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Complaint Against A Nefarious Attorney: The Depraved Indifference To Fiduciary Responsibility To Clients And Their Children

Complaint Against A Nefarious Attorney: The Depraved Indifference To Fiduciary Responsibility To Clients And Their Children

The following complaint against a particular attorney was sent to the State Bar of the state of residence of our client (the Defendant in the case) as well as pertinent others.

Though redacted, this complaint still gives a very clear picture of the “legal” process in family court that is driven by sadism, self-interest, and lust for financial gain. The sadistic psychopathic personalities of court actors allow them to behave with depraved indifference to the human suffering that they cause by ravaging and plundering people’s lives and financial assets.


I bring these complaints as a forensic expert and the Director of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. I am also the Administrator for the law firm the Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest, a whistleblower law firm. By training and experience, I am a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, mediator, and child advocate. The foundations I lead are tasked with evaluating, litigating, and seeking prosecution of all those officers of the court and court actors who violate the due process and protected civil rights of vulnerable children and protective parents.


Please be advised of the following detailed complaints against the law license of Attorney [redacted], to be referred to throughout the complaint documenting his pattern of lies, deceit, abuse of the legal process.

As a result of the aggressive, vexatious, egregious, defaming litigation meant to threaten, intimidate, and destroy the Defendant, who is a client of the FCVFC, extensive documentation of the lies, larceny and suspected criminal and civil racketeering are being sent to the State Bar and other oversight agencies, to report the bad acts of this individual.

These complaints are in advance of malpractice actions being prepared against this attorney for multiple acts of fraud, malfeasance, deceit, contempt for any and all legitimate legal process and assertions. This attorney is being referred to criminal authorities for racketeering and possible bank fraud. A pattern of discernible, documented lies suggest a criminal turn of mind that is both psychiatrically diagnosable as a criminal personality disorder, to be discussed in the section of this complaint dealing with the HARE Scale.

This licensed attorney in this state creates questions as to the credibility of the licensing authorities governing this state, and for that reason this complaint and all attendant documentation is being forwarded to the Office of the Federal Attorney General, Merrick Garland, as well as the state’s Attorney General.

No matter how much money this attorney spends on reputation repair, his bad acts cannot be suppressed. A search of the legal literature exhumes the stench of the bad acts of this credibly diagnosable criminal. This Bar Association will be held accountable for any failure to take action against this thoroughly despicable individual. Shame on this body for having allowed this predator to continue to practice in the State when credible complaints against this practitioner have been filed on behalf of the Defendant in the recent past. Our client and his three young children do not deserve to have their lives destroyed by this attorney’s ability to wield power and authority vested with respect and scholarly knowledge of the law.

An intensive and extensive review of the entire legal file, with exhibits attached for each accusation against this attorney regarding this particular case, reveals considerable evidence of vexatious litigation, defamation, and falsification of evidence that this attorney contrived in order to gain an advantage for himself and his client, with depraved indifference to the harm that his actions would cause our client and his three children.

This attorney’s separation of this loving father from his three children has caused irreparable harm and suffering to these children. The harm to the children will be documented along with the suffering experienced by their heartbroken father, who daily fears for the welfare and wellbeing of his children.

Complaint #1: Misrepresentation of finances and theft

The persistent attempts to misrepresent our client’s financial estate by inflating his income and assets in order to profit from them are the subjects of investigation by all agencies that provide oversight and investigate financial fraud.

This attorney has barred the father of these children from any knowledge of their well-being or any information about their health, schooling, or even proof of life. This attorney has instructed and aided his client in violating the court’s custody order and refusing to allow the children to see their father.

In this trumped-up action against him, the Defendant went through a full forensic psychiatric evaluation with an acknowledged world-famous forensic psychiatrist, an expert in the area of personality disorder and psychopathy. The entire legal and psychiatric file was reviewed by this psychiatrist as is the routine practiced by this expert upon taking on the type of high-conflict custody cases known to him.

The manner in which this attorney has conducted the litigation in evidence at the point that this expert psychiatrist took on our client as his own client caused the psychiatrist to advise against releasing any and all records to this attorney. The renowned psychiatrist evaluated this attorney to be an individual lacking in veracity, credibility, or trustworthiness, so the advice was to have no sensitive documentation shared with him. Instead, the psychiatrist recommended that all records be sealed against any and all contact with this attorney using the HIPAA protections and precautions lawfully placed to protect the abuse and misuse of documents by abuser lawyers who without conscience or remorse feel free to violate their own fiduciary responsibility to the clients they represent.

This attorney has lied to his own client by stealing money from her via theft of funds from his Trust Account, fraudulent billing on multiple occasions, and causing her to betray her maternal responsibility of care to her children by alienating her from a husband who she could have separated from and divorced without destroying multiple lives. The circle of harm is like ripples from a stone tossed in a pond.

This attorney has alienated the Plaintiff in this action from any relationship with her former husband, though no actions the Defendant had ever taken in the course of their marriage ever rose to any credible level to warrant the mistrust and alienation to which both parties of the divorce have been subject. The Plaintiff in this action is helpless before the duplicity and plunder of her assets now being enacted by this attorney. In fact, this attorney was responsible for moving the family from a spacious lakefront home into a two-bedroom apartment that is more expensive than the property the family shared. We have full and complete documentation that this attorney has stolen funds from the sale of the family home, defrauding the Plaintiff of funds owed to her and funds that should have been credited to the Defendant. Multiple other financial records have been falsified by this attorney. We have proof that he has been financially defrauding the mother of our client’s children, exhausting her resources for his own benefit.

