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The Demonization of Childhood through Amoral Practices of Lawyers in Family Court Litigation 

The current state of child custody litigation in courts across the United States is more reminiscent of a third-world country where a court system is rigged in favor of a directive that entirely is focused on the interest of the state rather than the child.

Consistently across the United States, the juvenile, dependency, and family court systems have given way to the onset of parental alienation as a pathway for children being transferred into state custodial situations. This trend leads to increased financial benefits, both for the state and the courts, and cannot be overlooked.

The tendency of U.S. courts to remove children from their parents on a hair trigger, to alienate them, and to place the juvenile into the custody of the state can only be understood in terms of financial benefit, through the distribution of funding court personnel services and benefiting the incentives for state-driven child support benefiting state programs.

The evolving trend is palpably evident in reviewing the direction of high-conflict custody litigation. It has become increasingly common over the years to involve transferring children into the custody of individuals who have been the center of complaints involving heinous acts of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, complaints that have equally been made both by a child and parent.

Since the 1980s, courts have continually denied and deflected those complaints, continuously disregarding the well-being of the child with a cadre of so-called experts, court officers, and therapists who have had knee-jerk reflexes to minimize or deny the presence of abuse even in the face of robust evidence of physical harm.

The rate of children involved in custody trials being referred for trauma therapy, anxiety disorders, depression, and acute suicidal ideation has increased. In the same way, there is undeniable evidence of a sharp increase in drug and alcohol abuse, as well as mental illness, among the youth population.

There appears to be a massive increase in childhood psychiatric disorders, and family murders or suicides involving wrongful custody directives. It is the supposition of the experts of this Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts that this substantial increase can be directly traced to a judicial and court official culture of not only indifference to the suffering of the litigants before them but also tone deafness to the complaints of the parents seeking rescue for their children.

It is obvious that a deeper and more profound derivation for this deranged indifference to suffering can be sought in the messages embraced through the engagement and acceptance of the concept of parental alienation well articulated by Richard Gardner.

The concept of parental alienation at its core concludes that allegations of child sexual abuse are false, and that is because the attitudes towards adults having sex with children are a product of a puritanical and unrealistic view of human sexuality, as Richard Gardner projects in his writings.

Richard Gardner’s unscientific and altered reality proposes that children are, in fact, sexual beings capable of experiencing orgasm basically from birth and that children themselves advocate for sexual activity with adults. These are the projections of a deranged mind who studied children and projected the content of his own warped, aggressive, hostile, and depraved sexual drive.

Gardner, as an adult was filled with hate and rage, perhaps because of perverse projections supplemented by the struggles associated with his own deformed genitalia related to hypospadias never corrected by surgery. He projected a view of children as little predators with conscious malevolence who set out to entrap adults into sexual activity for which the adult would then be penalized. In his own words, Gardner claims that pedophilia is the norm in most cultures and that western cultures are inhibited. He states that pedophilia is a natural phenomenon that can enhance the survival of the species. He says, “Normal children express a wide variety of sexual fantasies and behaviors, many of which would be labeled as sick or even perverted if engaged in by adults.” Throughout his writings, Gardner declares that most children can reach orgasm at the time that they are born and they develop strong sexual urges during the first years of life and initiate sexual encounters with adults.

These projections are physiologically and scientifically incorrect. The interpretations of childhood play and fantasy for experimenting and experiencing life encounters as part of socialization are turned into a depraved self-serving interpretation of a child’s motivation; not as a developmental process of socialization, but an interpretation that serves and justifies adult perversion.

Gardner states through his writings that the sexually abused child may be considered to be the victim, even though the child may “initiate sexual encounters by seducing the adult.” He suggests that the sexual relationship induced by the child suggests that the child has seduced the adult. This projects a level of consciousness, planning, and intent that is far beyond the mental capacities of young children, pre-latency. Gardner projects that if the sexual relationship between an adult and a child is discovered, the child is likely to implicate the adult as the seducer so that the adult will be blamed for the sexual initiation invited by the child.

Richard Gardner, who wrote over 200 articles and 40 books in which his conceptualizations of childhood sexuality and adult innocence are clearly explicated in terms that are the product of a deranged mind, studied children. His books on childhood therapy and interpretations of children’s behavior from the basis of his own perverted and dangerous sexual theories deny any and all views of children as innocents evolving as human beings with thoughts, feelings, and understandings.

We can only speculate that Richard Gardner’s pathology has been implemented in the service of a profession of law as practiced in family courts that can only be described as an amoral practice that panders to child trafficking.

And yet the concept of parental alienation and the multiple consequences that the theory has generated birthed the evolution of a cottage industry of services that support and implement what can only be described as systemic fraud. The fraudulent services have profited and pushed their agenda by being utilized in a series of court services in the form of so-called evaluators, therapists, and endless courses marketed by bar associations across the country.

The court system has become a vehicle for child trafficking, a sentiment that is justified and emotionally made satisfying by the thought that children are not innocent or vulnerable, and are not subject to pain and suffering. This is perpetuated by the false belief that children are their own progenitors of the harmful acts, and that the acts are inspired by the child to ensnare the adult who has suddenly taken the place of what we understood as childhood innocence.

The public has been subject to unscientific and depraved concepts that are populating the practices of high-conflict custody litigation in family courts. This is a practice that has been growing and evolving since the 1980s; now five generations of children have been sacrificed at the altar of greed and avarice and an increasingly amoral and uncivilized society.

The experts of the Foundation may be crying out in the wind, but it is in the spirit of other martyrs to the truth. The Foundation moves forward with confronting the false prophets and the amoral legal population responsible for what we project as generations of genocide in the destruction of families and our most treasured resource, our children.

In response to the blindness and denial that has beset our culture, the Foundation is launching the Accountability Project, which will be seeking to provide instruments to all court litigants, and which will capture the experience of being subject to the illegitimate practices of juvenile, dependency, and family courts across the country. We will be publishing more about this project in articles to come.

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