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The Missouri Missing Children in the Kristi Gilley Case

This mother ran to protect her children against documented heinous abuses sustained over years.

Lies and larceny surrounding this case add to the obfuscation of facts surrounding the frantic need to protect the children from heinous abuse that had been occurring for years.

Evidence of abuse and judicial malfeasance via inability to access the court by a pro se litigant created a failure of any and all ability to protect the children.

The Missouri case was not in Missouri. The public needs to know that the news disseminated by unknown entities is false, and further reporting on the case will be based on litigation in the Missouri Supreme Court and beyond.

The missing children are missing. We have no proof of life and no idea as to what geographical state they are in, nor are we aware of their physical and emotional state of health.

Their last words to the police were, “What about our rights? What about our safety? We are not safe with him. We will not go with him.”

The police said, “You will go with him, and you will go with him now.”

The public needs to know that the public does not know the facts that drove a mother to flee for her own life and the lives of her children that remained unprotected by the family courts in multiple jurisdictions.

Family courts across the country are protecting predators, and protective parents often run to protect children as prosecutors continue to fail vulnerable victims.



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