Why this attorney has not been disbarred for stealing / manipulating funds from his attorney Trust account is a mystery. The full accounting and documenting of his fraud are in our custody and are being disseminated to all relevant authorities so that the answer to this mystery and an accounting will be made of any and all responsibility in this crime.

Complaint #2: Excessive financial burden

We can say with some certainty that this attorney and his client in this case have caused harm with a divorce process that was consciously intended to abuse, take advantage of, and undermine our client’s capacity to support himself. This attorney and his client have operated with disregard for our client’s ability to care for and protect himself, to have a life after the divorce, and to maintain a credible parental position and relationship with his children following the divorce.

At the onset of the divorce, income was imputed to our client that was far in excess of his ability to pay $8500 per month for child support. In addition, beyond child support, the court order also demanded payments of attorney’s fees, a $2.2 million money judgment, and court-ordered interest rate of 19.53 percent or $34,700 per month. This attorney has continually sabotaged the ability to come to a financial settlement, attempting to force the liquidation of the Defendant’s business, which profits would then be funneled into this attorney’s own Trust Account.

The utterly unconscionable cruelty with which the child support fees were exacted placed our client in the position of repeatedly having to appear in court, which caused additional accumulation of his own attorney fees, in excess of $150,000, and on top of that the fees due to this attorney for advocating for his own client.

The forthcoming documents reveal the aggressive manner in which this attorney not only aggressively demanded funds but sought to further punish our client by seeking another incarceration for Contempt of Court that has never occurred and never should have been charged.

Complaint #3: Frivolous court actions and excessive court burden

Records reveal a capacity of this attorney to manipulate, maneuver, insinuate false commentary via hearsay statements or random testimony introduced into the record without evidence, with the clear and present intention to unduly and unfairly move the judicial platform that should be the trier of fact in a direction that is filled with hearsay, falsities, and elaborate emotion.

Upon last review, this attorney had filed 300-400 documents requiring responses in rapid fire succession. The filings are repetitive, filled with false allegations, insinuations, charges that are false, defamatory, and clearly meant to be threatening, intimidating, overwhelming in volume and technical acumen required.

Documentation reveals that this attorney placed gasoline on a fire that he himself started, in order to enrich himself and those whom we suggest are parties to the feeding frenzy to be feasted upon as he gains access to the largess of assets that he illegally has sought to seize through these illegitimate court proceedings.

The entire course of litigation has redefined the magnitude of flailing and mudslinging of a family court case that should have been amicably settled outside of court between the parties for the benefit of their three children. A divorce that was originally more amicable became a contentious, hostile battleground, in which the young children became cannon fodder.

Complaint #4: Repeated pattern of lies and deceit

Attached is a list of accounts and associated documents that chronicle the lies immortalized in the legal documents prepared by this attorney. The lies are gratuitous and easily disproved if they were not given a pass by the Judge. Complaints against the Judge in the form of Federal Complaints lodged against the abuse and violations of his scope of immunity are being prepared and will be filed shortly along with the request for a jury trial.

Perhaps officers of this State court are so used to being able to violate their oaths of office, their fiduciary responsibility to litigants before the court, that the expectation that they will not be held accountable is simply taken for granted. Proof of this assertion lies in the willingness of this attorney to file legal papers that assert that the Defendant, our client, waived the privilege of Confidentiality and has allowed the psychiatrist to share protected psychiatric documents with this attorney, the very individual that the psychiatrist warned the Defendant against and provided a letter, protecting confidential material from this seriously untrustworthy attorney and court.

The Hare Scale – Psychopathy Check List

The HARE scale is a commonly used clinical instrument developed and widely accepted as an instrument to assess personality aberrations, particularly an aberration associated with psychopathy. Psychopathy is a personality trait associated with depraved indifference to human suffering, to being unmoved by being faced with the experience of pain, a failure to be moved by empathy, to experience compassion, to release the lever of pressure on discernible pain being initiated by the agent dispensing pain. Psychopathy is a serious disorder, agreed upon by the scientific community to be untreatable.

Assessment of psychopathy may involve a compendium of behaviors that are discernible via the documented actions and behaviors of the subject to be assessed as per the subject’s behavior and the assessment of that behavior as being illegal, immoral, dangerous, criminal, depraved.

The behaviors exhibited by this particular attorney fulfill the criteria for behaviors that are illegal, immoral, dangerous, criminal, and depraved. He exhibits in the most modest of terms a full and complete depraved indifference to the suffering of his client, the Plaintiff Mother of three children who this attorney is responsible for having separated from their father by alienating their mother by false allegations against their father.

This attorney’s behavior in this case meets the criteria for illegal, immoral, criminal, dangerous and depraved behavior, and as such he joins the ranks of serial killers, con artists, robbers, kidnappers, and arsonists.

We suggest that the Judge in this case dismiss the contempt charges unjustly lodged against the Defendant, our client, and that some reasonable attempts at mediation be attempted to stop the ongoing avalanche of violations being committed by officers of the court in the current proceedings.

Jill Jones Soderman



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