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Family Court Corruption: Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts Speaks Truth to Power

Corruption, fraud, racketeering, and child trafficking—these activities have overtaken the functioning of family courts over the past 50 years due to the false narratives fed to the courts via the concept of parental alienation, a counterintuitive, anti-scientific concept concocted by Richard Gardner, MD.

Court actors including judges, officers of the court, attorneys, and court-appointed professionals regularly promote corrupt practices not because of a failure in their understanding, but precisely because they do understand the personal benefit of the cottage industry created by parental alienation and all the opportunities to generate fees that come along with it. Courts have weaponized child support and created a new rich pipeline of child alimony payments forged through regulations that incentivize child support payments.

When hundreds and thousands of dollars are given as retainer fees, the money operates not as a retainer, but as a slush fund for excessive payouts to influence the court.

Child-Silencing through Protective Orders

One key way court actors gain the payouts they desire is by using the protective order as a sort of poison pill in the documentation of a case. Evidence of criminal activity on the part of an abusive parent can be rendered inadmissible if critical documents are altered or by controlling exactly who signs protective orders as witnesses or who signs the affidavits that expose the heinous crimes committed against children.

In many cases, protective orders are not signed off by the author of the statements but are signed by an individual who was not only not the author but was someone who specifically could not have attested to the crimes reported in the protective order.

An incorrect signature can silence the voices of children who are fully capable of providing credible, detailed, compelling testimony. This signature manipulation is often used as another ploy in the arsenal of criminal activity enacted by juvenile, dependency, and family courts.

Court-Appointed Child Trafficking

While there can be useful theories in understanding domestic violence and abuse, it is the opinion of the experts of the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts that these distract attention from the real horror of the trafficking of children through family courts. By trafficking, I mean specifically that children are regularly being transferred from protective parents into the custody of abusers—not simply abusers—but unqualified individuals whose unconscionable behavior would have exacted long-term criminal incarceration if these cases had been brought to criminal court. Instead, their crimes are not litigated because of no-fault divorce in family court.

Medical, psychiatric, legal, and forensic providers work in a symbiotic relationship to protect the real predators in the court, namely judges. Corrupt judges are served by a cadre of corrupt providers who pretend to be unaware of the damages they are inflicting on helpless children and protective parents. In a legal system held to be sacrosanct and revered as part of the United States Constitution, the corrupt collect their winnings and leave the victims to howl in torment, stripped of credibility, character, careers, reputations, their financial resources, and often their sanity.

Others like me who speak truth to power have suffered greatly but continue to fight and to write about the atrocities that have occurred and continue to occur in courts across the United States. We are fully aware of similar atrocities in Canada, the UK, and other countries around the world. While we have prior success in other countries, including the Ivory Coast and Russia, our focus is on calling out the corruption in American courts.

Virtue Signaling Is No Help to Victims

Among the issues that contribute to the problem is the willingness of intellectuals and professionals to act as apologists for courtroom corruption.

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts does not hesitate to call out names in dealing with the fraud, corruption, racketeering, and multiple cases of abuse of specific individuals. This is vastly different from the hypocritical virtue signaling of the social dilettantes who simply sprinkle words like “coercive control” and “domestic violence,” as if that verbal fairy dust will make a difference in forces at work in family court corruption. The rich and famous reveal only narcissistic hubris when they seek to enhance their celebrity status by standing aloof from the needs while trotting out the tragic stories of rich and famous professionals who have committed suicide or sought assisted suicide when impacted by the transfer of custody of their children to the isolation of a horrendous abuser. Dilettantes abuse the tragedy of suicide when they use it in a hypocritical, self-serving way while doing nothing to stop family court corruption. This the experts of the FCVFC cannot stomach.

On June 5, an article was published by Connecticut Protective Moms—”Family Court Drives Mother to Suicide.” While the death of anyone who has been subject to great cruelty and the misfortune of losing children to an abuser is an enormous tragedy, that tragedy is compounded when the authors and supporters of publications fail to address the actual culprits—the judges who are responsible for court orders to traffic children into the hands of abusers. Judges in Connecticut have been accused by the FCVFC of consciously collaborating with an internationally infamous child-trafficking ring known as the barber shops.

