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“Reunification Therapy”   This Is How It Starts  With A Court Order And The Cops: The Words Of Two Sisters

Tuesday March 21, 2023 at approximately 10 am, I woke up, put mascara and eyeliner on, got dressed, and heard my dad on the phone talking about 2 guys at our front door. My thoughts immediately went to the police that my mom called. I went downstairs to find two sheriffs at my front door. My dad told my sister and me that my mom filed something to get my sister and me to go to her house for some custody thing. Then he proceeded to go outside and talk to the sheriffs. He came back inside and told my sister that the sheriff was called to take us to the police station.

My sister and I got in the sheriff’s vehicle and proceeded to drive to the police station where we sat in a waiting room for about an hour, bawling our eyes out. My dad left with sheriff 1 to attend the court hearing. A couple more minutes passed, sheriff 2 told my sister and me that we needed to head to the courthouse to be more accessible. About 5-10 more minutes later, sheriff 1 told us that my mom had something to say to us and that she would be coming into the room soon.

As soon as my mom walked into the room, I immediately felt an immense amount of fear. She proceeded to tell us that we were going [across the country] to New York. I was horrified. I didn’t have any say in this. I didn’t want to go, and I broke into tears and froze.

My sister started yelling “I am not going to New York, I am not getting on a plane with you.” That went on for a couple minutes, my mom was telling my sister that she had to, and that it was a court order. I said “l want to kill myself” at least 5 times, but no one did anything about it.

He said we had 3 options, one option was to go to New York and stay there for however long it was going to last and then we would come to and be with our dad again, and apparently this was the quickest way that we would be able to get my dad again.

Option two was we do not give up our phones and drag this out for however long, head home with our mom and remain in our mom’s care until we do go to New York and just make the time we can’t see or talk to our dad drag out even longer.

Option three was rehousing, going with two completely different parents that could or could maybe not be better than our current parents and we just live like that for the rest of our lives.

I was horrified. I gave up my phone in fear that I would never see my dad again. I didn’t want to go to New York with someone I absolutely despised, nor did I want to remain in her care.

The sheriffs started praising my saying, “Thank you for being the bigger person and giving up your phone.” My mom and the sheriffs continued to repeat that we just had to go to the other state and get this all over with, that if there was a better option we wouldn’t be doing this. My sister proceeded to hit the table. “l AM NOT GOING TO NEW YORK. ”

My mom then hit the table even harder. “l AM YOUR MOTHER AND WILL NOT TAKE THIS DISRESPECT FROM YOU,” making my fears worse. I backed up into a corner. My mom proceeded to tell the sheriffs, “you see that, she’s overreacting” and pointing at my sister.

By now all my mascara was cried off. My sister made a call, and I think that she told her what was going on currently, her phone was loud enough that the sheriffs and I could hear it. Sheriff 2 told my sister that the person she called could get arrested for custodial interference. My sister didn’t give up the phone nor did she hang up, which I am so proud of her for.

The sheriffs made more threats, saying that they will call a transportation thing that will handcuff us, take us to their car and drive us across the country and back for 3-5 days. They kept repeating these same threats over and over again for 3 hours. Those 3 hours felt like weeks. I was horrified and in shock, I dissociated for about half of it—it’s my way of mentally getting out of stressful situations. I barely remember anything since I was not mentally there.

My sister came over to me and wrote notes on her phone that I HAD to be suicidal, which I already currently was but I showed it.

The sheriffs told us that they legally have to take us to the hospital if we make threats like that. She got an ambulance called for her, sheriff 1 drove me to the hospital in his car.

How the sheriffs made me feel

The sheriff made me feel scared and that there was no choice but to go on a plane across the country with someone I despised, they made me feel hopeless and like I had no choice but to go, they made me feel suicidal. I was in so much fear that I would never see my dad again that I just gave in, I had no idea what to do, I’m only 14, I didn’t want to lose the only person I’ve had for so long that cares and loves me unconditionally.


After a couple of minutes of driving to the hospital we checked in, got put onto beds and changed into disposable clothing. I was still crying and scared, I didn’t want to go to New York with my mom, I wasn’t sure how long they would hold us.

A couple hours passed and my mind was just filled with horrible thoughts, horrible ways this could all go wrong. My sister and I were moved to the hallway, in front of the front desk where we were met with our sitters (people that watch over us so that we don’t commit suicide). Anytime that I woke up from my sleep I just thought about my dad, how much I missed him, which made me cry. All I could think about in that hospital was seeing my dad, being able to hug him, I couldn’t even text him or call him.

I was so scared that after all of this I would still have to go to New York with my mom. If I went with her I was sure that I would kill myself right then and there. I just kept trying to sleep to stop my thoughts, all they would do is make me more scared and more emotional. It was just the words “you can’t stop the inevitable from happening, you are going to have to go to New York no matter what”. That was just about what was going through my mind those past two days. For a day and a half my sister and I were sleeping in the hallway, until we were finally moved to a room, where we called our dad. I was so happy to hear his voice and to talk to him, I missed him so much.

My sister and I hung out there and just watched shows and kept each other company. The social worker came in with a doctor, I don’t remember his name exactly but he was kind and caring. We told him what happened on Tuesday. They told us that they aren’t releasing us into the care of someone we don’t feel comfortable or safe with. My dad walked into the room and I was so happy I can’t even describe how I felt when I saw him for the first time in 2 days.


Another Family Annihilating court system, this one  in New Haven, Connecticut.

Judge Jane K. Grossman had removed and permanently isolated three very young children in the custody of their documented sexual abusers.

Judge Jane K. Grossman and GAL William JBR Brown were recently served with Federal Complaints. Judge Jane K. Grossman has yet to respond, but GAL Brown hired two attorneys to represent him.

The current victims, subject of this Federal Complaint, are the only CT clients of the FCVFC who have agreed to move forward with aggressive litigation against the well known, well documented vicious predatory court  actors who are the subjects of the current Federal Complaint. Prior Protective Parent  victims’ children were subjects of brutal, beyond imagination cruelty documented by the FCVFC. When clients blocked interventions to litigate, prosecute and expose the child trafficking, exploitation of families that was being committed by the court actors who are now the subjects of this litigation there was nothing that we could do to protect the parents or their children, and the court was empowered to act at will.

The colluding, conspiring, lying testimony solicited and promoted by officers of the Jane K. Grossman Court destroyed the lives of six children of whom we have detailed, intimate knowledge of their lives and suffering. Their parents were subdued and proceeded like lambs to the slaughter in the executioner’s court of Jane K. Grossman.

The suit just filed presents a clarion call attesting to the sadism and brutality of  individuals whose intellect and training advances the pathology of  characters who thrive on ability to direct and prolong the acute suffering of the litigants forced into their authority.

Attorneys and experts for the victims noted in the Federal case have as yet not yet been disclosed, but it is the intention of the FCVFC in support of our client to litigate and prosecute this case without fear, to impose fairness, due process and full transparency in order to free these children, subjects of known ongoing abuse, and to plow the pathway for all suffering child victims of the family courts across the USA.


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