned psychiatric expert in borderline personality disorder and Munchausen by proxy suggests not only a level of ignorance but also a clear penchant toward disregarding the need to present evidence.

Both diagnoses display anti-social features, demonstrating that Arbitrator Nichols refuses to allow argument of critical and indisputable facts related to the mother’s actual pathology, which has been unconscionably ignored in the presence of overwhelming bias while dismissing factual evidence.

Arbitrator Nichols’ rush to action would cause pain and suffering to the children and their father, given the clear and present medical evidence of risk to the children. This medical evidence displays a level of personal pathology related to grandiosity with an admixture of viciousness towards vulnerable subjects under his “unchallenged” authority.

This psychopathology has been evident to the trained eye, but has been willingly ignored by those who must be cognizant of the severe sadistic cruelty evident in the interactions between the children’s mother and those who seek to carry out her bidding of control, humiliation and suffering inflicted on the children, and by proxy on their father, her real target.

The intrepid collusion between Arbitrator Nichols and his appointees, as well as other court actors, involve engaging in criminal acts of fraud and child endangerment. This collusive behavior also includes officers of the court. Litigation to be produced against Arbitrator Nichols, and all others named in complaints, will be spelled out in the litigation against each and every court actor, complicit lawyer, and alleged mental health worker, to follow.

Detailed complaints against Arbitrator Nichols, et. al. are being sent to each of the relevant licensing oversight agencies related to each actor named.


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