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A Letter From Hell – The Words Of A  Victim – Sentenced To Reunification With A Depraved Abuser

When your crazed, insane, criminal spouse hates you, has  money  and access to the keys to the amoral attorneys and officers of the courts who populate the U.S. Juvenile, dependency and family court systems, they can exert the most excruciating and cruel unimaginable torture to make the life of their spouse an ongoing living hell.

The name of that torture is “reunification therapy”. This is the technique developed to drive the anti-science, anti-medical and anti-psychiatric models of medicine and psychiatric treatment.

“Reunification therapy” was generated by  Richard Gardner, MD, the author of “parental alienation,” which created a cottage industry of deniers of child sexual abuse, those who force children into the custody of their abusers. A plethora of criminal, psychopathic followers have flocked to the money-making scam that is designated by courts across the United States as “reunification therapy”.

With a court order issued by judges, initiated by purveyors of false narratives, with state generic “therapy” licenses to practice a form of “treatment” that does not exist as a clinical or scientific intellectual model, children are being driven into the autocratic control of those with the authority to break their will, control and distort their consciousness, and drive them to madness and suicide.

A parent whose two teenage daughters were acutely self-harming and suicidal, freed from the court-imposed torture  are thriving in a post-reunification therapy world. The desperation of the provider whose authority has been challenged and is being overridden in a desperate last minute power grab wrote this email.

I need you to call me asap. I know you will be going to court on Wednesday and should be exchanging the girls and the program will start right away.

Since you have to pay for this, I need you to make the payment asap also. You can call me and I can transfer it from your bank account, use a credit card as we did last time. You have several choices on how to pay. The cost is the same $16,000.00 all due immediately. 

I have included a paper I need you to sign and email back to me asap also. Please make sure this done. I have also included the intake form that we will also need back. It is easy to fill out. You will know all the information.

Then there is a question about your therapist. Being you have continued doing all the things that you should have stopped, it is obvious that the [therapist] is not helping you or things would have improved. So be looking for a therapist you haven’t seen before and Linda [Gottlieb] will interview them to make sure they can do this case. I would look for a LMFT Licensed therapist and it would also be very good if she had knowledge in alienation.

If you have any questions you can call or we will go over them when you make payment. My number is . . . . You can call this weekend please.  I also would like to set up a zoom call with both of you on Wednesday evening.

 The response to that provider is a torrent of malpractice and child endangerment law suits, as criminal charges are being pursued through consultation with our criminal attorney team.

Courts across the USA with the assistance of bar association courses such as this one are teaching techniques to undermine, disregard, negate the words and behaviors of children that depict their experiences of agony and despair. In fact, children are viewed by officers of the courts as liars, manipulators, seeking to falsely blame you, the vulnerable adults, for the depraved acts that you vulnerable adults are seduced into by that little sexual predator that you now lovingly hold in your arms.

The public should read Richard Gardner in his own words as well as listen to the words of judges as they discredit the testimony of children stating that the children are being coached….and the protective parent is a Munchausen by proxy parent. These are false arguments that are entirely without any foundation whatsoever.

Listen to the pronouncements of judges that now repeatedly state that unless your child ends up in a hospital with injuries that can be diagnosed as sexual abuse, and unless you are murdered by your spouse, we do not believe you! The FCVFC will publish transcripts of proceedings in which judges have made these statements.

Children are nothing more than empty vessels to be filled with the ideas of the manipulative parent – the alienator  – who seeks to deprive (the abuser) of the ability to act out in any destructive manner they wish, in order to exercise their own perverted, depraved instincts and to simultaneously exert the most excruciating, endless pain on the protective parent, who is rendered helpless by court orders and restraining orders to protect their child from access to the abuser.

Whether by actual custody transfer and isolation of the child with the person who sees the child as the object of the means of torture, or by the slow inculcation of the message that you are helpless to defy my control enforced by the implementation of video meetings with an abuser, multiple times a week, the message is, “You are helpless. I am in control, directly, indirectly, subliminally, because I am in that child’s mind and your mind, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I am in control!

Nothing better exemplifies the remote-control influence exerted by an abuser.

The case above is in California and the case below is in Florida, but the cases span the nation. In both cases the dynamics are those of “parental alienation,” and the tactics used to implement transfer of children into the custody of abusers can be as simple and direct as a court order or as complex as ordering the children of parents with deep pockets into “reunification therapy” programs that are based on the concept of programs that are known to use techniques associated with mind control torture. (These issues will be more deeply explored in articles to come.)

Below are the words of a child rescued from years of inconceivable horror as she  is compelled to return to her abuser. She feels compelled to escape from the safety of her protector because internally she believes there is no escape.

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I never came out of my room I’m sorry that I never spend time with you and lastly I’m sorry that I have to leave you this letter. The truth is I’m depressed, I’m depressed and I don’t wanna live anymore I hate my life … 

The reason this child is writing about how much she hates her life has to do with the failure of her attempt to communicate with the court and the inability of her mother to advocate for her in any manner shape or form. This is what she said. This is a family, these are siblings who joined together to bear the burden of sexual abuse by a deranged parent. They have worked together to share the burden of being heinously sexually abused by a parent who devours each and every one of them on an ongoing basis. They have given up their lives for each other and their hope for rescue is gone.

Reasons why me and my younger sister should no longer live with our biological father. For one he abuses us in n many different ways such as verbally mentally emotionally, and had previously sexually abused me and my older sister. Now that alone should be enough reasoning but let me give you more. On a regular basis P— will use vulgar language sometimes leaving me and my youngest sister crying. He is constantly telling us about all the “chicks” he talks to then continues on to explain what type of sexual interaction they have or he wants to have with them. There has been multiple times where he is looking at nude photos he receives from girls in front of me and my sisters he also taught my younger sister at the bright age of eight years old what sexual intercourse was in detail. P— is non stop body shaming S—which sometimes leads to starving her as he calls “fasting”. He also has a past of beating me and my younger sister whenever he feels the need to take out his anger. P— will also badmouth my mom 24/7 and if we choose to disagree with him he will then start to have a major episode. Continuously he speaks about how he’s going to kill himself and who he’s going to kill before he does which is called his hit list as he likes to say

The destruction of a democratic society begins with the minds of our children, either by their utter personal immobilization or the creation/proliferation of the predators who molded them.

Time is running out as this plague of implementing a psychotic fabrication has been populating the narrative since the1980’s and is moving with warp speed.



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