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Family Court Corruption: Mass Movement Of Children Away From Protective Parents And Into The Hands Of Abusers For Financial Gain

Family Court Corruption: Mass Movement Of Children Away From Protective Parents And Into The Hands Of Abusers For Financial GainI have written before about the indications of civil racketeering and child trafficking in the family court system. This is yet another complaint against a specific attorney in a specific case, in which our client is the Defendant. Though the names have been redacted, the representation of character-disordered individuals who have been entrusted with upholding the law pertains across the country.


Please be advised of the following detailed complaints against the law license of Attorney [redacted] as a result of her aggressive, egregious, damaging litigation practice involving our client and his four children. The children  are now clients of the advocacy of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts because of our insight and professional, technical  knowledge of the damage the children have experienced as a result of the incursions and malicious acts of this attorney, this court, and the children’s mother, who has been ill-advised to act in accord with the greed and avarice of actors who profit from the ravages of litigation that seriously detract from the interests of the children. We can only surmise that the children’s mother suffers from her own characterological deficiencies that impair her judgment in acting with unselfish concern for her children.

I bring these complaints as a forensic expert who is also the director for the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts. By training and experience, I am a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, mediator, and child advocate. The Foundation I lead is tasked with evaluating, litigating, and seeing prosecution of all those officers of the court and court actors who violate the due process and protected civil rights of vulnerable children and protective parents.


An intensive and extensive review of the entire legal file in this case reveals considerable evidence of vexatious litigation, defamation, and falsification of factual evidence that this attorney contrived in order to gain an advantage for her client, with depraved indifference to the harm that her actions would cause our client and his four children.

The way this attorney proceeded with this case demonstrated cruelty and disrespect for the dignity that should be reserved for those going through the dissolution of a marriage. Her animosity has been evident not only in the legal filings in this case but in her demeanor and deportment in the entire court process.

This attorney appears obsessed with a need for control and exacting punishment for any act she sees as defiance of her attempt to rape and pillage the estate of the Defendant, leaving questions regarding her failure of judgment to consider the well-being of the family entity that still at least theoretically exists following her departure from the scene.

The records reveal this attorney’s lack of character and failure of decency, evidenced in her capacity to manipulate, maneuver, insinuate false commentary, and seek to unduly and unfairly move the judicial platform that should be the trier of fact in a direction that is filled with hearsay, falsities, and elaborate emotion.

Upon last review, this attorney had filed the vast majority of the divorce filings, now in excess of 280 documents in the trial portion of the case, a trial that has expanded the magnitude of flailing and mudslinging of a family court case that should have been amicably settled outside of court between the parties for the benefit of their four children. A divorce that was originally amicable became a contentious, hostile battleground, in which the children, both girls and boys, became cannon fodder. Documentation reveals that this attorney has placed and continues to place gasoline on a fire that was never present before her arrival in the process.

Complaint #1: Regarding excessive financial burden

We can say with some certainty that this attorney and her client in this case have caused harm with a divorce process that was consciously intended to abuse, take advantage of, and undermine our client’s capacity to support himself. this attorney and her client have operated with disregard for our client’s ability to care for and protect himself, to have a life after the divorce, and to maintain a credible parental position and relationship with his children following the divorce. Considering that Massachusetts law purports to seek the protection of children of a divorce, the continued actions of this attorney to defame the Defendant and to plunder his worldly estate and ability to support himself now and in the future show this attorney to be in violation of the nature and spirit of the law. Her capacity to be credited as an officer of the court is made questionable by her actions throughout this case.

It is further noted that each of the judges who have succumbed to the influence of this attorney and have acted in a manner that violates not only the law but the spirit of matrimonial law should be sanctioned and held accountable for their acts of bias, their failure to hold this attorney accountable for her violations in the area of abuse of process. this attorney routinely pleads for more time to include statements, to ramble on and on against the Defendant, to include hearsay, rumor, speculation, further defamation to emotionally tinged material meant to  inflame the  court and plant “evidence” that is not evidence. Apart from increasing the Defendant’s legal fees she simply wastes everyone’s time in the course of putting on a show for her client and the “endearment” of her presence before the judge.