Naming the Judges at Fault

One of the judges in Connecticut that the FCVFC has written about is Judge Jane K. Grossman. Specifically, we have designated Jane K Grossman as a family annihilator. She has also been the annihilator of practitioners before the court who have sought to legally advocate for protective parents who were seeking to protect their vulnerable children from being transferred into the hands of violent, perverted, sadistic abusers.

Jane K Grossman, who is never named by these groups, is well known for having transferred multiple children into the custody of men who have been documented to have been grooming and then functionally engaging their sons and sexualizing their prepubescent little girls.

Judge Jane K Grossman functions as an advocate for the abuser and a prosecutor of the protective parent. Among her various ploys, she is known for being sadistically humiliating when personally attacking, for violating confidentiality in open courtroom settings, and for utilizing protective orders to gain desired outcomes. She has been known to personally and successfully go after the law licenses of attorneys who have appeared in court to defend their clients.

Little children affected by the actions of unjust courts have active suicidal ideation and have attempted suicide by attempting to jump off the roof of their parent’s home, throw themselves into traffic, or think of other ways they can hang themselves or poison themselves. In the course of some of these children’s lives, their attempts to evade the intrusions of sexually abusive fathers have been to smear their bodies with feces—making themselves as repugnant as possible to avoid additional violations.

The plethora of cases in Connecticut that have been associated with murders by men who have obtained custody of children through the courts are the subject of much outcry—however, the judges are the ones who officiated over the transfer of children into the custody of those men while ignoring the cries of children and the pleas of protective parents (both men and women). Those judges’ names have never been published nor have they been brought to account for their court orders.

Recently there has been an outcry around the case of Jenner Dulos. The judges associated with the Dulos case include Judge Donna Nelson-Heller and Judge John F. Blowey. While the Jennifer Dulos case has focused a great deal of attention on the brilliant concept of coercive control, that has been a distraction from the fact that, before her death, three famous psychiatrists were involved in treating the family. Those psychiatrists had to be fully familiar with the secrets of the family. Those secrets also had to be well known to the families legal and school communities. Yet, the Connecticut Attorney General’s office and police were loathe to investigate her disappearance. The management of the Dulos case included attempts to defame the murdered victim by releasing her psychological evaluation in the course of the criminal defense case, where the suggestion by the attorney insinuated that Jennifer perpetuated a “revenge suicide plot.” If Michael D Stone, MD, internationally known board-certified psychiatrist and forensic psychotherapist, had not pursued and fought the police and the Attorney General’s office to investigate, Jennifer Dulos’s children would most probably have been transported to Greece with their abusive father and his girlfriend.

The facts of the Dulos case are stomach churning, as are the facts of all the other cases where judges, experts, and court-appointed officials are privy to the nightmarish conditions children are forced to live in and succumb to. This is what makes it hard to read the nonsense perpetrated by the virtue-signaling pseudo-advocates, who attempt to enhance their reputation at the cost of children’s lives, the lives of protective parents, and the unsuspecting victims who are forced to engage the services of juvenile, dependency, and family courts in collaboration with the so-called child-protective services agency—which has also been known to engage in child-trafficking, racketeering, and other activities inclined to enhance state coffers while sacrificing the lives of children and protective parents.

Time for Action

Family courts have the ability to manipulate outcomes through the use of court-appointed hired hacks who engage in “psychological” evaluations that are replete with hearsay and unsubstantiated fanciful assertions. The courts that rely on such unsubstantiated documentation are then able to perform the family annihilation that Judge Jane K Grossman and others of her ilk are known for.

The Connecticut family federal and appeals court, and others like them, are a tight-knit group in which each of the court players protects each other at the expense of the families and of the public welfare. Attorneys who are allowed to continue to work before the court are similarly protective of the judges just as the judges are protective of the attorneys.

This world where one lies and another swears to cover it is documented and referred to by the experts of the FCVFC as racketeering. For the sake of the children and protective parents being harmed, we seek to legally address the hypocrisy and malpractice of those who profit from expert witness status at the expense of those who need an honest witness. For those involved in racketeering, we intend to pursue litigation and prosecution either in civil or in criminal court.


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