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Family Court Genocide: Advisory To Judges & Officers Of The Court Known To Be Engaged In Family Annihilation

When I write to the court, I write as an advisory and directive to raise issues of their civil rights violations, as well as their inaccurate and incompetent use of psychiatric evaluation as a means of introducing hearsay in the legal process, then seeking to avoid introduction of hard evidence and violating due process.

I make my commentary as a psychoanalyst, forensic expert, and the Executive Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, a nonprofit that seeks to litigate and prosecute the wrongful transfer of children into the custody of seriously dangerous custodians via the failure of court fiduciaries to conduct proper evidentiary fact-finding credible evidence legal proceedings.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts experts have been hampered in our ability to provide the types of oversight and intervention that should be properly welcomed by any court across the U.S.

We are aware of actions such as appointing a guardian ad litem who is manipulating the representation of attorneys as per causing attorneys to defer to the direction of court actors as opposed to a fiduciary allegiance to the client and to the law. This violates the sanctity of the entire legal process in the most significant area of jurisprudence, that which involves the health, welfare, and future of children.

I write to the court as a psychoanalyst and forensic expert. My CV is available upon request.

In one particular case the court has blocked the presence of nationally and internationally renowned medical and psychiatric experts; instead, they have attempted to insert authority of an anonymous nature, failing to give the litigant, the protective parent mother, proper information as to the names and qualifications of experts proposed by this court that the court wishes to make life and death decisions that impact not only the protective parent but also the lives of the vulnerable children who have already been severely traumatized and damaged by the actions of this court.

Steps taken to request engagement before this court have been bypassed, knowing that the Pyrrhic act of engagement would essentially be a waste of time given the history of this court’s denial of both the client and her proxy advocates/representatives ability to introduce highly credible experts on their behalf.

I am fully aware that this court has accused the defendant mother of violating court orders that relate to sealed documents. The protective parent mother has not been in contact nor has she communicated in any way any information about court proceedings.

The material that we have been able to work from involves documents that are not sealed, such as emails, letters, and other documentation that allow us to follow the breadcrumbs of major constitutional due process violations as well as violations of judicial conduct that are disgraceful, unethical, and require confrontation and prosecution.

I as an expert in the field, an established whistleblower, published author, and active contributor to writings on the FCVFC website. I refuse to fail to confront the grossly illegal actions of this court that has sought to disparage, defame, libel, and ridicule the protective parent who objectively, if any facts were properly admitted into evidence in this court, would be amply clear to all parties.

The Foundation is developing an accountability project, which we will be writing about in articles to come.

Our client, the Defendant in the case of which we speak, is a woman from a successful family rich in achievement, both academically and professionally. Much like herself, the generations of family members before her had exceptional character, and were committed to their friends, family, their local communities, public service, and society.

The Defendant is also a person of exceptional intelligence, sensitivity, and enormous empathy. When she was choosing a life partner to marry, the Defendant prioritized certain characteristics. From the many suitors she had at the time, she chose someone she felt was her equal (if not her superior) in terms of intelligence, achievement, and ambition. What was most important to her when deciding, however, was choosing a partner with intense empathy, good character, and kindness.

Much to the Defendant’s horror, the man she married, believed in, and chose to have and raise children with, turned out to be a completely different person than she thought she was marrying. Her initial disbelief and denial were pierced by the daily ongoing assaults on her reality, and a need to survive within a marriage. This forced her to come to terms with a frightening reality she had never considered possible.

The details of the Defendant’s experiences with this individual are recounted throughout this report, and through the documentation of collateral contacts. The collateral contacts provided are themselves highly credible, accomplished high-profile individuals, well known for their ethics and positive contributions to the community.

Their intellectual, academic, professional accomplishments are highly credible as opposed to the undisclosed service providers tendered by this court and their various factotum whose representations and “legal” arguments fall in line with the marketing program developed by the depraved mind of the progenitor of the concept of “parental alienation” theory.

Parental alienation Theory, espoused by Richard Gardner, MD, advances the concepts related to men having the right to have sex (intercourse) with their children, that children (babies) are born with sexual drive, and that women are jealous, spiteful creatures who are sexually inhibited or withholding of sexual favors. Women are said by Richard Gardner, MD, to advance false accusations against partners of whom they are jealous. Children are demonized as predators who seduce adults and then turn on the adults to transport blame and ensnare the adult in “false charges” of sexual abuse.

I refer the reader to the article published on this website, “Richard Gardner In His Own Words,” or perhaps it would be helpful to simply read the 40 volumes written by Richard Gardner where he clearly, explicitly lays out his thoughts on the sexual inhibitions of European and American society, the prevalence of incest as a norm, and the need to sexualize the white population to increase the numbers of the white race. The unscientific, medically inaccurate, false statements made by Gardner to advance his own position as a Psychiatric Forensic Expert defending some 300 men accused of incest was a successful defense that lit up the amoral practices of that part of the legal profession, which then weaponized and canonized the concept that created a legal basis for probable doubt and ushered in the growth of the cottage industry of lies, anti-scientific theory, and unethical practices driving children en masse into the custody of ever increasing predatory custodians, enriching the legal profession and their codependent partners.

