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Rise In Suicidality Among Children: Look To The Cruelty & Chaos Imposed By Dependency, Juvenile, Family Courts Across The USA

Deadly Secret Destroying Precious LivesA dark, dangerous secret pervades the landscape of family courts across the United States. Children are put into programs that separate them from their own consciousness of reality in order to transfer them away from safety to danger. All this is driven by profit motives since state incentives are available for those who, as described by the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts, are a racketeering force operating like a factory conveyor belt to transfer children from the hands of protective parents into the custody of abusers.

This secret mechanism seeks to silence all voices of decency as it creates an ongoing revenue stream for purveyors of a practice that has no credible training, no scientific basis, and no therapeutic validation or value. The deadly secret that threatens children of all ages with an all-consuming, all-controlling mechanism to destroy their lives is called Reunification Therapy.

Tragically, the appalling practice of Reunification Therapy has become favored by a court system that seems intent on transferring children away from the parent who is protective. While the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts uses the term “safe parent,” the courts refer to the safe parent with the term “family alienator” as a way to accuse the parent of wrongdoing when all the parent has done is attempt to safeguard their child from abuse.

How tragic that the courts insist on removing and isolating children from the protective custody of the parent who cares for them, only to turn the child over to a sadistic psychopathic predator for whom there is a clear, documented record of child abuse.

Desperate Cries for Help

Every day the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts receives phone calls and emails from frantic parents who have detailed accounts of how their children have been taken away by court order to be given to a parent who has raped, tortured, and brutalized those children. The courts at times have ordered the removal of a child from an abuser only to then order the child back into the “care” of the abuser under the guise of Reunification Therapy.

Understandably, children want nothing to do with a parent who has abused them, which is why the court has determined they need a form of pseudo-therapy that will cause them to disbelieve their own sense of self and the reality they have lived through.

Children beg their parents not to send them to sessions. Every time they are forced into contact with the reunification service providers they know the service providers will again force them to deconstruct reality in order to believe the reunification lies.

The reunification lies include

  • Denial of the reality of the abuse the child suffered by insisting the abuse was only a perception of harm brought on by an irrational fear instilled in the child by the safe parent whom the child trusts.
  • Denial that the safe parent is safe, since the safe parent has, according to the reunification therapist, caused the child to fear and falsely accuse their abusive parent of the abuse the child experienced.
  • Denial that the abuser is the perpetrator, but instead insisting that the abuser has been “abused” by the safe parent the child loves.

Reunification pseudo-therapy creates chaos and confusion, alienating the child from his or her self, since reality and memory are deconstructed. It also alienates children from their safe parent since they come to believe that everything they have been told by the safe parent they love is a lie. The reunification lie is meant to create sympathy in children for their unsafe abusive parent so that the child will identify with and want to be with the parent who—in reality—remains their abuser.

Reunification’s pseudo-therapists exonerate the criminal behavior of the abusive parent by forcing children to recant their accounts of abuse under threat that they will never see their beloved safe parent again. Despite the coercion used to get children to lie in an attempt to stay with a protective parent, children are still separated from their safe parents by the reunification process.

With the reunification court order, a group of thugs known as transport agencies come to remove children, sometimes taking them from one coast to another. They isolate the children from all familiar sources of protection, including their beloved safe parent, other loving relatives, classmates, friends, and community.

The court orders that accompany these reunification transport pacts with the devils are ambiguous and all-inclusive. The reunification team is given full control over the children and over the protective parent.

It is as if the children are kidnapped or arrested, removed from everyone and everything dear to them, and sentenced to do time in the custody of their abusive parent.

Courts impose on the children a 90-day period of no-contact, which is often then extended for months and years so that eventually all hope is lost and children are resigned to a life trapped in distortions and shaped by fear.

Devastating Result

The experts at the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court have observed three primary results from children who have been through the family reunification process.

Some children experience psychotic decompensation, leading to the loss of self-identity.

Some children, having been forced to identify with their abuser, end up becoming like the abuser they once tried to escape from.

Some children have been driven to psychotic self-harming states including suicide.

No wonder children fight for their lives to avoid going through a process that denies the reality they know, turns them against their safe parent, and leaves them confused and distraught.

No wonder children are driven out of their minds when they are separated from the parent they love to be handed over for more torture by the parent they know will abuse them.

No wonder safe parents are crying out for someone to help them fight for the lives of their children.

Attempts to Silence Victim Advocates

The effective advocacy that safe parents are desperate for is the kind of advocacy that the courts attempt to silence through gag orders. Courts aim gag orders at the children, protective parents, legitimate therapists, medical providers, and all who would protest and litigate against the atrocities the court is inflicting.

In studying the courts’ rulings, it is clear that decisions are made behind closed doors in advance. The hearings are pure formalities and kangaroo courts, since the court actors are working in line with such programs as those run by Randy and Dedra Rand. Family Reunification Camp and Turning Points for Families are two of the most infamous programs, but there are many others.

A reunification pseudo-therapist has had complaints against his license for molesting a male adolescent in sessions. Known perpetrators of crimes against children are supported by such licensing boards as those in Arizona, California, Maryland, and other states across the country.

Fight the Lies to Save Lives

There is a legal pathway to fight Family Reunification court orders. The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has observed that there are safe parents willing to fight, but there are also safe parents who, instead of fighting, comply with the Family Reunification process.

Over the screams and cries of their children, these parents take their children to the reunification service providers and even make statements apologizing to the children for giving false statements to the child about the abuse the child suffered.

While these parents may think they are doing what will enable them to keep custody of their child, the truth is that in recanting their position they are betraying their child. They do not understand that custody will be transferred, because NO amount of compliance is adequate to meet the appetite for pain and suffering.

It is our concern that these compliant parents are in fact coercing their children into compliance with an abusive system. These parents themselves are diagnosable as personality disordered and become abusers by proxy.

More study and discussion are needed on the personality disorder that accompanies a complicated parent who allows the ongoing harm of children through the conduit of reunification services. These parents may feign protest, but their compliance may actually show them as culpable with the process of harm being done to their children.

There is a better way. Parents need the courage to seek help to confront, speak out, and defy illegal court orders while seeking federal due process protections and civil rights actions that confront the courts and lead to the prosecution of civil and criminal crimes.

See an example here for how taxpayer funds are being foolishly spent in Ottowa County, Michigan. One reader observed, “There are less than 300,000 people in the county and they already have two courthouses. One of them was just built in 2009 at a cost of $25 million. It looks like the Taj Mahal and is never crowded. Business must be good if they have an extra $32 million to spend on a courthouse they don’t need. Built at the cost of the taxpayers and all of the profits will go to the judges and lawyers.”

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts will continue to develop skills and resources to keep children from ever beginning the process of reunification and to force courts to recant the evil associated with such deadly secrets and directives that destroy precious lives.

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