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Tales of a Grotesque Guardian ad Litem, Part 2: Officers of the Court Facilitating the Criminal Acts of Psychopathic Predators

By Guest Contributor (Expert Witness to the Courts)

True criminals know no shame—they try to punish others by the degree to which they themselves deserve punishment. Doing so helps them to deny that they are as vile as they are—a fact that they know very intimately.

This is an update on the “guardian ad litem” (GAL) Evelyn Nissirios, about whom a previous article was written. She needs to be disbarred, prosecuted, and disciplined for preying upon vulnerable, innocent children as her “profession,” and for punishing others who get in her way. Currently, she has corrupt judges protecting her, but no worldly force will help the fact that the Devil owns her soul. Like Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, her appearance will one day catch up with her hideous interior.

Who knows what happened to her as a child? Happy individuals do not find enjoyment in causing others unspeakable suffering and seeing their lives destroyed. And what better way to torture children with impunity, than to crush their voices under the guise of “guardian ad litem”?

How is she allowed to do what she does?

What is little known about Family Courts is that they are hubs of child trafficking—not for slavery, forced labor, or sexual exploitation, but literally for murder. They are committing violent crimes through conspiracy, kidnapping, and racketeering in ways that make street fare pale in comparison. But that is the nature of systemic corruption.

It started in the United States four decades ago, with the “parental alienation” doctrine as a way of denying child abuse, but the epidemic has now spread across all fifty states and around the world. It is too lucrative a “business” to pass up—notwithstanding the hundreds of dead children per year in the U.S. alone.

Family Courts obsess over “seals” and “gag orders,” because this is how they cover up their criminal activity. The more loving and protective a parent is—and God forbid if she were to seek help—the more she will be punished, jailed, hospitalized, or killed “accidentally” (but never the violent perpetrators).

When one mother dared to challenge the above GAL for forcing her perfectly happy and healthy young children to visit with their abusive father—from which violent fights, self-injurious behavior, and suicide attempts ensued—the GAL helped the father kidnap the children by police raid. When the mother dared to sue her for not allowing her to see or speak to the children she single-handedly raised—and it has now been fifteen months since the kidnapping—the GAL responded with threats and further retaliation.

What the mother did not know when she launched her lawsuit was that family courts are like a mafia organization: they have their hand in everything, everywhere, so that they are never held accountable. Few would believe or tolerate the medieval barbarism that occurs in the family courts, but like any other criminal enterprise, secrecy acts as a carte blanche for criminality.

That is why abusers of judicial authority treat court “seals” and “gag orders” more seriously than any other crime, and GAL Nissirios is no exception. What she did through a legal action against the above mother would be comical if not so tragic: after the lawsuit was dismissed based on “judicial immunity”—of course the substance, which includes fraud, deceit, and 145 on-the-record lies by the GAL, does not matter—the GAL requested sanctions for “frivolous litigation.” Per procedure, the judge granted it and recommended $5000. The two parties were to work out the amount and reappear in two months.

After initially brushing the mother off, the GAL demanded that the mother either pay $27,000—the GAL’s actual legal fees, which in themselves are absurd for a dismissed case—or the mother sign an agreement not to post anything about the GAL, to “guarantee” that nobody else would, and to pay the GAL “liquidated damages” for each posting or article, regardless of who wrote it. Then the GAL would agree to $5000.

The article the GAL found especially bothersome is an FCVFC article entitled, “Tales of a Grotesque Guardian Ad Litem.” Of course, the mother did not write the article. She did not even know about it, let alone “leak” the information, which the author obtained through an independent investigation. This did not matter. The mother is the only litigant the GAL can control, and she must ensure that the injustices done to her are kept secret.

A “normal” judge would have deemed this kind of request unreasonable (if not warranting of having the GAL’s head examined), and the presentation of such an article extraneous or irrelevant at a hearing to determine the sanctions amount on a case that was already dismissed. But not a family-court-tampered judge. This judge spent 30 of the 45-minute hearing dwelling on the article—and then, based on the article, did an about face by totally contradicting herself and ruling that the mother will pay $27,000, over five times the amount she suggested two months ago.

Courts that act with impunity no longer even pretend to be independent of one another. The judge stated that the GAL is a “practicing attorney with a reputation,” and then proceeded to advertise her law firm as “a national law firm with over a thousand attorneys and thirty attorneys based in the New Jersey law office.”

What about the reputation of the mother, who lost the custody of her children, her constitutional rights, her standing in her community, and the intrinsic, priceless joy of being a loving mother to her children because of the GAL’s relentless campaign of slander, egregious lies, and character assassination against her? Besides, the GAL’s “reputation” is nothing but a criminal coverup that misrepresents the truth and must be exposed.

The same thing that happened in family court happened here: the perpetrator was allowed to turn the tools of the court against the victim. In family court, by mandating visits with the father while he was under a temporary restraining order for injuring his child, the restraint worked against the mother, who could no longer go near her children when the father was abusing them. Likewise, far from punishing a GAL’s abuse of authority, the lawsuit was turned against the mother for filing in the first place.

Sociopathic behavior is not curbed through “education.” GAL Nissirios was not “uneducated” when she suppressed and lied about the warnings of world-renowned forensic psychiatrists that the father was a danger to his children, so that they would never enter Child Protection Services or court records. She was not ignorant when she elevated the false reports of a compromised “licensed associate counselor” (who is not fully licensed) above actual psychiatrists and doctorate psychologists.

Criminals in the court system need to be stopped with the same measures with which violent criminals are held accountable. They must not be allowed to weaponize the law.

And we must not dwell in the comfortable delusion that their carnival of murder and profiteering will end by its own accord.

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