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Forced Reunification Services Ordered by Family Courts Across the Country—How to Stop the Madness

The Dark Side of Forced Reunification Madness

The definition of insanity is believing that doing the same thing over and over will somehow produce a different outcome. Courts have been doing the same thing over and over since in the 1980s Richard Gardener, MD, introduced the term “parental alienation” as a way to defend 300 men accused of incest with their children. His defense of probable cause was used to discredit allegations of horrendous crimes.

Richard Gardner’s expedient defense morphed into the buzzword used in courtrooms across the country. Parents who wanted to protect their children from an abusive spouse found that counts now considered them to be liars and accused them of being “parent alienators.”

Courts stopped protecting children who had suffered atrocities at the hands of an abusive parents. The term “parental alienation” worked like magical words to allow the courts to both ignore the statements children made about the abuse they had suffered and also ignore the children’s pleas for protection from the abusive parent.

An amoral legal profession embraced the money-making scheme of opening a pandora’s box of evil that condemned children to isolation from their known abusive parent. The ramifications altered the abused children’s characters and personalities and forever changed for the worse the course of their lives.

Gardner launched a cottage industry that lined the pockets of a plethora of racketeering lawyers, evaluators, and other court actors who separated protective parents from both their children and their money.

The parent who wants to protect their children from an abusive parent is now forced to run the gauntlet of a legal system that is now set up to defend the abuser. The state has pre-ordained a system that gives maximum financial benefit to the lawyers and predatory psychological partitioners who are involved in the practices of what has become known as Reunification Services.

Reunification Services Two-Pronged Approach

One part of the Reunification Services approach focuses on the safe parent who brings an accusation of abuse. Reunification Services uses a process of mind-control and re-education intended to get that safe parent to support the child’s contact with the parent they accused of abuse. Retracting the claim of abuse is a critical part of the mantra that the protective parent is forced to adopt.

The other part of the Reunification Services approach is aimed at the children who reported the abuse of a parent. Using mind-control and re-education, those delivering Reunification Services work to convince the children that what they believe happened to them was instead an idea implanted into their heads by the safe parent who—according to Reunification Services—was hostile to the other parent and imparted a message of danger and undesirability to the child.

This brainwashing process ends with reunifying children with their abusers. The term is not “alleged” abusers because we refer to cases where the abuse is clear and convincing beyond a reasonable doubt based on statements and behavioral manifestations of the children subject to the abuse. See this article for more.

The Harmful Effects of This Insanity

The insanity continues when court actors can maximize child-support payments by juggling custody assignments and categorizing their assignments in such a manner as to allow for the use of federal funding for payment of judges and evaluators who are part of reunification programs. All of this is for programs that are not in the best interest of children—rather, they have been demonstrated to have no interest in children or their welfare.

The insanity continues when children are transferred into the hands of their abusers despite the well-documented outcomes of this distress of children and the extended families of children who have been subject to this detrimental treatment. The guise of parental alienation rhetoric has formed an assembly-line slaughterhouse process that follows from the directives of this court process.

Like Pandora’s box of horrors, the growth of the parental alienation industry has generated the services of reunification therapists who remove children from a protective parent to bring about the so-called reunification with the abusive parent—if the child was ever, in fact, separated from the abuser by the court.

That reunification process involves the elimination of the child’s thought processes and understanding that they have been abused and harmed. And that thought process is replaced by a new iteration of the relationship under the term “reunification.

The impact of teaching children not to listen to the evidence of their own experience and judgment is a form of torture that produces the life-long incapacity to make or trust independent judgment in primal relationships. The end product of so-called reunification therapy is tantamount to a permanent lobotomy.

The public desperately needs to become aware of the fraud and malfeasance enacted by judges who are protected by absolute immunity. Besides the judges, some complicit legal practitioners argue both the defense and prosecution of so-called alienators to receive engorged fees while they ignore their ethical and fiduciary responsibility to truth and the law.

The public needs to give up their trust in a legal profession that has proven itself unworthy by the continuing insanity of harming desperate parents and endangered children.

Hope for Stopping This Madness

There is a legal framework to counter the bad-faith actions of court actors that do not function within the boundaries and definitions of immunity.  Years of expert evaluation and intervention with families impacted by the custody transfer from protective parents to the custody of abusers have yielded ways to address both the civil and criminal fraud and malfeasance implicit in the bad-faith actions of judges and other officers.

Laws have existed for years that provide protection and freedom from abuse. Protecting evidence by understanding the verbal and behavioral statements of children, including very young children, is the fabric of the legal defenses that empower protective parents and free children from their abusers.

Some who could wade into the fray to protect children have been too fearful to risk their professional reputation and position. Others have become powerful and wealthy because they rely on the family court mechanisms that can best be described as child trafficking.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts knows how to defend our clients and prosecute those who seek to entrap children and protective parents in a morass of dangerous and distractive mind-control techniques that seek to undermine reality testing and judgment.

Bar associations have developed courses to teach lawyers how to ignore the protestations and accusations of children who have deeply suffered at the hands of a parent who is exempt from prosecution because the abuse took place in the course of marital dissolution. It’s time to stop the mounting numbers of murders, suicides, and mental illness that experts have documented in five generations of young people affected by family court dysfunction and criminality.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts continues to raise the clarion call of danger to the public interest by current practices related to parental alienation and this further danger of reunification services. The FCVFC advocates, litigates, and seeks prosecution on behalf of children and protective parents who have unjustly suffered and are suffering due to the criminal enterprise currently known as the family court system across the United States.

For the madness to end, children must be prevented from being drawn into so-called reunification therapy and all reunification programs must no longer be allowed to exist.

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