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The Role Of Journalists In Failing To Report Family Court Corruption

The Role Of Journalists In Failing To Report Family Court CorruptionA   California journalist wrote asking for an interview.

Hello FCVFC,

I am a reporter with the San Francisco Public Press. I am deeply interested in reporting on domestic violence and child abuse issues. Last year I did a three-part series on a new California law called Coercive Control (please see links below) that won a 22 Society for Professional Journalists of Northern California award.

As you may have heard, Sen. Susan Rubio last year tried to introduce a bill called Piqui’s law to protect children from abusive parents following a divorce. Backlash from the Judicial Council of California forced Rubio to withdraw the bill. She is currently working on a revamped bill that she may be introducing soon. On reporting on that issue, I touched upon the practice of reunification therapy which sucked me into the subject and got me interested in making a deep dive into it.

I would very much like to interview Jill Jones Soderman to get a better understanding of this, and am writing this to ask if she is available to speak to me sometime in the very near future. Please let me know.

BTW, I [have] been reading Jill’s fearless articles on this subject.

This is my response.

When we spoke and I shared my views on the current state of Family Court Corruption, It was clear that you had another storyline in mind and so with fear and trembling in your voice, quoted your editor echoing her caution to ” vet ” the source…..

hopefully not to simply discredit the truth of the urgency for our children and our Democracy – because the lives of both are in great peril!

I do hope that you have the courage to write something that is beyond the headline grabbing, useless nonsense that litters the literature and militates against the exposure required for full and complete criminal investigation of the USA Family Court System JUVENILE, DEPENDENCY, FAMILY COURTS AND DCF ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

You need to review the articles on our web site about Jennifer Dulos and stop reporting issues that are diversions from the issue that Jennifer Dulos was murdered by her husband, who finally committed suicide when his conviction for murder was without question.

Jennifer Dulos’s murder would never have been investigated if Dr. Michael Stone had not forced the Connecticut Police to investigate the crime and the FCVFC did not reinforce the communications to multiple authorities about the malpractice of treating psychiatrists and litigating family lawyers representing Ms. Dulos, as they failed to confront the child abuse taking place. The three psychiatrists who were treating the Dulos children undoubtedly knew that the children were being sexually abused by their father, never reported the abuse, never wrote about the abuse, and allowed Jennifer Dulos to lose the Protective Order that temporarily provided some protection for her and her children.

The critically important DV issues are worthless red herrings when discussing her case, meaningless in terms of the real import of her case and important concepts of Coercive Control etc. have absolutely no impact on the courts at all!!!

DV training only means more vacations for judges for conferences paid by taxpayer money – driven by child support incentives for funding from the Federal Government to the states.

Journalists have been looking in all the wrong places – while children are dying, along with their Protective Parents. These nonsensical “interpretations” for, these self-serving intellectual book selling exercises in courts, conferences generating marketing ploys generate fortunes for the predator population who research, teach, lecture, and use the suffering population of parents as lab rats in programs like DV LEAP. The predator population of experts who create reports that are works of defamation and fiction to the courts controlled by lawyers and a legal system that has no interest in protecting children.

 DV programs need to supply victims with lawyers to defend them and their children from their abusers. DV programs are nothing but useless cash cows that put very damaged, traumatized victims of abuse in a holding cell where they are unable to move beyond the tragedy of their lives, circumstances partly because of their own self sabotaging, repetition compulsion behavior. Victims of terrible abuse do not receive intensive treatment in the form of every possible psychotherapeutic intervention available to address the consequences of long term and short term trauma suffered by DV victims and their children.

Families whose fortunes are exhausted in their desperate attempts to pay for betrayal at the hands of experts and litigators who know what should be done and do not do it are left childless and destitute by the collusion, racketeering and multiple bad faith, bad acts and overall consciously sadistic, malevolent machinations of officers of the courts.

Journalists need to read  court transcripts and learn of the proper court interventions in the form of scholarly legal writing and not the mickey mouse, useless, hackneyed nonsense of illiterate, amoral bottom feeder, lying attorneys who prey on vulnerable populations incapable of knowing what is wrong with the detritus presented to them by attorneys in the marketplace.

The population that journalists view as the sources of their stories are those with the power and ear of the public to do something – and they do nothing that means anything to address the immense magnitude of the child trafficking epidemic across the USA and the entire world.  The USA family court system has become over the past 50 years of the poisoning perverted litany of parental alienation the source of a mantra that there is no child sexual abuse…………because children are sexual beings that sneakily lure innocent adult men into sexual contact and then evade responsibility for the evil acts of the children. 

The upside down world reinvented by Richard Gardner MD has turned the world of science, religion, psychiatry upside down and inside out. The introduction of probable deniability has become the new sin introduced not by Eve but by the legal profession 

 All that has been known and accepted and valued as sacred in society has been discarded to traffic children for money as directed by the legal machinations of amoral attorney practices and politicians who have learned to weaponize and incentivize child support.

The circular file of those who preach to a familiar choir, those who know the truth about judges and the pariah population of so called “evaluators” and experts who condemn children to the torture of “Reunification Therapy ” remain veritably silent, useless, and part of the problem.

They are part of the income stream from torturing children, sending them to certain death via programs that are dedicated to programming that tells children that what they thought was abuse isn’t and who they thought they loved and protected are actually their deceivers and abusers. 

The family courts have become conveyor belts to hell and certain destruction. Children who are not psychologically destroyed are characterologically destroyed as those who identify with their abusers become the abusers that society should most fear and will become aware of exactly why this new generation of criminals will be more populace and more vicious than ever known before. 

The evidence so prevalent before us of an explosion of drug addiction, childhood depression and suicides, the presence of family annihilators  has been suppressed.

The acknowledgment of a viciously destructive family court system has been kept a secret with  diversion of attention and the intellectual distraction of interesting narratives that serve the money pipeline of child trafficking through the family. courts.

Jill Jones Soderman




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