When evaluating her circumstances and how to navigate them, the Defendant faced a multitude of impeding factors, including her own propensity to blame herself for not recognizing the true character of her spouse. She did not view herself as a crime victim, or that the person she had chosen as her partner displayed egocentric and antisocial personality tendencies and had actively chosen her as his victim. In fact, he had actively used his intelligence, his charm, and his innate capacity to intuit her needs, feelings, and desires in order to mesmerize her and gain her trust and devotion.

Her unusual abundance of empathy and kindness were generated in her lifelong spirituality, her devotion to the principles of christianity and the primal teachings of Christ. Early in her life she did not have the advantage of reading the teachings of such writings as Hare, Cleckley and Stone. These scientists who made the world aware of the nature of rage, hatred, the mask of sanity set to deploy skills to ensnare, overwhelm, devour the object of their attention so as to destroy an innocent for no other purpose than the satisfaction of that drive to overpower, crush, and destroy, while deceiving the victim as to the nature of their initiating seductive attentions.

The Defendant was a victim of a narcissistic predator. That dynamic has not been properly taken into consideration by a court and legal process that deals with all litigants as equal contenders.

In family court, children’s lives are at stake. The standard practice of blanket equality between parents actively negates accurate evaluations by competent experts. This is a critical factor when coming to a fair and equitable conclusion that protects the lives of children and innocent subjects.

The current state of the court process does in fact not deal with litigants on an equal basis but in fact takes the position, automatically, that whoever comes to court with a complaint of abuse, of whatever nature, that litigant is suspect and viewed as seeking a manipulative advantage. The court has evolved to taking upon itself to determine the status of truth and justice, not based on evidence, discovery and legitimate discourse, but based on the directives of a prefix menu driven by who gets there first and a first look at marital assets, along with the rush for the division of such assets.

Incentives for Child Support driven by Federal funds available to state programs form the shadow bench whose presence has not been disclosed or examined as so many decisions have been made behind closed doors outside of the purview of this Defendant, whose sense of equity, fairness, and honesty could never have anticipated the level of duplicity, slander and fraud that has been engendered in this case.

Part of the reason for the Defendant’s  immediate situation has been her initial reaction to blame herself, to internalize blame, and to react with shame to her circumstances. As is common among victims of narcissistic abuse, this internalized shame caused her to seek to hide the intolerable circumstances of her marriage from those around her. She did not realize that once her husband felt secure in his relationship and gained control of her, he would then feel free to be his true self and exploit every physical, sexual, and emotional aspect of the relationship. His actions revolved around being in power and control over the Defendant and the children, as well as his ability to autocratically exploit every human being close to him to provide unwarranted praise and adoration for the person he wished to be seen as.

After years of marriage and bearing children, the Defendant was then forced to repeatedly attempt to protect her young, vulnerable children from the abuses of this tyrannical husband who raved and grazed on the humanity and innocence of those closest to him. The Defendant’s capacity to protect herself and her children dwindled. All the while, her husband’s voracious need for constant adoration and refueling of narcissistic enrichment was endless.

The deplete-and-drain factor of the relationship between them resulted in a collapse of the dysfunctional system. The fragile thread that kept them together broke as her husband found other females to feed his appetites, and the depleted the Defendant was no longer needed.

As her husband filed for divorce under the terms of a scorched-earth litigation practice, the Defendant was left isolated without the physical, emotional, or financial resources to adequately fight back. Her capacity to nurture and care for her own needs was severely diminished as she had limited access to the outside world during the marriage.

The presence of her sister, a brilliant and highly successful forensic psychiatrist, became a primary source of support, given that her mutual friends and relationships were poisoned by her husband’s false narrative. The Defendant had been completely unable to penetrate the mesmerizing and I imagine subtly threatening undertones of the Plaintiff’s discourse to his audience.

The sense of power and “don’t mess with me” aura presented by attorneys often supplies an adequate incentive for many to not bother to engage in argument.

If the assessment of the Defendant appears particularly laudatory and the references to the Plaintiff appear critical and harsh it is because reality, objective assessment do not require leveling the playing field of truth, whereas lies require a considerable armature.

This report is being written not only to shed light on the dynamics between the partners but also to dismiss the usefulness of any psychological evaluation. It is clear from the factual, known functioning of this court, the tactics of threat, intimidation, judicial abuse of power and overreach, which has included access and manipulation of local and state police by the presiding judge, the facts of the case, that evidence if introduced would be adequate to protect the children and return custody of the subject children to the parent who benefits their health and welfare and not the parent who is and has been allowed to perpetuate the use of the children as cudgel to brutalize and torture their mother as well as to brutalize and punish the children for their love for their mother and their unvarnished knowledge and insight into the cruelty and malevolence of their father.

The facts speak loudly for themselves, as does the clarion call for justice and equity to be restored in place of the malevolence, cruelty, and abuse of the legal process that will be exposed in the course of further significant and meaningful litigation against the plethora of court actors, fiduciaries, officers of the court who will be held accountable for crimes committed against vulnerable subjects.

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