This attorney’s acts of depraved indifference towards the children are numerous, egregious, and unconscionable. In regard to her advice and direction, she has again inserted a passion for humiliation, control, and absolute autocratic authority that is emotionally and psychologically seriously detrimental to the children who are subjects of this action.

The manner in which income was attributed to our client at the onset of the divorce was far in excess of his ability to pay $700 a week for four children. In addition, this attorney judge shopped and coached her client to create a false narrative and perjure herself in court in order to gain a 209A order against our client. The court then awarded this attorney, the Plaintiff and themselves by assassinating our client’s character, and awarding the plaintiff primary custody of the four children, reducing his parenting time to less than 50% and doubling the child support obligation.

The orders are not only for payment of child support, but also for reimbursement and offset of this attorney’s attorney fees in such excess that it has been impossible for our client to keep up with his private engineering practice to attempt to meet the financial demands placed upon him.

The utterly unconscionable cruelty with which the child support fees were exacted repeatedly placed our client in the position of repeatedly having to appear in court, which caused additional accumulation of his own attorney fees, in excess of $250,000, and on top of that the fees due to this attorney for advocating for her own client at the detriment of these children.

The attached documents reveal the aggressive manner in which this attorney not only aggressively demanded funds but sought to further punish our client by seeking yet another incarceration for child support that was in arrears because it was far in excess of the funds that were ever available to our client in his engineering practice.

Continued obsessive attempts to inflame a situation are apparent in the manner in which this attorney manipulated service by the Constable that arrived at our client’s home without identification and in an unmarked car, proceeded to threaten and even appeared to be on the verge of physical assault of the Defendant. this attorney played a pivotal role in the interaction with the Constable in which she sought to insert herself as a witness to acts and interactions of which she would have no knowledge.

Complaint #2: Use of service of documents as a harassment

This attorney arranges to have the Defendant served in multiple forms and forums. It is of interest that service providers employed to provide a service under the law are unusually and conspicuously devious, confrontational and hostile in dealing with the Defendant, a stranger to one and all and a person with no criminal record or reason to be feared.

Among those forums for service involve the illegal use of mail boxes that are federally protected vehicles for disseminating protected, confidential property. this attorney’s tactics seek to be conniving and deceptive in filing unmarked envelopes with no return address on them, along with nailing and serving documents in person to an individual who has never sought to avoid service.

Complaint #3: Regarding behavior that thwarted client’s ability to pay excessive child support

The accumulation of consequences resulting from falling behind on child support is no surprise, given that on various occasions our client was called to appear in court and then was seized and imprisoned for ten days, which interfered with his ability to engage in his engineering practice.

Further, any time our client was in arrears for child support, his driver’s license was suspended, making it impossible for him to conduct his business, meet with clients, or pick up his children at school in the facilitation of visitation privileges.

Attached documentation reveals that on a number of occasions, this attorney personally informed various institutions and authorities that our client’s driver’s license had been suspended, creating a veritable spy network seeking to find a way to get our client into difficulties with the police—as if he ever had any intention of breaking the law by driving without a license, which he did not.

Complaint #4: Regarding behavior that harmed the children

The first time our client was incarcerated, he had been scheduled to engage in visitation with his sons. When the young men learned that their father had been imprisoned and would not be able to meet with them, they took it upon themselves to take their bicycles and ride to their father’s house, where they took up residence and refused to return to the home of their mother. Upon their father’s release, the boys got off the bus at the father’s house, where they took up residence and refused to return to the home of their mother. The young men have remained cautious and diffident with regard to dealings with their mother to date.

This behavior acts in further evidence of the fact that this father is dearly loved by his children, sons and daughters, and that these children have been harmed by the emasculating, defamatory actions beyond the perimeters of the court.

The mother of these children, prior to her deciding to become a full-time stay-at-home mother, had her MBA and was working as a high-powered executive with Boeing and General Dynamics as a defense contractor. While this mother is vaunted as giving up her career to stay at home with her children, the defense of this attorney failed to reveal the factual recorded cases of the mother’s physical abuse of her children. The accounts of violent abuse against the boys, including her use of physical force, is described by each of the young men in their written Affidavits. Accounts of the mother’s penchant for “pinning” the boys against a wall or throwing them to the floor are numerous and traumatizing. Threats of calling the police to admonish young children, to threaten the boys with being sent to foster care or the so-called treatment camps directed by a court resource promoted with the assistance of this attorney were offensive to the girls and to the boys. It is our understanding that this attorney suppressed evidence that involved the mother having driven while intoxicated and on numerous occasions having threatened the boys with calling the police on them, threatening arrest, or threatening that they would be placed in foster care or institutionalized.

