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Turning Points for Families and their “Reunification Services”

Below is a letter to one of our clients from the organization known as “Turning Points for Families,” a provider of “reunification services,” headed by Linda Gottlieb, above.

I need you to call me asap. I know you will be going to court on Wednesday and should be exchanging the girls and the program will start right away.

Since you have to pay for this, I need you to make the payment asap also. You can call me and I can transfer it from your bank account, use a credit card as we did last time. You have several choices on how to pay. The cost is the same $16,000.00 all due immediately. 

I have included a paper I need you to sign and email back to me asap also. Please make sure this done. I have also included the intake form that we will also need back. It is easy to fill out. You will know all the information.

Then there is a question about your therapist. Being you have continued doing all the things that you should have stopped, it is obvious that the is not helping you or things would have improved. So be looking for a therapist you haven’t seen before and Linda will interview them to make sure they can do this case. I would look for a LMFT Licensed therapist and it would also be very good if she had knowledge in alienation.

If you have any questions you can call or we will go over them when you make payment. My number is . . . . You can call this weekend please.  I also would like to set up a zoom call with both of you on Wednesday evening.

Turning Points has recently been in the center of a notorious controversy involving two teenagers who are barricaded in their room because they refuse to go to the father who has been substantiated as having sexually abused them.

Why do they have to go? Because the family court ordered them to, in spite of evidence.

This case is not that different from hundreds of others, except for one thing. The 15-year-old son has been live-streaming their barricade for a month. It is a stand-off, a showdown.

How will it end? That remains to be seen. But Turning Points is the notorious “reunification services” organization that stands ready to whisk the children off to their abuser father as soon as the police get them out of the bedroom.

Of course this is embarrassing. The head of Turning Points, Linda Gottlieb, has requested that a gag order be placed over parents and children who refuse to comply, apparently so her organization won’t be besmirched.

Read the ProPublica article here.


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