Tactics of humiliation and physical force implemented by the children’s mother create a sense of shame, helplessness, and emasculation in young boys.  When boys cannot stop unacceptable things from happening to them, they need to restore themselves in a manner that helps them to feel that they can control their lives, having a meaningful, reasonable impact on events that impact them, that affect their lives. When there is a breach in that confidence, reacting with violence, aggression, in the form of violent play, interpersonal bossiness and aggression occurs, creating a disruption in healthy social development. Girls forced into a perception of their fathers as abandoning, hostile, and aggressive are faced with a plethora of unhealthy emotional displacements and accommodations.

Fortunately for the four children who are subjects of this forum, relationships with their father remain strong, accessible, and under constant attention as per the sensitivity and emotional availability of their father and the good will of the girls and boys who enjoy a close bond between themselves. See our articles on Reunification Therapy here.

It is our understanding that this attorney encouraged her client to fabricate incidents indicating that she was injured when she was not. This pattern of fabrication put this attorney’s client at a financial advantage while placing at risk the physical and emotional welfare of her client’s children. The ability of the children to maintain a relationship with both parents was torn asunder by the way this attorney chose—as revealed in the court transcripts—to prevaricate, fabricate, and manipulate in an attempt to destroy the character of a highly intelligent, well-educated, individual of estimable character and decency.

Pre-affidavit statements reveal that this attorney attempted to alienate the children from their father by placing false statements on the record. She said one statement to one audience and another set of statements to another audience—consciously fabricating and falsifying statements between one party and the other. When each party was confronted with the information provided, those parties were horrified and in great distress.

This attorney attempted to force all four children into so-called treatment with an organization called Turning Points for Families with a so-called therapist Patricia Brady, whose aggressive tactics bear no resemblance to any of the ethical standards of psychotherapy or the psychotherapeutic treatment techniques which should be employed in dealing with children in a high-conflict situation. (Patricia Brady’s tactics were not dissimilar from those of this attorney, who utilizes deception, manipulation, fabrication, threats, and intimidation to bring about her goal to maximize child support for her client and to decimate her adversary.)

Complaint #5: Regarding creation of increased hostilities

As stated above, this attorney’s techniques in multiple circumstances have created contention and hostility where there was none. She has fabricated circumstances that would warrant the initiation of protective orders. (It is notable that on her website here, in a manner that appears crass and tasteless, this attorney promotes her expertise in deploying protective orders of a criminal intervention with serious long-term consequences.)

The litigation style and techniques used by this attorney have had the effect of polluting the atmosphere of court hearings that were called for one purpose and yet were intruded upon with multiple other specious issues.

During court appearances, this attorney dominated by introducing testimony that consisted of hearsay laced with biased information, fabricated “facts,” and the creation of events that never occurred. Her behavior actively distracted the attention of the judge with a performance that was filled with inflammatory material and emotional presentation lacking in evidentiary value.

Evidence documents reveal this attorney’s history of courtroom distractions, which included introducing material that is biased and filled with hearsay, as well as even testifying herself. Her attempts appear to be designed to create an outcome unreasonably favorable to her client.


Family court litigation should not be a killing field, yet the vexatious litigation used by this attorney creates a Roman circus, an event of humiliation and carnage. All this will be evidenced through the documents, including the transcripts and legal filings that lay the foundation for our complaints against this attorney.

The documentation and material exhibit support allegations against this attorney. An appeal of the entire divorce proceeding has been filed to confront the multiple violations of the crippling structure of the financial settlement in the case. A motion for a request of stay of action has also been filed, to prevent further collection activity until this appeal can be settled.

Jill Jones Soderman
Executive Director, FCVFC
Administrator, Foundation for Family Law in the Public Interest

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